The Escape of Ernest Frost

My first novel The Escape of Ernest Frost is now available on Kindle Store!


You can buy the digital copy of The Escape of Ernest Frost here

The print copy is coming! Here’s the print cover of The Escape of Ernest Frost

cover pic.png

Poetry readings coming soon!

As I mentioned at the end of my last post. I will be doing my first ever poetry reading in June. I’ve been asked about why I haven’t talked about it much. There’s two reasons why

  1. My first poetry reading is scheduled in June. Before then I have a novel coming out, two magazine appearances, an unreleased poem being featured elsewhere. A lot of stuff is happening before then.
  2. I’m still choosing which poems to do for this poetry reading.

My first reason is the main reason I’ve mentioned when people ask why I haven’t discussed it much. Even though it’s two months away, I still have quite a bit happening before then. Some stuff which I haven’t announced yet.

My second reason for not talking about it much is the fact that I’m still going through my last three poetry books (Approaching HumanityMETA- (Complete), and The Paradox Complex) trying to decide which poems would be best to do for this reading. I’ve been asked by multiple people to use my more uplifting and lighter material which means most of the reading will contain poems from The Paradox Complex given this is my first poetry reading I’ve been trying to take requests, which has been both a good and bad thing.

It’s good because it has shown me that people truly are reading my books. It’s been bad because I’ve been getting the same requests from everyone and I have a 2.5 hour event to fill up. I can say I’ve gotten a good portion of the poetry reading decided. Here are a few poems I can CONFIRM will be a part of the poetry reading

  • “I am a Paradox”
  • “Down with the Cause”
  • “Flawed Masterpiece”
  • “Anonymous”
  • “A Light in the Dark”
  • “Her Beauty”
  • “Awake in a Dream”
  • “Reflect”
  • “The Warrior (Revisited)”

I know that may seem like a lot but it will be a lengthy event and I’m still going through my books deciding which poems are best. As I mentioned earlier, I am taking requests so if you know a poem you want me to do for the poetry reading let me know.

First Quarter Report!

Given the amount of stuff I’m doing and plan to do this year, I thought I’d do quarterly reports talking about what has happened each three month period. I can say a lot of things did happen this quarter but you won’t see some of those things until this quarter or even third quarter. Here’s what’s happened so far:

The Paradox Complex was finally released! I had originally planned to release this book in September 2017 but I had submitted poems from this book for publication elsewhere. This meant I could not release the book unless I wanted to remove those poems from the book. I was finally able to release this book January 2018.

The Paradox Complex becomes my most reviewed book on Amazon! Prior to this book, four of my books have gotten reviews on Amazon and Approaching Humanity was my most reviewed book at one time with five reviews. This book has six reviews as of this writing. If this book gets four more reviews, it will have more reviews than all of my reviewed books combined.

Most interviews I’ve done! Ever since Approaching Humanity I get asked to do interviews occasionally. I usually get two or three interviews per book. I’ve done ten interviews that have been released and a few that are coming! I know I have repeated myself with some of these interviews but everyone still tells me good job and read the interviews. Thank you for reading me saying the same thing to different people.

I created a character for Tales of the Empowered I backed a Kickstarter where I got to create a character for a short story anthology. I received my digital copy in February. This will likely be available in April or May! Tales of the Empowered is connected to a universe including; the short story anthology, a tabletop game, and a series of comic books. I’ll add links below to anyone wanting to check this out. I discuss this further in an older post.

My poem “Sad Crying Clown” received a video. Indie director Matthew Mark Hunter approached me about doing a video to the poem here’s the video

I also discussed this in more detail in a prior post

Homecoming won a contest! click on it to see the article in its entirety. I recently submitted a few of my poems for PenIt’s #NationalPoetryDayContest and “Homecoming” was declared the winner. This was the most recent thing to happen for first quarter!

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, a lot more happened but won’t been seen until second quarter or even third quarter. Here are a few things that are already happening in second quarter

  • My first novel The Escape of Ernest Frost will be released
  • Tales of the Empowered a book I mentioned earlier will be available either April or May
  • In May, I will be making my FIRST EVER magazine appearance
  • In June, I will be doing my FIRST EVER poetry reading
  • I was named Writing Bad’s spotlight author this week!
  • I will be making an appearance on a website with a previously unreleased poem

As you can tell, I already have a full plate for the next three months. Crazy thing, that’s only the stuff I CAN tell you about. I’m hoping to announce more very soon! Let’s hope the second quarter report will be a bigger post!