Feathers and Fiends now available!

Lately, it feels like I do a blog post for one book, then I’m posting a post for a different book with a rather similar premise. Last week, I’m doing a post for ANGELS: Dark Drabbles #2 and now I’m doing one for an Angels vs Demons anthology titled Feathers and Fiends.

Last year, I signed up for a TON of anthologies. As the header of this site says, 2019: A Loaded Year, and I knew I wanted to release more material in 2019 than I did in 2018. This ended up being a blessing and a curse. Like a different anthology I agreed to contribute for, this one was originally set to be published by a different publisher. The original publisher, let’s just say had the original publisher stayed on board, I would not have contributed. I had a bad experience with the original publisher and when I saw I had bitten off more than I could chew, I started dropping out of quite a few projects, this was planned to be something I was going to drop, then it changed publishers.

I had worked with Stained Glass twice prior to this changing hands; Sweet Candy Delights last year and Mischief and Clovers earlier this year. I have had solid experiences and decided to stay on board. However, I still had an issue, I had absolutely NOTHING in mind when it came to the idea for a story. Then, I made another contribution and acceptance.

Prior to working on my story, I had been accepted into Black Hare Press’s drabbles collection WORLDS: Dark Drabbles #1 and I had the max acceptances for the anthology with five! When I started working on a drabble for the second book ANGELS: Dark Drabbles #2 I felt I needed to keep the momentum going and get five drabbles into that collection as well. While writing drabbles for ANGELS, I had written a drabble titled “Morality” about how the angel and devil on your shoulders are more than just a moral compass, they determine where you go in the afterlife. While my 100 drabble “Morality” was something I could morph into a story.

I needed something for Feathers and Fiends and my 100 word drabble “Morality” eventually became my 5K story titled “More than it Seems”. There are a few changes, “Morality” is in a book with the title Dark Drabbles and I made the drabble dark, the short story is lighter in tone. I am not saying “More than it Seems” is a light-hearted story (it does deal with someone potentially going to Hell) but it is a lighter story than “Morality”. I also change the point of view, “Morality” is told in first-person while “More than it Seems” is told in third person.

“More than it Seems” is about a woman that has an angel on one shoulder and a demon on the other shoulder. What she doesn’t know is, her time on Earth is nearing its end and her life choices put her in  a place where she could end up in Heaven or Hell. The story follows her as she makes her choices that lead to where she ends up in the afterlife.

Feathers and Fiends

Above is the cover of Feathers and Fiends

First, I want to thank Angela Kay (head of Stained Glass Publishing) for including me in another anthology. I’ve been in several projects that almost always get pushed back and she’s managed to keep things released on time!

I also need to thank Dean Kershaw (head of Black Hare Press), I wanted to make sure me turning my drabble into a short story was not a breach of contract and he quickly gave me the ok to write my story.

Feathers and Fiends is now available on Amazon in kindle and Paperback

2019 Q2 Report!

As the header of this site reads: 2019: A Loaded Year and let me say one reason for this report being almost a month late is due to the amount of stuff that happened in the second quarter.

Roanoke Author Invasion I started the second quarter with an event! This was my second *author* event. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing comic cons but doing author events is always nice! I met a lot of people, some I met for the first time in person (I was already friends with several of the talented people on Facebook), and I’m returning in 2020!

After: Undead Wars was released! This is my fourth appearance in a Samie Sands anthology! This particular anthology is a zombie collection. I have two short stories in this collection; “What Happened to Emily?” and “When the Cameras Stop Rolling”

After: Undead Wars is Now available on Amazon!

After Undead Wars

Flash Fiction Addiction was released! This is an anthology from Zombie Pirate Publishing! This collection features my horror-comedy story “The Boogeyman” as well as 100 other incredible stories!

Flash Fiction Addiction on Amazon

Bleeding Hearts was released! This is a paranormal romance collection featuring my story “Cindy’s Wish”

Buy Bleeding Hearts here!

Bleeding Hearts

Let’s Try Love was released! This collection is now out of print. This is a romance collection of people trying online dating. My story is titled “Unexpected Love”. Given this collection is now OOP, I’ll likely put this in a short story collection next year!

Let's Try Love

Magic Medics Medicine ’19 was released! This is a magic themed anthology with stories taking place in the ER. The money from sales made for this anthology goes to Autism Speaks. My story in this anthology is titled “The Blood Cure”

Magic Medics Medicine on Amazon!
Learn more about Autism Speaks here!
Magic Medics Medicine

Hop Along Tales was released! This is my third appearance in a Stained Glass Publishing anthology. I have two flash fiction stories in this collection “The Egg Painting Contest” and “The Bunny that Laid an Egg”

Buy Hop Along Tales here!

Hop Along

Wilmington Geek Expo this was my second event in April. I had been doing several two day conventions but this one was a one day event. Not my best event, not my worst event. I will likely return in 2020 should it occur once more!

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed yet but so far I’ve mentioned six anthology appearances and two events for second quarter. All of this was in April! That’s right; 2019: A Loaded Year 

Technology Gone Mad was released! I had been getting asked quite a bit about writing sci-fi! This book fulfills that request! My story in this collection is titled “Ear-Jacked!” and it’s about a phone/phone company trying to enslave humanity!

You can buy Technology Gone Mad here!

Tech Gone Mad

I created a comic book character! As I mentioned in a previous post I got to create a character for a comic book series! My character appears in issue #5. Currently I do not have many updates but once I do, I’ll share all that I can!

Planet Random issue 5

EVO pic

All-Star Comic Con this was my sole event of June. It was fun and there were parties a few of the nights the event took place! I got to see quite a few familiar faces and I didn’t have to work my table alone this time! Sadly, didn’t sell that many books. While it was fun, I am currently on the fence about returning in 2020

Authors Gone Bonkers was released! This book took some time to get published. It was planned for a December 2018 release. Things happened, publishers changed, some backed out, some were added. Fast forward to June 2018 and the book is finally released! I have two non-fiction pieces in this collection; “We’ll Publish you, Now pay us!” and “The JMW Scam”. This is my first time having non-fiction pieces published.

You can buy Authors Gone Bonkers here!

Authors Gone Bonkers

WORLDS: Dark Drabbles #1 was released! This is my first of many appearances in a Black Hare Press publishing! This is a sci-fi drabbles collection that features five drabbles of mine! “Unfamiliar”, “Daria”, “The Locked Room”, “The New Eve”, and “Skull Control”. This release is also a first for me as it became a best seller in multiple countries!


It’s also a first for me as it is the first time I am in a book available in hardback format!

WORLDS Hardcover

WORLDS: Dark Drabbles #1 is now available on Amazon in digital, paperback, and hardcover! Buy WORLDS on Amazon!

Rise Above was released! This is my first appearance in an anthology from Rock and Roll Saved My Soul. This is a collection focused on standing up to bullying and the proceeds from this book go to Stomp out Bullying!
My poem in this collection oddly enough is titled “Rise Above”
You can buy Rise Above on Amazon!
Learn more about Stomp Out Bullying here!

Rise Above


Organic Ink Volume 1 was released! This is a poetry collection from Dragon Soul Press. It’s also my first appearance in a Dragon Soul Press anthology. I submitted (and was sadly rejected) in a different DSP anthology and soon after, Jade (head of DSP) suggested opening a poetry anthology. Most of you probably know prior to 2017, all but one of my releases were poetry books. I knew I had to send something for this. However, towards the closing of submissions, I had yet to send anything. I went through my folder and found five solid poems “Homecoming”, “Be Myself Again”, “Eye of the Storm”, “Guilt”, and “Remission”. The next day I received an email informing me all five poems were accepted. In the FB group, Jade had told everyone who was already accepted we were welcome to send more submissions. I mentioned having some unpublished haiku and she encouraged me to send my haiku. I sent ten haiku and received my acceptance email later that day! The book was released June 30 and is easily the largest book I’m in! This book is OVER 600 PAGES!

You can buy Organic Ink Volume One on Amazon

Organic Ink I

That is my second quarter of 2019: three events, eleven anthology appearances, and one character created for a comic book series. Eleven short stories, five drabbles, and sixteen poems!


Last month I made a post about the first drabbles collection from Black Hare Press being available. Since I forgot to share an update, the book hit the best sellers and hot new releases lists in FIVE COUNTRIES. Thank you to everyone involved and thank you to everyone that bought a copy!

Now, if you bought a copy of WORLDS: Dark Drabbles #1 you may have noticed five covers on the back cover. This post is about number 2!

When I first found out about Black Hare Press and the open submissions they had, there were three; WORLDS, ANGELS, and MONSTERS. I really wanted to begin work on MONSTERS but I needed to send something for ANGELS first.

With WORLDS, I was fortunate enough that all five of my drabbles were accepted. I felt I needed to continue this momentum and wrote five for ANGELS. However, like WORLDS, I wanted to send one first to see if I would get accepted. I sent “Fallen” first, and just like my previous submissions, I received an acceptance the next day.

The second I received my acceptance for “Fallen”, I sent my second submission “Morality”. This is around the time that WORLDS closed so more people were sending submissions to ANGELS. It took a little longer (not really, it took two days instead of one) but I was informed “Morality” was accepted! With more people sending submissions to ANGELS and me chomping at the bit to write for MONSTERS, I sent my remaining three; “Before Lucifer”, “Angels of Destruction”, and “Final Battle” at the same time. Again, with more submissions being sent, there was a wait (again Dean and his crew still respond quicker than almost everyone I’ve ever sent stuff to) but I was soon informed my remaining three drabbles were accepted! I’m now two for two regarding having the max submissions for the Dark Drabbles series.

With WORLDS, I mentioned talking to Dean and Bree for various things (Dean is the one in charge, Bree handled my author profile page on the BHP website). When final edits were sent, this was when I had to talk to Ben. Just like Dean and Bree, Ben is super nice and quick to respond. The final edits were sent out for ANGELS and while minor, I did notice an error. I responded mentioning one of my drabbles had a slight error. Not even five minutes later, Ben responded with an updated drabble and an apology. I mentioned I should be the one apologizing for not noticing the error before and thanked him for updating the drabble.

Before mentioning the promotion leading up to the release, I wanted to mention something else regarding how incredibly nice the Black Hare Press team can be. I signed up for another anthology (not from BHP) and thought I could turn one of my drabbles into a story. I asked Dean for permission (I did sign a contract and I’m not going to breach my contract with these amazing people!) about turning one of my drabbles into a short story. Without hesitation, Dean gave me the ok to do so and that short story will be out soon!

Here is ANGELS in paperback and hardcover!ANGELS Hardcover

The teaser confirming my appearance!



Above are a few teasers as well as a pic I took of my own copy.

WORLDS managed to hit the best sellers list and the hot new releases list on Amazon! ANGELS is no different!

The book also charted in a few odd categories (Ok Canada, why is this book erotic to you?)

I don’t have a screenshot, but I know it also charted in fantasy in addition to religious fiction, short stories, and erotica (to anyone reading this post, ANGELS is NOT an erotic book)

This anthology has already gotten its first review AND IT’S FIVE STARS!

Angels review

Being in two released books from Black Hare Press has been an incredible experience! Once again, I must give thanks to Dean and his team. Black Hare Press is a great group to work with and if you are a writer looking to submit something, they have two open submissions open to the public and a few open to those accepted to the open submissions.

I also want to give a shoutout to Zoey Xolton. She did several of the screenshots I have on here as well as many of my previous posts on Instagram that feature the successes of WORLDS and ANGELS. Please give her a follow:


Dark Drabbles 2 ANGELS

ANGELS: Dark Drabbles #2 is now available on Amazon in digital, paperback, and hardcover!

ANGELS on Amazon!

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