Another Project Reveal!

As the header of this site says, 2019: A Loaded Year, and I believe I have been able to back that header every step of the way. Last week, something I have been sitting on for almost a year is now able to come to light! I created a character for a comic book series

Last year I had the opportunity to create a character for a five issue comic book series from Planet Random Comics.

I had a similar experience in 2018 when I created a character for Tales of the Empowered. In Tales of the Empowered, I created a villain. For this, I chose to create a hero!

EVO pic

My character is EVO, he is able to alter or “evolve” his body for needed situations. He can alter his eyesight for necessary night vision, he can breathe underwater, he can change his hands to claws if it is needed. His weakness is he is still human and still needs to train and condition his body (i.e. he can breathe underwater if need be but he still has to be able to learn and know how to swim). He is also a person with high morals and always wants to “fight for the little guy”. Although not mentioned in his profile, I suggested his day job that he’s a social worker because even as a civilian, he wants to help out in any way he can.

I was one of SEVERAL that created a character for this universe and it did take some time for the characters to come to the page. Last week, my copy of the five issue series came in the mail.

Planet Random issue 5

This is issue 5 of 5. This is the issue where my character EVO appears. I did go through this issue (I do have a character in this issue) and now I’m starting at issue one (what I should have done to begin with) and I must say everyone has done an incredible job. There are some truly amazing characters in this collection.

I want to thank Raymond Ayala (Head of Planet Random Comics) for letting me create a character for an already rich universe. He definitely took the ideas I had for EVO and improved upon them, he’s great to work with, and very professional. Here’s some links you should follow:

Planet Random Facebook
Planet Random Twitter
Planet Random Website


What is coming!

Now that the craziness of April is over, it’ll be a little quiet on my end. I only have one anthology appearance this month (Technology Gone Mad! which will be getting its own post soon), and I have no events this month.

Things will be picking back up in June, I have one event, All Star Comic Con, one book release with Novo: Away from Earth, and two anthology appearances; WORLDS: Dark Drabbles #1 and Organic Ink Volume One.

During the month of May, I will be putting the final touches on Novo: Away from Earth and make sure it’s ready for release, I am currently working on a few short stories for future anthologies, and I am formatting my short story “Lucifer’s Lost Love” for a standalone release on the kindle store.

While May will be a quiet month, things will be coming back full force in June

Dark Drabbles 1 WORLDS

WORLDS: Dark Drabbles #1 coming June 25

Organic Ink I

Organic Ink Volume One comes out June 30

A VERY crazy week

I’m a bit behind (AGAIN) on blog posts. But last week was a rather hectic week. Between April 14 and April 20 FOUR anthology appearances were released and I had Wilmington Geek Expo.

I mentioned in a previous post about the four anthologies that came out;

  • Flash Fiction Addiction
  • Bleeding Hearts
  • Let’s Try Love
  • Hop Along Tales

I have a horror-comedy in Flash Fiction Addiction, a paranormal romance in Bleeding Hearts, a contemporary-romance in Let’s Try Love, and two stories in Hop Along Tales. I’ll have links below for each book. At the time of this post Let’s Try Love and Hop Along Tales are only available on Kindle.

April 20 I had another event, Wilmington Geek Expo. The people that run this event also ran two events I was a part of in 2018 (Fairfax Comic Con and Hampton Comicon). Unlike the others, this was a one day event.

This event went well. I sold quite a few copies of META- and The Paradox Complex the event is also confirmed to be coming back next year. I did enjoy it but it was on Easter weekend and I think more people would’ve been there had it been a different weekend.

This was an insane week and now that May is here I must say I’m looking forward to having no events and no releases this month. This month will be devoted to getting previous books in new hands and working on my current WIPs.