New Fundraiser Anthology Announcement!!

Erin Crocker


This year I’ll be putting together another multi-genre anthology titled “Rejected” where all online proceeds will go to benefit Georgia-based 501c3 non-profit group Spay and Neuter coalition. This group works with the public to educate and provide cost-effective options for spaying and neutering pets.

While the nature of the anthology is multi-genre, one of the main requirements is that whatever piece an author or poet submits must be a piece that has been rejected from another publication–note: I do not need the name of said publication as I will not be publishing that.

Keep your eyes out; over the next couple of weeks I will be posting detailed submission guidelines. I’m looking forward to reading submissions and working with another group of very talented artists to see this project full-circle!

**The Spay-Neuter coalition does not endorse the contents of this post or in the anthology. They have agreed to accept…

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Submission Call for Charity Anthology: Impossible Hope

Lost in La-La-Land

36820878_1549331210541718_rFor six years, Bonnie Oliver has gone from doctor to doctor seeking answers for her physical and neurological symptoms, finding no help while her condition worsened to the point where she could not leave her home unaided, and even then for only short periods of time. Finally in 2018, she got some answers: Complex Chiari Malformation, Craniocervical and Atlanto-axial Instability and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome type three.

If you think that’s a mouthful to say, it’s much harder living with it.

Both Chiari Malformation and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome have no cure, but there is a surgery that can help Bonnie. In order to prevent further nerve damage, and impending paralysis or death, she needs to have a complex surgical procedure.

The surgery is set for March 13th with a long and difficult recovery period afterward. The cost to Bonnie’s family after insurance is a tremendous $110,000, including significant amounts of travel to the…

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Return to Big Lick Comic Con

In 2018, I started attending conventions and festivals as a vendor selling my books. The first comic con I sold my books at was a somewhat local convention, Big Lick Comic Con. The event in August was a success, I made my money back and I learned what I needed to do to improve my sales. Due to an event cancelation, this event became my first event of 2019.

I knew when the date was announced that I would be returning, it’s close by, I had success, and between August 2018 and February 2019, I had more material released. I forget when applications went live but I sent mine in as soon as they went up, my application was accepted. Before applications went live, it was announced the event in February (this event runs twice a year) would be a two day event instead of a one day event.

Prior to this I had three other comic cons I attended as a vendor (Big Lick Comic Con in August, Fairfax Comic Con, and Hampton Comicon). Even though this is my fourth comic con as a vendor I’m starting to see some familiar faces from previous conventions. I have to say it is nice seeing faces I’ve seen in the past.

As for the event itself, most of the day was a drag. I made one sale, handed out a few cards, and that was about it…..until the last two hours! The last two hours of day one I went from only selling one book to making a profit, nearly sold out of two books, and was invited to be a vendor at a few other events. Those last two hours really turned things around for me! Day two went well but it was slow because most people were there for the special guests and the cosplay contest. Overall, it was a success and I’ll be returning in August.

I definitely owe thanks to JD Sutphin once more. He has accepted me as a vendor twice and has given my an opportunity to sell my work to more people.

I also owe thanks to Samie Sands, she is the compiler of two (soon to be four) anthologies I appear in. She gave me permission to sell Sideshow and Evil Lurks at my table (Sideshow being one of the two books to nearly sell out over the weekend).

Thanks to all the familiar faces I’ve met at previous conventions. It’s always nice seeing familiar faces and as I found out I’ll be seeing many of you at future conventions (Many at NC Comicon next month!)

Thanks to everyone who stopped by my table. Even if all you did was grab a card and/or a bookmark, you helped make the weekend!

Special thanks to everyone who bought a book! All of you make it possible to continue this journey. I’m independent and there were several other tables there, for you to choose to spend your money on my work is greatly appreciated and it always means more than anyone will ever know!

I’ll update this post later this week to include links for people I think you should check out. I wanted to add something here for my readers that are also writers:

To my fellow writers, many of us have received negative reviews in the past about various books (one of my books has a one star review on Amazon right now). Don’t let that get the better of you. I had several people stop by my table and grab a card so they could search me that night and return on Sunday to buy something. While several people did buy META- (Complete) and The Paradox Complex because both average 5 stars on Amazon, a lot of people bought Sideshow after seeing its mixed reviews. I had one person tell me the mixed reviews were the reason she bought it. Regardless of whether or not she liked the book, the fact that everyone had differing opinions on it showed her that it was worth checking out so she could give her own opinion. Even though negative reviews sometimes hurt, don’t let it get to you!

Calling all authors!

Samie Sands

I currently have a zombie apocalypse anthology that I am gathering submissions for, so if you’d like to be a part of that, please let me know, I would love to have you! Even if it’s your first time writing and you want to have a try, I would encourage you to do so…it could be fun!

Here is a list of upcoming horror anthology themes and submission dates, if they interest you as well. The word count for all of them is 500 – 15,000 words:

Twisted Love Stories – March 31st
Cults – April 30th
Curses – May 31st

If you have any questions or wish to submit, please email me at

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Vault of Terror Volume 2 NOW AVAILABLE!

As I mentioned in my first reading list I bought Vault of Terror Tales to Tell Volume 1 after finding out about submissions being open for Volume 2. I wanted to read the stories to see what type of story I needed to write. In the call for submissions, Del Garrett (Compiler of anthology) mentioned PG to light R, something Twilight Zone-ish. Between these two things, I began working on my story.

After a few weeks, I submitted my story. When I submitted my story, Del was still taking submissions for the anthology so I did have a little bit of a wait. Soon I got an email from Del informing me my story would be included in Vault of Terror Volume 2. I thanked him and told him I would be more than happy to submit to future anthologies. He told me there were a few he was considering and Vault of Terror would likely get a volume 3. I was also informed Volume 2 would be out early 2019.

My story is titled “The Stationville Ghost House” which is a story about two friends who become brave enough to enter a local house everyone knows is haunted, not only is it haunted, anyone in the past that went in never left. What happens when these two friends enter the known ghost house of Stationville?

Fast forward to January 2019, Raven’s Inn Press makes the announcement that Vault of Terror Volume 2: Tales to Tell is now available on Amazon. Here is the cover to Volume 2


Vault of Terror Volume 2 Print
Vault of Terror Volume 2 Digital

I haven’t read the anthology yet but I do see some names that were in volume 1 which means I’m in good company in this collection. I want to thank Del Garrett for including me in this anthology and hopefully I’ll be able to submit something for Volume 3 in the future (as well as any other planned anthologies from Raven’s Inn Press).

Please give Raven’s Inn Press a like on Facebook

Also be sure to check out Vault of Terror Volume 1: Tales to Tell 
Vault of Terror Volume 1

2019 Anthology releases

I recently announced three anthologies I will be appearing in; Evil Lurks (which has since been released), Temoli: Thazbook Anthology Journal (Coming 3/23), and Flash Fiction Addiction (Coming 4/15). Since that post, I can announce more anthology appearances that are coming!

Vault of Terror: Tales to Tell Volume 2 available NOW! This book comes from Raven’s Inn Press and is the follow-up to last years’ Volume 1. This book features 14 short stories, including my story “The Stationville Ghost House” My story is about two kids that go into a local ghost house only to find out there is more to it than they thought.

Here’s the cover to Vault of Terror Tales to Tell Volume 2


Vault of Terror 2 Print
Vault of Terror 2 Digital


Demons of Solomon: Flash Fiction from Hell coming 2/28. This anthology is coming from Hydra Productions. We were asked to write flash fiction stories on three of the 72 demons of Solomon. I wrote stories on Caim, Gaap, and Stolas. My stories are; “Black Mirror (Stolas)”, “The Disputer (Caim)”, and “Voyager’s Tale (Gaap)”. Here’s the blurb for the collection
Stories come in all shapes and sizes, and some begin and end with fire…
A group of authors has come together to tell the twisted and complicated tales of the many demons that are reined in only by a king of Hell with the power to control and destroy.
Be intrigued, fall in love, and get frightened by these short stories straight from Hell itself.

Here’s the cover to Demons of Solomon: Flash Fiction from Hell


Demons of Solomon: Flash Fiction from Hell will be available February 28!

Untitled Medical Horror Anthology this one is compiled by Samie Sands (she is the one who compiled Sideshow and Evil Lurks). This one is currently untitled so it is as the titled suggests, medical horror stories. I have two stories in this collection “Dr. Frank N. Steen” and “Spread the Infection”. At the moment, this one does not have a release date.

Mischief and Clovers is coming March 12 from Stained Glass Publishing. I appeared in a Stained Glass Publishing anthology last year, Sweet Candy Delights. This one, like my previous appearance, is centered on a holiday, this one being St. Patrick’s Day. I have two stories in this collection; “The Clover” and “Catch that Leprechaun”. “The Clover” is about a woman discovering a four-leaf clover in the ground on her way to the garden, she picks it and soon discovers it could be a good luck charm. “Catch that Leprechaun” is about two kids discovering there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, there is also a leprechaun. Now the two kids have to stop the leprechaun in order to get the pot of gold. I will hopefully be able to reveal the cover soon (it’s really nice!)

Mischief and Clovers will be available March 12!

Magic in the ER is coming April  from Lelene Services. Lelene Services is the company that made the cover to my novella Dream Awake. This one is about magic/inhuman things happening in the ER. My story is titled “The Blood Cure”

Let’s Try Love is coming April. This one is a collection about couples that meet from the site/app Let’s Try Love my story is titled “Unexpected Love” which is about two people who meet from the app only soon realizing they work in the same office and discover why it took online dating for the two of them to meet.



Flash Fiction Addiction coming 4/15

If you read my 2019 releases post, then you already know about this book. Actually, if you’ve been following me for some time then you know that this one has been in the works for some time.

Early 2018 I joined Zombie Pirate Publishing Writer’s Group on Facebook. At the time they were gearing up for the anthology Full Metal Horror and taking submissions for Phuket Tattoo I was too late to join one and was in the middle of working on my novel The Escape of Ernest Frost to write something for the other. I told myself I’d submit something for their next anthology.

Their next submission was announced Witches vs Wizards and I wrote something for it (sadly I was rejected), but while submissions were still open for this one, they announced another anthology, Flash Fiction Addiction. Given the size of many of my short stories I knew I could easily submit something for this one.

Unlike ZPP’s previous anthologies, Flash Fiction Addiction didn’t have a closing date. They were going through stories until they had 101 stories accepted for the anthology. I submitted mine in June and received my acceptance email in July. At the time of my acceptance, they were still taking submissions for the anthology and the closing date for Witches vs Wizards had not yet approached. I knew it was coming but when asked I told everyone the release date is TBA.

Fast forward to a few days ago, Adam and Sam (admins of ZPP) sent out acceptance letter 101 of 101 for Flash Fiction Addiction as well as its release date, April 15.

My story is titled “The Boogeyman”, it’s a horror-comedy. For those new to my work, humor is not something I’m known for. I write a lot of heavy-hearted material. This story is definitely a standout compared to most of my work. I’m also usually quiet on which stories of mine are my favorites, I will say this one is one of my favorite short stories I’ve written so far.

Below is the cover for Flash Fiction Addiction


Here is the table of contents (101 stories!!!!!!!!)


And here is where you see my story “The Boogeyman”


I definitely want to thank Adam and Sam for accepting my story. Having read other stories and books from some of the authors in this collection, I know I’m in good company in this anthology. Here’s their pages, if you’re on Facebook give them a like!
Zombie Pirate Publishing
Adam Bennett-Author
Sam M. Phillips-Author

Flash Fiction Addiction will be available 4/15 courtesy of Zombie Pirate Publishing!

My first #1

Over the years I have had a few books do well on Amazon’s charts. Of the books I’ve released/appeared in, I’ve had four books perform well

  • META- (Complete) #7 Hot New Releases
  • Three Crowns #34 Kindle short reads (Fantasy)
  • Shades of BWWM #10 Romance Anthologies
  • Ghostly Writes Anthology 2018 #10 Genre Fiction

This week Sideshow (released October 2018, compiled by Samie Sands) made it to number one! This is a carnival themed horror collection and features my short story “Make my Escape”

Thank you to everyone who has bought/read Sideshow. It really means a lot that many of you took the time to read this anthology. Thanks to everyone who read “Make My Escape” I hope you enjoyed reading my story.

Thanks to Samie Sands (compiler of this anthology as well as other anthologies she has compiled that feature my work). She took a chance on my story and included it in this collection.

Here is the screenshot of Sideshow and it making it to number one!

sideshow at one

Here is the cover to Sideshow

Sideshow cover

Sideshow Print
Sideshow Digital

Thank you everyone for my first number one!

Books released under my real name

As many of you know, C.L. Williams is a pen name. My real name is Luke Wood. I know those of you that are new are probably wondering why I use a pen name.

While working on META- (Complete) and Three Crowns it was brought to my attention that there are four other authors named Luke Wood. I wanted to distinguish myself from the other Luke Wood authors and sadly the best resolution was to use a pen name. I chose C.L. Williams because it was the closest thing to my name that wasn’t being used by multiple authors (there is another C.L. Williams author but from what I saw, hasn’t released a book in five or six years). But before using my pen name C.L. Williams, there were many books I released under my real name. Here’s a chronological list of books written under my real name, Luke Wood.

  • Notebook of the Mind: The Prelude (December 2008, print book is out of print)
  • Shadows & Sunshine (May 2009, print book is OOP)
  • Awakening with the Sea (August 2010, print book is OOP)
  • Lies of the Fearless (September 2011)
  • Aspects of Love (January 2012)
  • Veering Straight Ahead (June 2012)
  • Wretched Scars (October 2012) (cowritten with Ray Labuen)
  • Approaching Humanity (March 2013)
  • META- (Complete) (June 2016)
  • Three Crowns (March 2017) (print release Luke Wood, e-book C.L. Williams)

Veering Straight Ahead is a short story collection and Three Crowns is a fantasy novella, the other books on this list are poetry books. In addition to these releases, I also compiled/appeared in three anthologies:

  • Yesterday and Tomorrow (May 2011)
  • More than a Million Words (April 2012)
  • Burning Thoughts and Flooding Ideas (January 2013)

This is everything I’ve released under my real name. Everything from The Paradox Complex to present is written under the name C.L. Williams

Sins of the Fae Submission Call



Sins of Time Anthology: Volume 4
Theme: Sins of the Fae

Sins of the Fae. Stories should be based around the world of fae. Keep in mind that stories should not only contain the fae element but also an element of horror as well.

Word count between 1,000-5,000. All stories must be edited to the full extent of the writer’s abilities. Stories need to have indentations of .2 (if you use the tab feature for indentions that is fine, we can fix that quickly to reflect the appropriate indentation.) 1.5 spacing between lines. Typed in Times New Roman, 12-point font. All stories need to have the title and author name in the beginning as well. Also if you break between scenes please include either bullets, asterisks, even chapters so that we know where the breaks are, because all stories will be formatted in the end to reflect the same…

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