Last month I made a post about the first drabbles collection from Black Hare Press being available. Since I forgot to share an update, the book hit the best sellers and hot new releases lists in FIVE COUNTRIES. Thank you to everyone involved and thank you to everyone that bought a copy!

Now, if you bought a copy of WORLDS: Dark Drabbles #1 you may have noticed five covers on the back cover. This post is about number 2!

When I first found out about Black Hare Press and the open submissions they had, there were three; WORLDS, ANGELS, and MONSTERS. I really wanted to begin work on MONSTERS but I needed to send something for ANGELS first.

With WORLDS, I was fortunate enough that all five of my drabbles were accepted. I felt I needed to continue this momentum and wrote five for ANGELS. However, like WORLDS, I wanted to send one first to see if I would get accepted. I sent “Fallen” first, and just like my previous submissions, I received an acceptance the next day.

The second I received my acceptance for “Fallen”, I sent my second submission “Morality”. This is around the time that WORLDS closed so more people were sending submissions to ANGELS. It took a little longer (not really, it took two days instead of one) but I was informed “Morality” was accepted! With more people sending submissions to ANGELS and me chomping at the bit to write for MONSTERS, I sent my remaining three; “Before Lucifer”, “Angels of Destruction”, and “Final Battle” at the same time. Again, with more submissions being sent, there was a wait (again Dean and his crew still respond quicker than almost everyone I’ve ever sent stuff to) but I was soon informed my remaining three drabbles were accepted! I’m now two for two regarding having the max submissions for the Dark Drabbles series.

With WORLDS, I mentioned talking to Dean and Bree for various things (Dean is the one in charge, Bree handled my author profile page on the BHP website). When final edits were sent, this was when I had to talk to Ben. Just like Dean and Bree, Ben is super nice and quick to respond. The final edits were sent out for ANGELS and while minor, I did notice an error. I responded mentioning one of my drabbles had a slight error. Not even five minutes later, Ben responded with an updated drabble and an apology. I mentioned I should be the one apologizing for not noticing the error before and thanked him for updating the drabble.

Before mentioning the promotion leading up to the release, I wanted to mention something else regarding how incredibly nice the Black Hare Press team can be. I signed up for another anthology (not from BHP) and thought I could turn one of my drabbles into a story. I asked Dean for permission (I did sign a contract and I’m not going to breach my contract with these amazing people!) about turning one of my drabbles into a short story. Without hesitation, Dean gave me the ok to do so and that short story will be out soon!

Here is ANGELS in paperback and hardcover!ANGELS Hardcover

The teaser confirming my appearance!



Above are a few teasers as well as a pic I took of my own copy.

WORLDS managed to hit the best sellers list and the hot new releases list on Amazon! ANGELS is no different!

The book also charted in a few odd categories (Ok Canada, why is this book erotic to you?)

I don’t have a screenshot, but I know it also charted in fantasy in addition to religious fiction, short stories, and erotica (to anyone reading this post, ANGELS is NOT an erotic book)

This anthology has already gotten its first review AND IT’S FIVE STARS!

Angels review

Being in two released books from Black Hare Press has been an incredible experience! Once again, I must give thanks to Dean and his team. Black Hare Press is a great group to work with and if you are a writer looking to submit something, they have two open submissions open to the public and a few open to those accepted to the open submissions.

I also want to give a shoutout to Zoey Xolton. She did several of the screenshots I have on here as well as many of my previous posts on Instagram that feature the successes of WORLDS and ANGELS. Please give her a follow:


Dark Drabbles 2 ANGELS

ANGELS: Dark Drabbles #2 is now available on Amazon in digital, paperback, and hardcover!

ANGELS on Amazon!

Make sure you are following Black Hare Press on social media!
BHP Facebook
BHP Twitter
BHP Instagram
BHP website

To any authors out there, Black Hare Press has two submissions open to ALL AUTHORS and a few that are open to those who get accepted into the open submissions. The exclusive submissions are PAYING
BHP Open submissions


Universal Oneness: An Anthology of Magnum Opus Poems from around the World

Indo Mithila Literaria

360 poems by 360 poets from 60 Countries

Front Universal

List of 360 Contributing Poets

A. D. Winans is a native award winning San Francisco poet and writer. He edited and published Second Coming Magazine /Press for 17 years. His work has been widely published world-wide and translated into nine languages. In 2006 he was awarded a PEN National Josephine Miles Award for excellence in literature. In 2009 PEN Oakland awarded him a Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2015 he was the recipient of a Kathy Acker Award in poetry and publishing.

Aaron Hoopes is the founder of Zen Yoga and author of numerous books including Reconnecting to the Earth: Reclaiming Our Connection to Nature and Spirit (Ozark Mountain Publishing, 2019). His best-selling Zen Yoga Daily Warm-Up DVD has helped thousands of people integrate breathing and gentle movement into their lives. He is a Zen Shiatsu massage therapist and a long-time student of…

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Interview with Author Zoey Xolton

Dragon Soul Press

Dragon Soul Press had the opportunity to sit down and interview the busy and prolific Author Zoey Xolton! She also dabbles in drabbles over at Blood Song Books.

Tell us a little about yourself? Perhaps something not many people know?

I’m a married mother of two, whom I am raising to conquer the world. My spirit anima52494571_2340847552866559_6686865545561636864_nls are black cats, wolves and ravens. I love coffee, rum and wine in equal measures, but unfortunately don’t get to indulge in the latter two as often as I would like! My favourite colours are purple, blood red, and black. When I die, I want to be cremated because I am illogically terrified of being buried alive. I have a fear of confined spaces, but I love heights.

What made you want to become a writer?

Like so many other writers, I’ve always loved stories, and writing from an early age…

View original post 743 more words

A word for my fellow writers

I have an update regarding WORLDS: Dark Drabbles #1 but I want to wait until my hardcover copy comes in so I can add the pics of it to the update. For now, I want to write about something that is primarily for my writing peeps and those who aspire to write.

One thing that is inevitable in writing is you will be REJECTED at some point. It will happen more than once and in some cases, it will hurt. Even though rejections happen, don’t let it get the better of you.

Last year, a friend of mine started up an anthology and was looking for submissions. At first, I wasn’t sure about writing a story for it because I was still writing Dream Awake and really needed it to be ready for my comic con appearances. Given it involved helping a friend, I decided to write a story and submit it.

I did all I could to help out, I shared the submission call, answered questions when I was asked from people who didn’t know who to submit their story to, I wanted my friend to succeed, especially given the anthology could help other be published and possibly be published for the first time EVER.

After six weeks (I think it was six weeks, may have been two months), submissions closed. I received an email informing me that my story had been rejected. I was upset because I thought my story was good. Even though the email didn’t say “Luke, your story sucks” I was told the dialogue was bad nd there were no relatable characters in my story. I put a lot of time in my story and sent it to three different people I know that are good with editing and constructive criticism. While I was upset about the rejection, I also felt insulted given I felt I had written a solid story.

Fast forward five months later, another friend of mine wants to do an anthology with the proceeds going to charity. The story needed to be a romance story and needed to be 5,000 words. I go back to my story that was rejected and it’s a bit short for the anthology. My story is about 4,200 words. I write an epilogue for the story that puts it close enough to 5,000 words. I ask my friend if my story is ok to submit given my story isn’t quite 5,000 words (to anyone considering submitting work for anthologies, some can be quite strict about the word count). She asked my how long was my story and I told her it was a little over 4,800. She told me it was ok but my story would likely be the shortest story in the book.

The book came out in February with proceeds going to the American Kidney Fund. While reviews have been varying (mixed to positive), one review said my story was the best story in the book and another review praised my story and said they were looking forward to reading more work from me.

The thing is, just because one person rejects your story doesn’t mean your story is bad. I had a rejection, I only added an epilogue to meet the required word count and my story was accepted elsewhere and the exact same story that was rejected was not only accepted, it was praised by others. Sometimes, it’s not your writing that’s bad, it just isn’t for one person. If you are sitting on a rejected story, try sending it elsewhere. If it gets accepted, then great. If it’s received multiple rejections, let someone look at it and help you make it the best story possible.

WORLDS: Dark Drabbles #1 Now available!

As I mentioned in a previous post, one of the many anthology appearances of 2019 is WORLDS: Dark Drabbles #1 from Black Hare Press.

To be honest, I don’t remember how I found out about this one, I can narrow it to one of two people who also appear in the anthology:

  1.  Thomas Sturgeon Jr. posting about it on Facebook and mentioning they were still taking submissions
  2.  Shelly Jarvis messaging me about it

I don’t remember which one I heard from first so I’m crediting both.

I go to the website and see that three 100 word (or drabbles) anthologies were open with the first one being WORLDS. Even though I wanted to write for MONSTERS almost immediately, I waited because WORLDS was closer to closing and sci-fi is a genre many of my readers have been asking for. I begin writing my story “Unfamiliar”, read the guidelines for submission, and send my drabble.

To anyone looking for fast responses, Black Hare Press does that. I sent my story “Unfamiliar” before going to bed and woke up the next morning to an email informing me that my story had been accepted!

Even though Thomas and/or Shelly had told me about it, I noticed many writing groups I’m in mentioning their drabbles had also been accepted. When one person (I don’t remember who but anyone with multiple drabbles is welcome to take credit here) mentioned all five of their drabbles had been accepted, I checked out the website once more and saw I could have up to five drabbles accepted for WORLDS. I then wrote my second drabble “Daria”. I wanted to see if this one would get accepted before writing and submitting more for this collection (I also REALLY wanted to begin writing for MONSTERS).

Like “Unfamiliar”, I wrote “Daria”, went to bed, and woke up with another email informing me “Daria” had also been accepted! I then wrote “Skull Control”, “The New Eve”, and “The Locked Room” and sent them later that week. I still wanted to write for MONSTERS but I had to finish writing for WORLDS because Dean (head of BHP) posted that WORLDS was 83% filled when I had submitted my last three drabbles.

Once again, I received three emails, each of them informing me that my remaining three drabbles had been accepted for WORLDS. Shortly after that, the anthology closed for submissions.

Once accepted, the contributors were asked about something, releasing a hardcover copy of the book! I said yes with no hesitation because I’ve never appeared in nor have I released a hardcover book. WORLDS: Dark Drabbles #1 is the first anthology I’ve appeared in that is being released in hardcover. To my knowledge, the other four drabbles collections will also be receiving a hardcover version in addition to the paperback and kindle versions!

WORLDS: Dark Drabbles #1 from Black Hare Press is now available in kindle, paperback, and hardcover! This collection features five drabbles of mine: “Unfamiliar”, “Daria”, “Skull Control”, “The Locked Room”, and “The New Eve”

As I mentioned earlier in the post I do need to give a shoutout to Thomas Sturgeon Jr. and Shelly Jarvis for telling me about this but I also have to give my thanks and eternal gratitude to the team at Black Hare Press!

Black Hare Press Team

  1.  Dean Kershaw
  2.  Ben Thomas
  3.  Bree Sonnet
  4.  Dawn Burdett

This team has done an amazing job! Dean answers everyone almost immediately. There was even a few people joking in the contributors group that he’s either a robot or an alien that doesn’t require sleep. He has been fast to respond, incredibly kind, very helpful in getting everyone to network for the promotion of WORLDS, and he even listened to a few suggestions for future Black Hare Press anthologies. To anyone reading this that plans to submit to future BHP anthologies, I know for a fact you’ll enjoy working with Dean.

Since contributing to Black Hare Press, they have redesigned the website. When they redesigned the website, they added an authors showcase section on the site. This is where I’ve communicated with Bree. Dean told us what we needed to send to Bree for the site and just like Dean, Bree had everything up quickly and was incredibly kind. Here’s my showcase page on the website

When I asked Dean who I needed to give shout outs to, he wanted me to make sure I mention Dawn Burdett. She not only designed the cover for WORLDS, she also designed the covers for the other drabbles collections as well!

Dark Drabbles covers

Dawn did an incredible job and I am honored to be in all five of these drabbles collections!

  • WORLDS: Dark Drabbles #1 is now available
  • ANGELS: Dark Drabbles #2 arrives July 23
  • MONSTERS: Dark Drabbles #3 is a belated birthday gift to me on August 20
  • BEYOND: Dark Drabbles #4 comes out September 3
  • UNRAVEL: Dark Drabbles #5 will be here September 17

Again, I cannot say enough good things about the team at Black Hare Press. They are a blessing to work with. If you are an author and have something to submit to their next open submission, I highly encourage you to do so. Not just because it helps you but you also get the privilege of working these incredible individuals.

Buy WORLDS on Amazon! It’s available in paperback, kindle, and the incredible hardcover!

PLEASE make sure you follow the incredible people of Black Hare Press

BHP Website

Here’s some of the promo pics as well as pics I took of my paperback copy (at the time of this post, my hardcover has not yet arrived)

Dark Drabbles 1 WORLDS



Another Project Reveal!

As the header of this site says, 2019: A Loaded Year, and I believe I have been able to back that header every step of the way. Last week, something I have been sitting on for almost a year is now able to come to light! I created a character for a comic book series

Last year I had the opportunity to create a character for a five issue comic book series from Planet Random Comics.

I had a similar experience in 2018 when I created a character for Tales of the Empowered. In Tales of the Empowered, I created a villain. For this, I chose to create a hero!

EVO pic

My character is EVO, he is able to alter or “evolve” his body for needed situations. He can alter his eyesight for necessary night vision, he can breathe underwater, he can change his hands to claws if it is needed. His weakness is he is still human and still needs to train and condition his body (i.e. he can breathe underwater if need be but he still has to be able to learn and know how to swim). He is also a person with high morals and always wants to “fight for the little guy”. Although not mentioned in his profile, I suggested his day job that he’s a social worker because even as a civilian, he wants to help out in any way he can.

I was one of SEVERAL that created a character for this universe and it did take some time for the characters to come to the page. Last week, my copy of the five issue series came in the mail.

Planet Random issue 5

This is issue 5 of 5. This is the issue where my character EVO appears. I did go through this issue (I do have a character in this issue) and now I’m starting at issue one (what I should have done to begin with) and I must say everyone has done an incredible job. There are some truly amazing characters in this collection.

I want to thank Raymond Ayala (Head of Planet Random Comics) for letting me create a character for an already rich universe. He definitely took the ideas I had for EVO and improved upon them, he’s great to work with, and very professional. Here’s some links you should follow:

Planet Random Facebook
Planet Random Twitter
Planet Random Website


What is coming!

Now that the craziness of April is over, it’ll be a little quiet on my end. I only have one anthology appearance this month (Technology Gone Mad! which will be getting its own post soon), and I have no events this month.

Things will be picking back up in June, I have one event, All Star Comic Con, one book release with Novo: Away from Earth, and two anthology appearances; WORLDS: Dark Drabbles #1 and Organic Ink Volume One.

During the month of May, I will be putting the final touches on Novo: Away from Earth and make sure it’s ready for release, I am currently working on a few short stories for future anthologies, and I am formatting my short story “Lucifer’s Lost Love” for a standalone release on the kindle store.

While May will be a quiet month, things will be coming back full force in June

Dark Drabbles 1 WORLDS

WORLDS: Dark Drabbles #1 coming June 25

Organic Ink I

Organic Ink Volume One comes out June 30

A VERY crazy week

I’m a bit behind (AGAIN) on blog posts. But last week was a rather hectic week. Between April 14 and April 20 FOUR anthology appearances were released and I had Wilmington Geek Expo.

I mentioned in a previous post about the four anthologies that came out;

  • Flash Fiction Addiction
  • Bleeding Hearts
  • Let’s Try Love
  • Hop Along Tales

I have a horror-comedy in Flash Fiction Addiction, a paranormal romance in Bleeding Hearts, a contemporary-romance in Let’s Try Love, and two stories in Hop Along Tales. I’ll have links below for each book. At the time of this post Let’s Try Love and Hop Along Tales are only available on Kindle.

April 20 I had another event, Wilmington Geek Expo. The people that run this event also ran two events I was a part of in 2018 (Fairfax Comic Con and Hampton Comicon). Unlike the others, this was a one day event.

This event went well. I sold quite a few copies of META- and The Paradox Complex the event is also confirmed to be coming back next year. I did enjoy it but it was on Easter weekend and I think more people would’ve been there had it been a different weekend.

This was an insane week and now that May is here I must say I’m looking forward to having no events and no releases this month. This month will be devoted to getting previous books in new hands and working on my current WIPs.

More on that untitled novella

I recently did a post announcing my book releases for 2019 (my books, not the anthology appearances). I mentioned my final release of 2019 will be one of my short stories turned into a novella.

Last year I appeared in an anthology titled Summer Solstice: A Supernatural Anthology. Don’t bother looking it up, the anthology was recently removed from Amazon. This book was put on kindle last year with plans for a print release to shortly follow.

That print book was never released.

After months of silence and few updates on other projects, the publisher eventually gave releases to other publishers and rights to stories in Summer Solstice were reverted back to the authors. My story in the book was titled “Lucifer’s Lost Love” which is about a guy who starts dating a girl only to find out she’s a fallen angel and her previous lover is none other than Lucifer himself. Now Lucifer wants vengeance on the human for being with the woman he once called his queen. This is the story I plan to turn into my fifth novella (possibly under a different title).

As for republishing the story, my plan is to publish the short story as a standalone on kindle, and possibly include the short story in the print release of the novella.

I was given another offer.

Many of the authors in the Summer Solstice anthology (myself included) were upset about the print book never being released. Another publisher offered to do a reissue of sorts.

I’ll definitely share the anthology once it’s released but I’ve decided NOT to take part in the pseudo reissue. When the book was first announced, many were looking forward to reading my story but many who read my books prefer print over digital. While I do trust the people publishing the reissue, I feel it’s best to release this one myself. There was also the rights issue. This would have prevented me from releasing my planned fifth novella in 2019.

“Lucifer’s Lost Love” will be published on kindle as a standalone release this summer
Untitled Supernatural Novella will release this fall and the print release will include “Lucifer’s Lost Love”

Before this comes out Novo: Away from Earth is coming late May/early June and The Absolution will be available in August!

(Incomplete) Anthology schedule

As I said in my previous post, this one will cover some of the anthologies I’m featured in. I can’t mention all of them because; I’ve been told I’m not allowed to, some are still taking submissions, or some are without release dates.
Many have already been featured several times already. Any that have already been released will be briefly mentioned.

Now Available

Evil Lurks features my short story “Anzu Rediscovered”
Vault of Terror Volume 2 features my short story “The Stationville Ghost House”
Starting Over features my short story “Saved by a Siren”
Demons of Solomon I wrote stories for Caim, Stolas, and Gaap
Pandemic: Anthology of Affliction features my stories “Dr. Frank N. Steen” and “Spread the Infection”
Mischief and Clovers features my stories “The Clover” and “Catch that Leprechaun”
Temoli: Thazbook Anthology Journal features my short story “The Prodigal Chef”
Poets of Hydra features six new poems of mine
Magic Medics Medicine features my story “The Blood Cure”
After: Undead Wars features my stories “What Happened to Emily?” and “When the Cameras Stop”

Given Magic Medics Medicine and After: Undead Wars haven’t been officially posted here’s the cover to Magic Medics Medicine

Magic Medics Medicine

Here’s the link to Magic Medics Medicine and proceeds from the anthology go to Autism Speaks. To learn more about Autism Speaks follow the link

After: Undead Wars

After Undead Wars

This anthology is my fourth appearance in a Samie Sands Anthology. This one is a zombie anthology and I have two stories in this one, “What Happened to Emily?” and “When the Cameras Stop” is about a snobbish actor appearing in a zombie movie only to find out the zombies are not extras, they are actual zombies and now the movie is his real life.
“What Happened to Emily?” is somewhat inspired by The Walking Dead, in this story you don’t have to be bitten to become a zombie and now one family thinks the worst may have happened to Emily.
After: Undead Wars is now available on kindle

Bleeding Hearts
Bleeding Hearts

This is a paranormal romance collection. My story “Cindy’s Wish” is about a girl who discovers she is dying. She decides to make a deal with a vampire to become one of the undead in order to cheat death. But in the process, Cindy falls in love with the vampire who is going to convert her.
Bleeding Hearts comes out 4/15

Flash Fiction Addiction

This is a collection featuring 101 flash fiction stories. My story is “The Boogeyman” and it’s a horror-comedy about a kid who finds out The Boogeyman is real, but scaring kids isn’t exactly what he does
Flash Fiction Addiction comes out 4/15

Let’s Try Love
Let's Try Love

This is a collection of love stories of people who meet online (in the case of the characters in these stories the fictional online site Let’s Try Love). My story is titled “Unexpected Love” about two people who fall in love only to soon realize they’ve been within feet of each other for some time and how it takes Let’s Try Love for them to meet.
You can preorder Let’s Try Love here and it comes out 4/18!

Hop Along Tales
Hop Along

This is an Easter short story collection and I have two stories in this collection, “The Bunny that Laid an Egg” and “The Egg Painting Contest”
You can preorder Hop Along Tales on kindle and it comes out 4/19

Technology Gone Mad!
Tech Gone Mad

My story in this collection is titled “Ear-Jacked!” and it’s about a new phone company that is about to unveil their newest phone only for people to discover the phone might not be good for humanity.
You can preorder Technology Gone Mad! on kindle and it comes out 5/1

Worlds: Dark Drabbles #1
Dark Drabbles 1 WORLDS

This collection is a drabbles collection (each story is exactly 100 words). There are 100 authors in this collection and there are 250 drabbles in this collection. This particular drabbles collection is a sci-fi drabbles collection and I have five drabbles in this (I’m also featured in the second and third book too!) My five drabbles are; “Unfamiliar”, “Daria”,  “The Locked Room”, “The New Eve”, and “Skull Control”
Worlds: Dark Drabbles #1 is currently available for preorder on kindle and comes out 6/25
*I’m also featured in Dark Drabbles #2 and Dark Drabbles #3 but they are still taking submissions if you want to send something their way!

Organic Ink Volume 1
Organic Ink

To those asking if I have plans to release any poetry, look no further! This is a poetry collection from Dragon Soul Press and I have five poems and ten haiku in this collection! This collection has 50 authors.
Organic Ink Volume 1 is expected to come out late June/early July
*Dragon Soul Press is currently taking submissions for Organic Ink Volume 2 as well as a few short story anthologies. To submit go here to find out more!

Here’s the full list
Evil Lurks
Vault of Terror Volume 2
Starting Over
Demons of Solomon
Mischief and Clovers
Poets of Hydra
Magic Medics Medicine
After: Undead Wars
Bleeding Hearts
(coming 4/15)
Flash Fiction Addiction (coming 4/15)
Let’s Try Love (coming 4/18)
Hop Along Tales (coming 4/19)
Technology Gone Mad! (coming 5/1)
Worlds: Dark Drabbles #1 (coming 6/25)
Organic Ink Volume 1 (Coming June)

As the title of this post suggests, this is an INCOMPLETE list but this is quite a bit and there is more to come!