How about those questions!

As promised, on Thursday I’ll be hosting a Q&A on my Facebook page on Thursday. If anyone has any question you want me to answer either post your question on the comment section of my Facebook page or post a comment here.

I’ll answer most questions (I have been asked some uncomfortable questions in the past but I’ll answer about 95% of what’s being asked). I’m also hoping to be able to make a few announcements as well!

Hope you will be there Thursday! Start giving me your questions!

Here’s the link to my Q&A and hit join if you can make it!

Facebook Q&A event

A Q&A will be happening

I asked for suggestions for reaching 800 likes on my Facebook author page. Hosting a Q&A won by a landslide! As promised I’ll be doing a Q&A. I won’t be doing it immediately though, I’ve had people unlike my page in the past and I want to hold off for a few days and make sure it doesn’t drop below 800.

On Sunday I’ll announce when I’ll be doing my Facebook Q&A. My plan is for everyone to submit their questions either here, my twitter, or on my facebook. On the day of the Q&A I’ll already have the questions ready to answer and if I do a FB Live then the option to submit questions then will also be available.

Thank you to everyone for helping me reach this milestone!

A suggestion from YOU!

Like other writers, I have several social media pages. I have this blog (and given my slightly less than frequent posts, I have readers Thank You for that!), I have a twitter that’s nearing 11K (eleven THOUSAND!!!!!) followers, and my Facebook page. I gain new followers all the time on twitter and I have been gaining new readers on here.

I’m about to get an achievement on FB, I’m about to hit 800 likes! Usually in honor of a milestone, I do a giveaway. The problem this time around is I actually only recently did a giveaway for releasing The Paradox Complex and it’s only been a few weeks since I did a giveaway for hitting 700 likes. While I’m willing to do another giveaway, I’d like to do something else as well!

This is where YOU (yes, you, the person reading this) comes in. If you have any suggestions on a way to celebrate this, I’m open to suggestions. Here are the suggestions I’ve been given so far

  • Release an unreleased poem or poems
  • Release a chapter from The Escape of Ernest Frost 
  • Host a Q and A

As I have mentioned I am open to suggestions, let me know what you think and if you are on Facebook and haven’t liked my page yet, help me reach 800 by going HERE!

The Paradox Complex on Amazon



Thank you!

I mentioned in a previous update that my newest poetry book, The Paradox Complex, was two reviews away from being my most reviewed book on Amazon. As of Thursday, my newest book is now my most reviewed book on Amazon!

My most reviewed book prior to this was Approaching Humanity and to this day it still has a review score of 5 Stars (meaning it has a perfect score!)

The Paradox Complex currently has a perfect review score and it has more reviews than any other book I have released thus far! Thank you to everyone who has reviewed this book so far and thank you for such positive feedback!

I hope this momentum can continue with the other releases for 2018! I hope to make some big announcements soon!

The most personal poem from The Paradox Complex is…………..

Did you really think I was going to post the title in the header? If I did that then you wouldn’t be reading this and you wouldn’t know why the most personal poem in the book is the one I consider the most personal.

I want to say before revealing the poem, The Paradox Complex contains a lot of personal poems. Many of them relate to a certain situation in my life or something I felt was a good fit to this book (There are several written that didn’t fit the theme of this book).

Now, the part you’ve been waiting for. The most personal poem in The Paradox Complex is “Audience of One”. I know many will be surprised, especially given no one guessed this poem when I was asked what poem in the book is the most personal poem but this is also me explaining why it is my most personal.

Ever since people started noticing my writing and paying money to read my books, I have always done my best to make sure I write something I know will sell. As I mentioned in prior blog posts, this book was not my original follow-up to either Three Crowns or META- (Complete) (I was already working on my novel and I’ve been writing a different poetry book for a while now). This book began as a response to people who were upset with META- (Complete) telling me there were little to no light moments in the book. When I was writing the book, I had went through a break-up, I was accused of plagiarism on another book, and I was dealing with people who I thought were close to me that were unsupportive of my work and pursuit of writing. I can’t write happy stuff when I’m not in a good place in my life.

Anyway, I started writing lighter poems just to prove I could indeed write stuff with little to no darkness. However, I began to ask myself “Am I writing these poems for me or am I just writing them to make money off of some naysayers?” I realized I was indeed writing these poems for ME. Don’t get me wrong, everyone buying and loving The Paradox Complex has been a blessing but my most well received poems have been the ones that have been personal.

“Audience of One” is about someone ready to perform, only to see one face in the crowd. The person then realizes it may have been one person but it was the person who matters. I wrote this poem as a reminder to myself, I am writing for me. The stories in this book are my stories, I want to share them with the world but what good is giving/selling a book to someone if I’m unhappy with what is being released. This poem was written for me to remind myself I need to write for me first, I’ve written stuff that was not authentic and many took notice immediately. This is why I consider this poem to be my most personal poem in the book.

I know many are likely surprised but as I said earlier, this book contains several personal poems. But this is the one I consider the most personal.

The Paradox Complex on Amazon



The Escape of Ernest Frost (coming soon)

As I have mentioned in prior book updates, the follow up to The Paradox Complex is coming very soon. It is my first novel titled The Escape of Ernest Frost I’ve been asked about the story and I’ve only given a brief synopsis and an unedited chapter that has now become two chapters, so here’s a more detailed synopsis about my first novel.

Ernest Frost is an introvert who lives a simple life. He works in a cubicle, he follows up his work day with some time in either the gym working out or at the park running. He then goes home, watches TV, eats dinner, and goes to bed. Things take a turn for the worse when he is kidnapped, by a group of clowns.
Ernest Frost is not only kidnapped by a group of clowns, he is told point blank he is kidnapped for a reason and now must play a game. He is put in various rooms in a place he does not know and must escape each room from specific clowns or he will die. Will he escape, will he find out why he was specifically taken by this group of clowns, will he find out where he is, and most importantly, will he survive and escape his captors.

I’m currently editing the book and it should be out early next month.