Mystery Monster 13 NOW AVAILABLE

One of the anthologies I’m appearing in Mystery Monster 13 was released today on Amazon from JEA Press. Here’s a little on how I ended up in this book as well as the synopsis, the cover, and some links for you to check out

Lately I’ve been joining a lot of groups on Facebook and Twitter related to writing. One of the biggest things I’ve been doing is joining various groups for possible publication in anthologies. One of the groups I discovered through another writing group is a submission group from publishing company JEA Press. At the time of me joining, there was an open submission for an anthology titled Mystery Monster 13 it is to be a collection of 13 short stories featuring creatures that are new to the readers (no werewolves, no vampires, you get the picture). I had a short story on my computer featuring just that, but the requirement was for a minimum of 3K words and my story was half of that. I decided to take the challenge and expand my story to the 3K minimum, I also had to do it in a short time frame as well.

I submitted my story the day before the deadline and received my confirmation email that I would hear back about the story in a month. I’ll be honest, prior to my acceptance, had anyone asked me my thoughts on this being accepted I would’ve told you it was a 50/50 chance. I like my story but I also had to DOUBLE the word count not to mention this was one of FIVE short stories I had submitted in a very short timeframe and I was also working on my novella Dream Awake, that is a lot of stuff to be working on all at once. I knew not everything would be accepted.

As promised in June (deadline was end of May) I received an email informing me that my story was accepted and a contract was included for my story to be published in the book. Around this time I had received a rejection letter from one of the five short stories I mentioned earlier and I had done a poetry reading that did not go as well as I had hoped. Getting an acceptance email for this was amazing and something I probably needed at the time.

After being accepted, I messaged Roma Gray (editor of the anthology) and asked her when I could tell everyone my story had been accepted (in some cases people running the anthology ask you to wait before telling everyone). She told me to start telling everyone ASAP and told me the tentative plans for the release (which was late August/early September). I started telling everyone and told her I’d also inform those at the conventions I’m going to. I also took the time to thank her for accepting my story.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I’m putting the final touches on my novella Dream Awake and I’m putting together my coming soon pages. Mystery Monster 13 is one of the titles I’m featured in that’s coming soon, so I contacted Roma once again and told her I was putting a coming soon page in my book for the anthology and wanted to make sure everything was correct. She then informed me the release date changed, from being two months away to now being TWO WEEKS AWAY I was happy but also surprised, being able to move UP a release date is always a miraculous thing.

I asked if the cover or any teasers were ready so I could start sharing them. She sent me the cover and I started sharing it immediately. Earlier today, Mystery Monster 13 became available for purchase on Amazon. Here’s the synopsis:

Everywhere you go, it follows…there is no escape… A soft hiss floats up from the darkness, and you know it draws nearer. Terror grips your heart, and your mouth goes dry.

Your first instinct is to run, but at the same time you can’t deny your own curiosity. What is it? What is this unknown thing that is hunting you? No longer able to stand it another second, you turn around to face it… and well… you know what curiosity did for the cat…

In this book, you will find 13 stories on new, mysterious monsters. No vampires, no werewolves and no serial killers. Perhaps if you’re lucky, you will learn their identity before they rip out your throat.

My story in this collection is a period/fantasy/horror piece called “Wall of Royalty” which is about a prince who builds a wall around his village to block out the sun so everyone in the village can have the same pale complexion as the royal family. But when the wall goes up, unknown creatures with wings and fangs arrive and destroy the village and its villagers. Now the prince must decide, tear down his wall, or fight these creatures.

Here’s the cover of Mystery Monster 13 
MM13 cover

You can now buy this book on Amazon either in digital or print

This book is released by JEA Press be sure to check out their website, follow them on twitter, and like them on facebook

Book update

I recently posted my current book schedule release and I mentioned the schedule was subject to change. Well, it changed. Here’s the current schedule

Dream Awake is now available. This is my second novella and my first horror release. It’s about a person who constantly has nightmares that end with a mysterious man showing up and killing the main character. One day at a coffee shop, the dream killer shows up and tells the main character he’s been killing the MC in dreams and ultimately plans to kill the MC in the real world as well

cover pic

Mystery Monster 13 this is an anthology I’m featured in. My story is an expanded version of my short story “Wall of Royalty” I was initially told this book would be released early September. A few days ago I was given the heads up the release date has changed to July 22. That’s right, the release date moved UP by almost two months. The digital book is currently available for pre-order on Amazon

MM13 cover

Shades of BWWM is an anthology I’m featured in. In a previous post, I mentioned I have a story in this collection titled “The Next Step” I can now confirm I have two more stories in this collection, “Moving In” and “Unexpected” this book features 15 other authors and will be available on August 1st

Shades book cover

Mystery Monster 13 pre-order

Dream Awake Digital

Dream Awake Print

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – BWWM Short Story Collection

Another article from one of the many talented authors featured in Shades of BWWM

Lyndell Williams

Call for Submission

Why Short Stories?

Some readers thrive on short stories, microfiction and flash fiction. They’ve been a staple of literature for centuries.

Short stories also offer authors opportunities to tell a tale that may not be necessarily long or involved enough to fill the pages of a novel.  Writing a short story can also help hone writing skills (sometimes it’s harder to tell a story within a small amount of page space) and share work with readers between the release of novellas and novels.

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Shades of BWWM (coming 8/1)

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m appearing in three different anthologies coming out in August. The first of those is Shades of BWWM coming August 1st from Love Journey Books.

I found out about this open invitation through a group on Facebook. I saw the deadline was far enough off that I could submit something without it getting in the way of me releasing Dream Awake, I also wanted to do this because my dating history gives me something to write about that I haven’t really written about in the past.

To those who are wondering how long it’ll take to hear back, I can say you’ll get a quick response. I submitted my story last Friday, probably before I went to bed and I got an email Saturday afternoon informing me that my story was accepted. Within a few days, I was added to the Facebook group talking about this release and following Love Journey Books on all social media pages and vice versa.

Love Journey is looking for stories, less than 3k words (the post below says less than 1K but they are taking stories that are slightly longer) involving BWWM, meaning Black Women and White Men. If you have a story, the deadline is July 15 

This first post is the open invitation to submit your work

open call

Everything you need to know is on the open call sheet, as I mentioned above the maximum is 3K words instead of 1K. It was changed after many were mentioning their stories were longer than the 1K limit. The only other thing not mentioned is you can submit more than one story, all of us who have been accepted so far only submitted one story and were told we can submit more and yes, we can have more than one story in the book.

Here is the cover of the book, coming August 1st

Shades book cover

This is somewhat the final cover, the only thing missing is the authors who will be appearing in the book will have their names on the cover once everyone has submitted their work. Below are two teasers many of us have been sharing on social media pages, if you are interested in being a part of the book or just want to share the book, feel free to share the two teasers

release date teaser

Shades of BWWM

I want to encourage all to submit a story for this collection. I received my acceptance email faster than any acceptances or rejections I’ve received in the past. I can also say I’ve seen a lot of support, not only from those who are in this book, but also those who want to read BWWM stories. Given the support I’ve received, I can say I’m excited for everyone to read my story, (or stories given I was encouraged to submit another story). If you have a story, please send it to Love Journey before the July 15 deadline and if you want to submit multiple stories, feel free to do so!

Here are the links to check out Love Journey

Be sure to check out the short story collection Shades of BWWM coming August 1st from Love Journey Books, this collection features my story “The Next Step” and if you have a story in mind, feel free to submit by July 15!

Releasing two books, appearing in three anthologies

Saturday I received an email informing me a short story I had submitted has been accepted and will be published August 1. This marks the third book I’m appearing in throughout the month of August. While I love the support and knowing my stories are appearing in various anthologies, there’s still the release of my novella coming this month. Here’s the CURRENT schedule for books coming out the next few months (schedule subject to change)

Dream Awake my second novella will be released this month! I’ll likely reveal the cover in the next week or two. This is the first of the five releases. Dream Awake is scheduled for late July release

Shades of BWWM is a romance anthology, specifically love stories involving black women and white men. My story in this anthology is titled “The Next Step” which is about two friends who have feelings for one another and how their relationship begins. Shades of BWWM is scheduled to be released August 1st

Summer Solstice Anthology is a paranormal/supernatural anthology. My story is titled “Lucifer’s Lost Love” the character meets a beautiful woman and they start dating. He soon finds out her previous relationship was none other than Satan himself and now he has to find a way to get rid of Lucifer from his life. “Lucifer’s Lost Love” is my longest short story to date (10k words!) Summer Solstice Anthology is scheduled for August 15

Mystery Monsters 13 is a creature feature book, containing 13 monsters that are new to readers. My story is an expanded version of my short story “Wall of Royalty” which is about a prince who wants his village to have the pale complexion of royalty. But when a wall is built, creatures begin to attack and eat the villagers. Mystery Monsters 13 is scheduled for late August/early September

Aspects of Love 1.5 is a reissued version of my book of love poems a few years ago. This book will contain 14 previously unreleased poems, 2 brand new poems written specifically for this release, and an intro talking about this book, its history, and its future. This release will also be when I reveal what my fifth book of the year will be. Aspects of Love 1.5 will be released late September

As I said earlier, this schedule could change. Something could get moved, something could get added. But here is the CURRENT schedule of book releases for July-September

Second Quarter Report!

Because of the amount of things I’m doing this year, I decided to post quarterly reports on what I’ve been doing. You can read the first quarter report here. This one will be covering the April-June (WOW! We’re halfway through the year!)

The Escape of Ernest Frost was released! In April I released my first novel. This story is about a man who is kidnapped by a group of clowns and is forced to play their games in order to live. He must also find out why he specifically was taken.
While this book hasn’t received the same reviews The Paradox Complex received, it’s still received some solid responses from my readers. I’ve also been given some solid advice on things I need to work on for when I release my second novel.

Tales of the Empowered was released! I backed a Kickstarter in January to create a character for a shared universe of comics and a tabletop RPG. I mentioned receiving my digital copy in my first quarter report. In May, Ed Jowett (head of Shades of Vengeance) put the book up for sale on the SOV website. Here’s the link for the digital and here is the link for the paperback (and if you buy the paperback, my character is on page 24)

I made TWO magazine appearances! Throughout the years, I’ve written books, appeared in anthologies, edited anthologies, appeared in newspapers, newsletters, etc. Prior to 2018 I’ve made appearances in everything except for magazines. That finally changed this past May. Both magazines are run by Realistic Poetry, the first magazine is Poets are Heroes Issue III, this one I’m a featured author where I gave a quote and talked about my work. There’s some great stuff in this magazine you can buy the digital here for the low price of five dollars and you can buy the print release here. The second magazine I appeared in is The Valiant: Heroes United in this magazine my poem “Flawed Masterpiece” makes an appearance (my first poem to EVER appear in a magazine). You can buy the digital copy here and just like Poets are Heroes you can buy the digital copy for five dollars! The print release can be purchased here

I had my first poetry reading! This is something I have been wanting to do for quite some time! June 9, 2018 I finally got to make it happen. I had my first poetry reading at Riverviews Artspace. This was a way for me to test the waters to see if poetry readings are something I can do more of in the future. I’ll be honest, I was unhappy with the end results (I had a rather low turnout after promoting the event for three months and it was a free event) but those who went as well as the people at Riverviews have asked me about doing another poetry reading in the future. If I can, I will do another one. Check out Riverviews Artspace

I was nominated for the Liebster Award I mention everything in my previous post. I was nominated by Penny Hooper It’s an award to help get other bloggers noticed. This is the first time my blogging is being noticed and I must say it is cool to say I have been nominated.

In the second quarter I released my first novel, had my first two magazine appearances, and had my first poetry reading. Here’s some stuff happening in the third quarter

  • I’m releasing my second novella Dream Awake as well as reissuing my book of love poems Aspects of Love 1.5 
  • I’ll be attending my first comic con as a vendor in August (I’ll be attending three total in the third quarter)
  • I’ll be making appearances in multiple anthologies being released over the next few months

Thank you to everyone who made my second quarter a success here are social media links to check out for all of whom I’ve mentioned

My Facebook
My Twitter

Riverviews Facebook
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Shades of Vengeance Facebook
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Realistic Poetry Twitter