Rise Above (OMNI- Preview)

I will stand because I am not afraid

I am willing to go against the grain

The words you say, they do not hurt me

Because when against hate, I will succeed

I will stand and help the defenseless

Because the gift of friendship is endless

I will not give in to hate today

Because I know it’s best to walk away

I will stand against hate with the gift of love

Because when against hate, I will rise above

Blinded (OMNI- Preview)

I’ve been talking about this book for almost a year now. I am here to say OMNI- is almost here! And to begin the road to OMNI- here’s a new poem! This one is titled “Blinded”

This poem is about some events that happened earlier this year. I upset some people and it ended quite a few friendships. Since these events, there has been a small number from those I upset that have continued to say negative things about me and one person has even went as far as to text people not to support me as a writer. Even though the short-tempered individual in me wants to retaliate, I wrote this poem instead.

This poem is me telling those that continue to come after me that while I may have been the one in the wrong in the beginning, their continued crusade towards me is causing a shift and while I may have started out as the villain in this, they are now the villain because they’ve put too much hatred towards me instead of using their time to do something of real value.

I am the villain, a confession I’ve already made
Your continued attacks to me, trying to dig my grave
I don’t think you can see your vision is getting blurry
Because it’s me the people are now showing mercy
Hatred of me is what you see, only thing in your view
What you don’t are the people slowly turning on you

You’ve become blinded by your hatred
All of your moves, they’ve become so basic
Life of potential, it’s becoming wasted
You’ve become the villain, I hope that you can face it

Hatred is the sole emotion you choose to be guiding
Giving you tunnel vision, hatred can be blinding
Turning your back on everything that you once loved
My downfall you want and now you’ve succumbed
I know for me, you were only wanting the worst
Only this time, you see the roles have reversed

You’ve become blinded by your hatred
All of your moves, they’ve become so basic
Life of potential, it’s becoming wasted
You’ve become the villain, I hope that you can face it

I hope you see that the tables have turned
I hope you can change from this, I hope you’ll learn
There is good in you, I know because I can see
Even if it means you have hatred towards me

You’ve become blinded by your hatred
All of your moves, they’ve become so basic
Life of potential, it’s becoming wasted
You’ve become the villain, I hope that you can face it

A new anthology #AcceptingSubmissions #CarnivalOfTheWicked

Samie Sands

Calling all authors, I am looking for submissions for my new anthology. Here are the details:

Theme: Whatever your imagination conjores up when it thinks of the spooky carnival…


WordCount:500 – 15,000

Deadline– November 1st

If this is something that you’re interested in, the nitty gritty details can be found in the sample contract posted below. If you would like to submit or have any more questions, my email islockdown@writeme.com:


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A new anthology #AcceptingSubmissions #HalloweenHell

Samie Sands

Halloween Hell - High Resolution

Due to the massive success of my last Halloween Anthology, I am looking for submissions for my new anthology. Here are the details:

Theme: Anything Halloween, spooky, supernatural, paranormal, killer…go nuts!

Genre: Horror

WordCount: 500 – 15,000

Deadline– September 30th

If this is something that you’re interested in, the nitty gritty details can be found in the sample contract posted below. If you would like to submit or have any more questions, my email is lockdown@writeme.com:


To see some of the other anthologies I have compiled, check out samiesands.com/books

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Success stories in 2020!

As mentioned in my previous post, it’s difficult for me to do a quarterly report when everything is in flux due to coronavirus. This year I’ve had the following happen, making a quarterly report difficult

  • Every con or festival I was attending has been canceled or pushed back to 2021
  • Many of my anthology appearances have been put on hold
  • Several anthologies went out of print earlier than expected due to dropping sales or coronavirus
  • Many of my print releases have been put on hold/delayed

I do want to remind you the title of this post is SUCCESS STORIES meaning we’re discussing the GOOD that’s happened in 2020

Here’s the list!

Lucifer’s Lost Love: A Chaos Fusion novelette peaks at number two in new releases


Prior to this release, META- peaked at number three and The Paradox Complex peaked at number 9. Not only did Lucifer’s Lost Love peak at number two, this is also my first book to crack the top 100 in best seller! I have appeared in anthologies that have done this but Lucifer’s Lost Love is my first book to achieve this status! It peaked at #40 in one category and #72 in another!

LLL Best Sellers

Big Lick Comic Con, my only event of 2020. Also, my most successful event to date!

Due to COVID, all of my events for 2020 have been canceled or pushed back to 2021. One reason this irritates me is because my last event, Big Lick Comic Con 2020 was my most successful event to date! I more than made my money back, I sold out of several books, and I even managed to donate a decent amount to a charity.

This event also saw a first for me. I sold out of three books! I also sold the last of my copies I had of Evil Lurks and I left with only one hardcover copy of Storming Area 51. Not only that, I released a sampler book a few weeks prior as I already knew my 2020 plans included multiple digital releases. The number of people buying the sampler book was incredible!

While not a writing success story, if you know me, you know I’m a huge Batman fan. This image below is all I need


Playing Games becomes my second release to crack the Top 100!

In February, I released a standalone short story for the kindle titled “Playing Games”. This became my second release of the year to crack the Top 100 in best sellers and the top 10 in new releases!



Shout out to Terri Wilson for editing and providing the cover for “Playing Games”

Having an editor and an illustrator for all 2020 releases!

Originally, “Playing Games” was going to appear in a contemporary romance anthology. After sending it, I was told my story wasn’t romantic enough and I would no longer be appearing in the anthology. Given I had already began promoting the anthology, I knew “Playing Games” still needed to be released. I posted an open call on my personal Facebook page asking for an editor and an illustrator/cover designer for “Playing Games” and the second Chaos Fusion novelette, Cindy’s Choice. I asked for these on a Thursday. By Friday night I had an editor and an illustrator/cover designer for all my planned 2020 releases! Given a few years ago I had difficulties finding other to work with me, knowing the number of people wanting to work with me now is an incredible feeling!

Cindy’s Choice becomes my first number one!

In May I released the second Chaos Fusion novelette, Cindy’s Choice! The result was not only my third release in a row to crack the Top 100, it was also my first number one!

cindys choice number one

Since not everyone noticed the number one orange ribbon when I showed this, I did another screenshot showing Cindy’s Choice at number one!

Cindy's Choice number one

This is also my highest charting book in best sellers! This book peaked at number 7 in best sellers!

Cindys Choice Best seller

Who’s Who of Emerging Writers peaks at number one!

This is a unique anthology I’m in compared to others. I do not have a short story, poem, essay, etc. This is a reference book featuring my bio and select bibliography.


Above is the cover to the book Who’s Who of Emerging Writers 2020 and below is the number one status in two different countries!



The first image is it being a number one new release in United States, the second image is the book peaking at number one in Best Sellers in France!

Passing 100 subscribers on YouTube, then passing 500 two weeks later!

I was told getting my first 100 subscribers on YouTube is the most difficult! I will also admit I wasn’t posting frequently either and that caused difficulties in gaining subscribers. However, after six months I passed 100 subscribers!

100 subs email

Above is the screenshot of the email I received from YouTube congratulating me for passing 100 subscribers! Two weeks later I received another email from YouTube congratulating me for passing 500 subscribers!


I’m currently a little over 600 subscribers and I have a few videos with 1,000+ views! I’ve been posting more frequently and I’m now posting more than just book trailers!

DEMONIC BITES becomes my fourth consecutive release to crack the Top 100!

Because the third novelette in the Chaos Fusion series is still being edited, I decided to release a different title to tide everyone over. I made the decision to release the short stories that will appear in my fifth novella, Tales from the Forbidden Forest under a different banner. This banner being Demonic Bites, my first short story collection in eight years!


With Cindy’s Choice becoming a number one, I wanted to repeat that success with Demonic Bites. Sadly that did not happen. Amazon took longer to upload this release and I didn’t take into account I was releasing a book the same time as Dean Koontz and John Grisham, two of the biggest living authors. The genre Demonic Bites had the highest peak was suspense which is why I was in a category with these two heavyweights. Sadly, I did not get number one. There is some good news though! Demonic Bites peaked at number 40 in best sellers, my fourth consecutive release to become a best seller and it peaked at number four in new releases! Given Koontz and Grisham held the top two spots, I can’t complain.

This is everything that’s happened SO FAR! There are more things coming this year that I know are just as great and a few are even greater than my current achievements this year!

This is the part where I would say thank you and I am thankful for everyone that’s had a hand in my success. However, I want to end this one on a different note. I know a lot of people feel uncertain about everything with the state of the world right now. I know as quarantine was getting to me at one point as well. If you have a goal or an idea you want to go for, I say you need to go for it NOW! This year is looking to be my most successful year as a writer thus far! I’ve had four consecutive releases become best sellers with one of them becoming a number one!

I started up a YouTube channel as a way to further promote my writing as well as my friends. My goal was to have 100-200 by the end of the year and I’m already over 600 with a few of my videos have over 1,000 views! I’m in talks with a music producer to provide background music for my videos to avoid copyright claims.

Not only are my own books seeing success but I’m also still writing for anthologies. Between my own releases and anthology appearances I’ve been a part of 24 publications in 2020 with more coming!

Not only have I managed to do this, I’ve done all of this while still working a day job as I’m considered essential! I’ve gained followers, subscribers, likes, and I’m making money! If you want to pursue a goal, NOW is the time to start!

Where’s the quarterly reports?

Since 2018, I’ve upped my releases and my work content to keep my name in rotation and to get an idea of what I can write in addition to poetry. After each quarter I’ve posted “Quarterly Reports” showing what I’ve done and what I’ve announced in the last three months. This year things have been a bit different.

2020 has been a crazy year to say the least and a lot of my plans have been put in flux as a result. The last two years I’ve been doing cons and festivals. This year I’ve done one con with every other even I had planned get canceled or get pushed back to 2021. I’ve had two anthology appearances get put on hold and a few went out of print earlier than expected due to sales dropping once COVID hit. I’ve had releases change and I’ve had one book get released that I didn’t plan to release.

I can say I’ve done quite a bit this year and there have been a few success stories in 2020. I’m planning to do a “success stories in 2020 so far” post possibly next week

To those asking about me doing reviews

The last few days I’ve been bombarded with people asking me to do reviews. Many of them were asking me to review products I don’t normally review. When I said no, two of them got testy with me.

I want to say now I am personally not a fan of doing reviews and if you get an attitude with me, I am going to say NO.

To anyone insistent that I do a review, here are my guidelines.

  • I primarily do reviews for books to help my fellow writers, I have made exceptions to musicians and film makers. Anything else, contact me IN PRIVATE
  • If you are asking for something that is not one of the items above you must do one of two things:
    • Provide me with the item you want me to review
    • Pay me for doing the review
    • If you don’t do either of these, I will not do the review
  • To any writers, musicians, and film makers, I am not a fan of every type of genre. If I say no, it’s because I don’t think I’m the right one for the job.

I want to say right now, I have three short stories I’m working on, editing a novella, and getting a few of my releases ready for print. At this moment in time, unless I voluntarily say I’ll write a review, don’t expect me to take on reviews.

Right now, I don’t have the time to invest in reviews. For now, if I do a review, it will cost. I will do it for free if provided the book, album, or movie you want me to review but this will be a limited service

Demonic Bites coming June 26!

This year I have been releasing my books in small pieces digitally with print compilations coming once everything is released. I’ve currently released two of the four novelettes in Chaos Fusion. I’m arranging both halves of OMNI- and now I’m doing the same regarding my novella/short story collection Tales from the Forbidden Forest.

My newest novella is shorter than my previous novellas so I decided to have it double up as a short story collection. Given my plan for releasing material this year, I’ve decided to split the print release into two smaller digital releases. First, I’ll be releasing the short story side of the book under the name Demonic Bites

After deciding to split the book in half for the digital releases, I did an unexpected cover reveal!

Demonic Bites

I was planning to wait on releasing this but I’m still going through poems for OMNI- and the editor for The Blood Cure is working on a few projects in addition my novelette. Last week I made the announcement I would release this June 26. I also mentioned there would be a teaser trailer and a table of contents reveal.

Here’s the teaser


Also, I want to say thank you to all the new subscribers on my YouTube channel, I’ve noticed an increase in subscribers and views the last few weeks. Thank you!

Today, I announced the table of contents for the Demonic Bites portion of the book. Special thanks to Samie Sands and N.M. Brown for their contributions to Demonic Bites!

  1. The Disputer (Caim)
  2. Black Mirror (Stolas)
  3. Voyager’s Tale (Gaap)
  4. It was Only Trick or Treating (Edited by N.M. Brown)
  5. Beware the Vultures (short story version)
  6. Anzu Rediscovered (Edited by Samie Sands)
  7. I do NOT Eat Candy
  8. Beware the Vultures (Drabble Version)
  9. Doughboy (Edited by Samie Sands)
  10. It’s the End

I know that many of these have been released in one way or another but many of these are out of print (“Anzu Rediscovered”, “It was Only Trick or Treating”, and “Doughboy” being the only stories still in print). “It’s the End” and “Beware the Vultures (Story version)” are previously unreleased stories as is the drabble “I do NOT Eat Candy”.  This gave me the opportunity to release the stories for those that didn’t get a chance to read them while they were in print.

Prior to announcing this release, I thought The Blood Cure was going to be my next release. I made an incentive that I will use for this release

  • If Demonic Bites becomes a number one new release, I’ll do a video on my YouTube channel with me in front of the camera once more (likely another thank you video)
  • If Demonic Bites becomes a number one best seller, I’ll do a ten minute Q&A video

I know cover reveals have been asked for but at this moment the only covers I have yet to reveal are going to remain that way for the moment. I’ll come up with a different incentive to replace a cover reveal


Thank you to N.M. Brown and Samie Sands for your contributions to Demonic Bites and it will be available on kindle JUNE 26

A new anthology #AcceptingSubmissions

Samie Sands

Beyond the Grave - High Resolution

I am looking for submissions for my new anthology. Here are the details:

Theme: Ghosts, Supernatural, Demonic, Beyond the Grave

Genre: Horror

Word Count: 500 – 15,000

Deadline– Julhy 31st

If this is something that you’re interested in, the nitty gritty details can be found in the sample contract posted below. If you would like to submit or have any more questions, my email is lockdown@writeme.com:


To see some of the other anthologies I have compiled, check out samiesands.com/books

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