35 Publications in a single Calendar Year PART TWO!

I mentioned in a previous post that my goal for 2019 is to appear in 35 PUBLICATIONS! This is a follow-up on that post. Yesterday I was informed Mayhem on All Hallows’ Eve was officially on Amazon. This anthology is publication 35 for me this year and we still have three months left this year. Since my last post, a few more publications have been revealed, two are likely not coming out, and I think one is being moved to 2020.

Here’s the 35 publications that have come out thus far in 2019!

  1.  Evil Lurks (features my short story “Anzu Rediscovered”)
  2.  Vault of Terror Volume 2 (features my short story “Stationville Ghost House”)
  3.  The Next Step: First Valentine’s (my fourth novella)
  4.  Starting Over (features my short story “Saved by a Siren”)
  5.  Demons of Solomon: Flash Fiction from Hell (I wrote stories for Caim, Stolas, and Gaap)
  6.  Pandemic (features my stories “Dr. Frank N. Steen” and “Spread the Infection”)
  7.  Poets are Heroes Issue IV (magazine that features my poem “Heroes Need Heroes”)
  8.  Mischief and Clovers (features my stories “Catch that Leprechaun” and “The Clover”)
  9.  Temoli (features my story “The Prodigal Chef”)
  10.  Poets of Hydra Volume One (features my poems “Fake Happy Face”, “Meant for Me”, “Stop While You’re Ahead”, “Let my Actions Speak”, and “In My Head”)
  11.  After: Undead Wars (features my stories “What Happened to Emily?” and “When the Cameras Stop Rolling”)
  12.  Bleeding Hearts (features my story “Cindy’s Wish”)
  13.  Magic Medics Medicine 2019 (features my story “The Blood Cure”)
  14.  Flash Fiction Addiction (features my story “The Boogeyman”)
  15.  Let’s Try Love (features my story “Unexpected Love”)
  16.  Hop Along Tales (features my stories “The Bunny that Laid an Egg” and “The Egg Decorating Contest”)
  17.  Technology Gone Mad (features my story “Ear-Jacked!”)
  18.  Planet Random Universe Issue V (I created the character EVO for the Planet Random Universe)
  19.  Authors Gone Bonkers (features my nonfiction pieces “We’ll Publish You, Now Pay Us!” and “The JMW Scam”)
  20.  Universal Oneness (features my magnum opus poem)
  21.  WORLDS: Dark Drabbles #1 (features my drabbles “Unfamiliar”, “Daria”, “The New Eve”, “The Locked Room”, and “Skull Control”)
  22.  Organic Ink Volume One (features FIFTEEN poems of mine!)
  23.  Rise Above (features my poem “Rise Above”)
  24.  ANGELS: Dark Drabbles #2 (features my drabbles “Angels of Destruction”, “Before Lucifer”, “Fallen”, “Morality”, and “Final Battle”)
  25.  Feathers and Fiends (features my story “More than it Seems”)
  26.  Stop Bullying Now (features my poem “Rise Above”)
  27.  MONSTERS: Dark Drabbles #3 (features my drabbles “The Shed”, “Takeover”, “The Limping Man”, “Killer Garden”, and “Human Pizza”)
  28.  Poetica (features my poem “Living Forever (By You)”)
  29.  Ghostly Romance Anthology Volume One (features my story “Reunited at Last”)
  30.  Emoji Between the Sheets (features my Emoji story)
  31.  Storming Area 51 (features my story “Allen Parker, 23”)
  32.  BEYOND: Dark Drabbles #4 (features my drabbles “A New House”, “Exodus”, “Journey to Death”, “Wendy” and “Haunted”)
  33.  We Know the Truth, Do You? (features my story “About those Brothers”)
  34.  Gleam (features my microshort “It Started with a Scratch”)
  35. Mayhem on All Hallows’ Eve (features my story “…And Along Came Stolas”)

GOAL ACHIEVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, just because I have achieved my goal it does not mean I am done with this year. Here are a few more confirmed publications coming in 2019!

  • Abhorrence
  • Samhain Secrets
  • Tales of All Hallows Eve
  • UNRAVEL: Dark Drabbles #5
  • The Dark World of Avant Garde’s Secret Societies
  • APOCALYPSE: Dark Drabbles #6
  • Eerie Christmas

There are a few others coming out that I can’t discuss just yet and I have plans to release two books of my own before the year wraps up!

Special thanks to everyone that helped make this goal happen!

Poetica and Gleam now available!

In most cases each book would have their own “now available” post on here. However, Grant (editor of both these publications) works at a faster rate than I do. Before I could write a post for Poetica, I was receiving my acceptance letter for Gleam.

I’ve been a member of the Inner Circle Writer’s Group for almost a year and I could never keep up with the deadlines. I think one is approaching when in reality, it had already passed. I remember wanting to submit to something, only to find out the book was already out. This time, I managed to get my submission ready, on time, and with a few days near the deadline.

I’m in a few anthology submission groups on Facebook and someone mentioned the deadline was near for ICWG (Inner Circle Writer’s Group) newest anthology Poetica. The deadline was that Friday. The day I read that post was a Monday. I decided to look through my unreleased poems and decide which would be best to send. On Tuesday, I made the decision to send my poem “Living Forever (By You)”. On Wednesday, I received an email from Grant (head of ICWG) that he had received the email. Friday was the last day to submit. Saturday, I received another email from Grant that my poem was accepted and would be in Poetica with plans to release the book later that month.

The deadline was middle of August and Grant said his plans were to release the book before the end of the month. I thought I was misreading the email….and then Monday happened. I received my acceptance email on a Saturday and two days later, Grant said he had ordered a proof of the book. He also reminded us the deadline for Gleam was coming up. This one is a flash fiction anthology with categories being 50 words, 500 words, and 1,000 words. I had a 50 word zombie story and a 500 word sci-fi story I could send. While my sci-fi story was near done, it was an extension of a drabble and I’ve already asked once about turning one of my drabbles into a short story. While I have plans to eventually release my sci-fi story, I chose to submit my zombie story to Gleam.

I sent “It Started with a Scratch” the day of the deadline. I had spent too much time trying to figure out which story to pick that the deadline crept up on me. Also during this time, I received my copy of Poetica.


Poetica features 72 poems and many of the authors in this book I’ve already read because they’re in other anthologies that I’m in! It’s also cool that I’m getting to read more from the same people.

I soon heard back from Grant that my microshort “It Started with a Scratch” had been accepted! This was big news for me for a couple of reasons. For starters, there are FIVE THOUSAND people in the ICWG on Facebook and my 50 word story being accepted was a big deal for me. This was also a story I had tried submitting elsewhere on two different occasions, rejected both times. The feeling of this story finally finding a home was a big deal for me.

Here’s the cover for Gleam 


I have received my digital copy for this one but just like the majority of my readers, I prefer print over digital (I say this while writing an article for an online blog). Right now, I’m waiting for my print copy to arrive while I finish up a submission for a future anthology for ICWG.

I want to say thanks to Grant Hudson for not only accepting my work but for accepting me for two books back to back in a year where I’m trying to make as many appearances as possible!

I also want to give a shoutout to Ximena Escobar, she was the one that reminded me about the approaching deadline for Poetica. Had she not reminded me, I would not only be absent from Poetica but I also would have likely missed the deadline for Gleam as well.

Here is the Clarendon website where you can keep up with the latest submissions, subscribe to the magazine, buy anthologies and books from select authors, and there’s a few freebies on there too!

Here’s the link for the Inner Circle Writers’ Group on Facebook. If you are on Facebook and you’re a writer you really should join!

And a reminder to buy Poetica and Gleam

Poetica Paperback
Poetica Kindle

Gleam Paperback
Gleam Kindle


Storming Area 51

ZOEY XOLTON ... Australian Romance Author

As I’m sure everyone’s heard by now… all the hype over viral Social Media sensation that was the ‘Storm of Area 51’ died in the mouth when almost no one showed up at the event; despite slews of civilians and celebrities promising that they would attend! This was to be expected of course. No celebrity would risk arrest over something so ludicrous, let alone anyone else. Despite this, the Social Media phenomenon spawned by the ‘event’ certainly made waves, and was fun to watch!

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How one event resulted into two anthology appearances

Many of you have seen me promoting my two most recent anthology appearances, Storming Area 51 and We Know the Truth, Do You? I’ve mentioned how both stories came to be through their respective posts. This one will explain everything in one post. Not quite a supercut of posts, just a more cohesive story.

The head of Black Hare Press (Publisher of Storming Area 51) was taking suggestions on future anthologies given how much he like one of the ideas. Several people were suggesting doing an Area 51 raid given how much traction the Facebook movement was receiving. At first, BHP were hesitant given the amount of time it takes to make the book and how little time they have doing so but also how little time we would have writing our stories.  That night I started writing a short about two brothers making their escape from Area 51 after making it inside the secret military base. The next day, Dean announced the Area 51 anthology with a conceptual idea. After reading what he was expecting from our stories, I realized my near complete story was not going to fit the anthology.

While on Facebook, I noticed one of my friends, Terri Wilson, announced she was going to put together an anthology for Area 51 with the proceeds going to charity. I messaged her, told her I have a near complete story I could send the next day. As promised, the next day, I sent my now finished Area 51 story titled “About those Brothers”.

This leads me back to my Black Hare Press story. I saw a few people mentioning what they wanted to write about and I wanted to make sure I would have something submitted and accepted on time. Dean suggested sending him ideas for stories to make sure they’d fit so I did just that. I told him my idea, something I thought would fit the book but also be different from other stories. He told me he liked the idea and I went with it.

I wrote a story titled “A storm is coming” about a news anchor and her cameraman trying to get quotes from anyone at Area 51. I submitted the story and while Dean told me he liked the story, he wanted stories in first person (mine was in third) and he suggested I tell the story from the viewpoint of the cameraman. I rewrote my story now titled “Allen Parker, 23”

Although both were coming out around the same time, Terri already had a cover ready, some teasers, and a website. Here’s a few teasers

There was also a cover to use for promo purposes too!

Area 51 We Know the Truth

With the Black Hare Press anthology, Dean told us to wait on the reveal. When discussing the book in our WIPs (work in progress), many of us, myself included, just called it the “secret alien book”. Eventually we were given a few sample covers to look at with this being the final decision

Storming Area 51 wraps

Both books were planned for release on September 20, day of the raid. While excited for both projects, I was also preparing myself for possible confusion. I’m in two Area 51 books coming out on the same day! I knew a few of my readers would possibly get confused by this. Then it changed.

Dean saw the number of Area 51 books being released and moved up the release of Storming Area 51 by one week! This was a relief on my end because now it’ll be easier to distinguish between the releases. While telling my readers about this one, Terri closed submissions for We Know the Truth, Do You? and unveiled the final cover with the names of 25 authors on the cover!

We Know the Truth

Both are now available with both getting solid reviews on Amazon. Both have also received number one ribbons too!

number one five star

Storming Area 51 was number one in new releases for the social media genre

new number one

We Know the Truth, Do You? was a number one new release in humorous sci-fi

Buy Storming Area 51 here
Buy We Know the Truth, Do You? here

Storming Area 51 *FREE* on Amazon!

Last week, Storming Area 51 from Black Hare Press was released. It came out a week early to ward off the other Area 51 books coming out (one of which I’m also featured in!)

The response has been incredible!

number one five star

Here’s a few trailers made in promotion of Storming Area 51 the first trailer is done by JB Wocoski and the second trailer is made by Raven Corinn Carluk


Tomorrow is THE DAY the raid on Area 51 and here’s how BHP plans to celebrate, giving all of you that have yet to obtain Storming Area 51 the opportunity to get it….FOR FREE!

That’s right, from today and through Sunday, you will be able to get the anthology for free.

Free on Amazon


Get your copy of Storming Area 51 on kindle this weekend FOR FREE 

Get your copy today!

We Know the Truth, Do You? Now available!

As I mentioned when I was discussing Storming Area 51 I had initially began writing a story for Black Hare Press only to find out my story would not be a good fit for the anthology. I now have a story that has no home. That lasted about 15 seconds.

Shortly after realizing that I have an Area 51 story with no home, I found out one of my friends on Facebook, Terri Wilson, was putting together an Area 51 anthology with proceeds going to charity. I asked about submitting and told her I’d have a story sent to her the next day. She was rather surprised but as promised, the next day I submitted my story.

Given the short timeframe, it was a submission where you need to have an edited story sent before 9/13 because 9/14 would be when the book gets formatted and prepped for release. Nothing to worry about on my end as I already had a story. Many were wondering about how some of us had stories submitted so quickly when the truth was that I already had a story ready to go elsewhere but my story didn’t fit that particular anthology.

My story is titled “About those Brothers” and it’s about two brothers who join the area 51 raid and try their best to escape the mayhem once the military gets involved. They make it out but not everything is as it may seem.

Here is the cover for the book!

We Know the Truth

And here’s a few teasers


To learn more about the anthology, the authors, and a place to purchase; go visit the website https://area51raidanthology.com/

We Know the Truth, Do You? is now available!

Beyond: Dark Drabbles #4 Now available!

It’s that time again! Time to discuss a dark drabbles collection I managed to be a contributor to! When I first started submitting to Black Hare Press, the first three drabbles collections were open for submissions with the mention that Beyond and Unravel would open at later dates. There was a gap for this one due to the number of submissions increasing for Monsters (the third drabbles collection) and BHP’s first short story collection, Deep Space, also being open for submissions.

Given BHP had already announced the theme for number four as well as number five, I had already written my five drabbles for Beyond and was just waiting for Dean to mention when it was open. I’ve managed to get five drabbles in each book so far and I felt I needed to continue that momentum. One random night, Dean posted in the contributors group that Beyond was open for submissions!

I was not the only one already prepared, almost everyone had five ready to go. I was one of many that sent five drabbles. My five are; “Wendy”, “A New House”, “Journey to Death”, “Exodus”, and “Haunted”.

I wanted to write a sixth drabble given I did have a rejection with the last book but I decided to wait and see with the five I wrote. Good news and bad news scenario happened once more. Good news; “A New House”, “Journey to Death”, “Exodus”, and “Haunted” were all accepted! Bad news; “Wendy” was in a limbo of sorts. Dean told me he liked the drabble but I needed to edit the drabble better and resubmit. Truth is, he was right. When I wrote “Wendy” the final word count was 110 words and drabbles are exactly 100 words. I did another round of edits to the drabble and waited for a result.

With the first three collections, the wait was incredibly short (with Worlds and Angels, I’d submit a drabble before going to bed and wake up to an acceptance). At this point, more people were submitting and that wait was a bit longer this time around. I started getting anxious because my first four were accepted when Beyond was at 20% full. I saw that bar go up and had yet to get a response to my resubmission. I know how often Dean gets messages about people wanting to get an update and I didn’t want to bother him but I was also seeing more and more people announcing their acceptances.

Even though it felt like an eternity, I finally got my email for my resubmission. It was about ten days (still a much faster response than most publishers I’ve sent material to) when I was told “Wendy” had been accepted and I still have the max of five drabbles per book!

Here’s a pic of the paperback and hardback

Beyond cover

Here’s the teaser confirming my appearance in Beyond


Apologies for the change in date on the teaser. When I was accepted for this anthology, there were no immediate plans for a sixth drabbles collection and Storming Area 51 hadn’t yet been discussed.

Once again, I have to give Team BHP a thank you! This team is so incredible and if you are a writer you REALLY need to consider sending something to them. They have so many open submissions it’s insane

Black Hare Press Open Submissions

BHP Children’s anthology Jibbernocky

BEYOND: Dark Drabbles #4 is now available on Amazon



Storming Area 51 Now available!

This is my fourth appearance in an anthology from Black Hare Press, it is also the longest story to date I’ve written for them. This book as well as my story in this book was an interesting ride.

Dean (head of BHP) was taking a few suggestions for drabbles and short story anthologies and several people kept bringing up the idea of writing for an Area 51 anthology with the FB posts gaining traction. At first Dean was hesitant because of how long it takes to publish a book (At this time ANGELS, the second drabbles book was either just released or about to be released) and he mentioned how little of time not only he and his team would have to get the book released on time but also how short of a window we writers would have to submit our stories. Given the short timeframe, I already began working on a story.

The next day, Dean opened submissions and came up with a cool idea about connecting the stories and having the anthology take place over the course of 500 years! I read the post and realized the story I was writing would not fit the idea Dean had and I began coming up with other ideas. I started reading posts from others to see what they were coming up with to make sure I could come up with an idea that’s different from everyone else but also fit the conceptual idea. I pitched my idea to Dean for my story, he said he liked it and I began writing my story.

I sent BHP my story, “A Storm is Coming” about a news anchor and her cameraman reporting at the Area 51 site and trying to get quotes from the military and those who swarmed the secret base.

I get a response from Dean telling me he liked the story but the story needs to be in first person (I wrote in third) and he also suggested I write the story from the POV of the cameraman instead of the news anchor. He also asked I give the cameraman a name and age (he’s just called the cameraman in the original story).

I went back and gave the cameraman a name, Allen Parker, and I gave him the age of 23. I wanted him to be fairly new to being a cameraman to give him some naivety when he sees an alien. I submitted the new version of my story, now titled “Allen Parker”. Shortly thereafter, I was given the contract to sign, informing me my story will be in the anthology, now titled Storming Area 51

Storming Area 51 wraps

Even though it’s a short story anthology, it’s conceptual. The first part involving stories from the POV of those at Area 51 the day of the raid. Part two takes place shortly after the raid, part three takes place 200 years in the future, and the final part takes place 500 years in the future with the humans trying to come back to Earth!

Every BHP post I’ve done I always give thanks to Dean and co. for their work but this one deserves it more than the others. They had a significantly shorter timeframe to put this book together and managed to get it out before the “Storming of Area 51”.

Storming Area 51 is now available on Amazon in kindle, paperback, and hardcover!

Be sure to check out Black Hare Press on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram

Also, be sure to check out their website where you can look up their submissions, read about the many contributing authors, and read the dark moments drabbles FREE on the website!