A much needed update!

Apologies for the radio silence on here. I assure you I am still here, still writing, and still releasing material.

Since my last post about Big Lick Comic Con I’ve

  • Attended NC Comicon
  • Starting Over was released
  • Demons of Solomon was released
  • Mischief and Clovers was released
  • Temoli was released
  • I released my first print book of 2019 The Next Step Novella Collection
  • Have been accepted to multiple anthologies and more events
  • Getting ready for my next event; Roanoke Author Invasion

I’ve also been working on my second release of 2019 Novo: Away from Earth which is taking longer to write than I had hoped.

Temoli and Next Step will get their own posts, everything else will be put in the 2019 Q1 post I’ll be doing later this week. I also have two anthologies coming in the next few days that I’ll be discussing (To those who enjoy my poetry, one of them is a poetry anthology).

Next post will be later this week and two posts will be coming next week!

New Fundraiser Anthology Announcement!!

Erin Crocker


This year I’ll be putting together another multi-genre anthology titled “Rejected” where all online proceeds will go to benefit Georgia-based 501c3 non-profit group Spay and Neuter coalition. This group works with the public to educate and provide cost-effective options for spaying and neutering pets.

While the nature of the anthology is multi-genre, one of the main requirements is that whatever piece an author or poet submits must be a piece that has been rejected from another publication–note: I do not need the name of said publication as I will not be publishing that.

Keep your eyes out; over the next couple of weeks I will be posting detailed submission guidelines. I’m looking forward to reading submissions and working with another group of very talented artists to see this project full-circle!

**The Spay-Neuter coalition does not endorse the contents of this post or in the anthology. They have agreed to accept…

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