35 Publications in a single calendar year!?!?!?

I’ve mentioned on social media that between my own books, anthology appearances, and magazine appearances my goal for 2019 is 35 publications! Before you question my sanity (SPOILER I have none), you may think that is a lot of material for a single year. In 2018, I released five books, appeared in six anthologies, two magazines, and created a character for a short story collection. That’s a total of 14 publications in 2018 and most of those releases were in the second half of the year (The Paradox ComplexThe Escape of Ernest Frost, and the two magazine appearances being the only material coming out in the first half of the year). Also, many of my 2019 acceptances happened in 2018, so I already had quite a bit coming before the year began. This is a list that will feature all releases thus far. After I get through the books already released, I’ll list the guaranteed releases, then the confirmed appearances that may or may not happen in 2019. This list is organized in chronological order.

  1.  Evil Lurks features my short story “Anzu Rediscovered”
    evil lurks
  2.  Vault of Terror Volume 2 features my short story “Stationville Ghost House”
  3. The Next Step: First Valentine’s/The Next Step Novella Collection My first release of the year is novella number four. The print release features both novellas as well as my three short stories from Shades of BWWM.
    The Next Step Novella Collection
  4. Starting Over a romance anthology featuring my short story “Saved by a Siren”
    Starting Over
  5. Demons of Solomon: Flash Fiction from Hell I wrote three stories in this collection on the demons “Caim”, “Stolas”, and “Gaap”
  6. Pandemic I wrote two short stories in this one; “Dr. Frank N. Steen” and “Spread the Infection”
  7. Poets are Heroes Issue IV this is my third magazine appearance. This magazine features my poem “Heroes Need Heroes”
  8. Mischief and Clovers I have two flash fiction pieces in this one; “The Clover” and “Catch that Leprachaun”
    Mischief and Clovers
  9.  Temoli this anthology/activity workbook features my short story “The Prodigal Chef”
  10.  Poets of Hydra Volume 1 this collection features six poems of mine
    Poets of Hydra
  11. After: Undead Wars this collection features two short stories of mine; “What Happened to Emily?” and “When the Cameras Stop Rolling”
    After Undead Wars
  12. Bleeding Hearts this collection features my short story “Cindy’s Wish”
    Bleeding Hearts
  13. Magic Medics Medicine this collection features my short story “The Blood Cure”
    Magic Medics Medicine
  14. Flash Fiction Addiction this collection features my flash fiction piece “The Boogeyman”
  15. Let’s Try Love this collection features my short story “Unexpected Love”
    Let's Try Love
  16.  Hop Along Tales this collection features two flash fiction pieces of mine; “The Bunny that Laid and Egg” and “The Egg Painting Contest”
    Hop Along
    I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I had 14 publications total in 2018. Hop Along Tales is publication number sixteen in 2019 and everything I’ve mentioned so far was released between January and April!
  17.  Technology Gone Mad! This collection features my short story “Ear-Jacked!”
    Tech Gone Mad
  18.  Planet Random Universe Comics Issue #5 I created the character EVO for this collection!
  19.  Authors Gone Bonkers This collection features two nonfiction pieces of mine; “We’ll Publish You, Now Pay Us!” and “The JMW Scam”
    Authors Gone Bonkers
  20. Universal Oneness this collection features a poem of mine!
    Front Universal
  21. WORLDS: Dark Drabbles #1 this collection features five drabbles of mine; “Unfamiliar”, “Daria”, “The Locked Room”, “The New Eve”, and “Skull Control”
    Dark Drabbles 1 WORLDS
  22. Organic Ink Volume 1 this poetry collection features five poems and ten haiku of mine!
    Organic Ink I
  23.  Rise Above this collection features my poem “Rise Above”
    Rise Above
  24.  ANGELS: Dark Drabbles #2 This collection features five drabbles of mine; “Angels of Destruction”, “Before Lucifer”, “Morality”, “Fallen”, “Final Battle”
    Dark Drabbles 2 ANGELS
  25.  Feathers and Fiends this collection features my short story “More than it Seems”
    Feathers and Fiends
  26.  Stop Bullying Now this is a special book for a fundraiser where I contributed a poem!
    Stop Bullying Now
  27.  MONSTERS: Dark Drabbles #3 this collection features five drabbles of mine; “The Shed”, “The Limping Man”, “Human Pizza”, “Killer Garden”, and “Takeover”
    Dark Drabbles 3 MONSTERS
  28.  Poetica is a poetry anthology from Clarendon Publishing House. This is my first time appearing in anything from them. This features my newest poem “Living Forever (By You)”
    At the time of this getting posted TWENTY-EIGHT publications and we still have four months left of the year! That means I am currently SEVEN publications away from reaching my goal! At this moment in time, it’s safe to say I WILL be reaching my goal! I have six confirmed anthology appearances coming in the next two months and I still have some books of my own to release!Here’s a few of the books coming that have release dates (or I know are coming SOON!)
  29.  BEYOND: Dark Drabbles #4 I have five drabbles in this collection; “Wendy”, “A New House”, “Exodus”, “Haunted” and “Journey to Death”.
    Dark Drabbles 4 BEYOND
    BEYOND: Dark Drabbles #4 is currently scheduled for release on September 17 and will be available in print, digital, and hardcover.
  30. We Know the Truth, Do You? this is the first of two Area 51 anthologies I am featured in. My story in this collection is titled “About those Brothers”
    Area 51 We Know the Truth
    We Know the Truth, Do You? is currently scheduled for release on September 20
  31. Storming Area 51 this is my second Area 51 anthology appearance. My story in here is about Allan Parker, a 23 year old cameraman who is at the secret military base just doing his job.
    Storming Area 51 wraps
    Storming Area 51 is currently scheduled for release on September 20 and will be available in paperback, hardcover, and digital.
  32.  UNRAVEL: Dark Drabbles #5 is a crime drabbles collection. I have five drabbles in this collection; “Scene of the Crime”, “Heist”, “Red Herrings”, “An Innocent Man” and “An Accident”
    Dark Drabbles 5 UNRAVEL
    UNRAVEL: Dark Drabbles #5 is currently scheduled for a release of October 22
  33. The Dark World of Avant Garde’s Secret Societies this is my first anthology appearance with Avant Garde. My story in this collection is titled “Children of the Circle”
    Secret Socities Anthology
    The Dark World of Avant Garde’s Secret Societies currently has a scheduled release of Halloween 
  34. Robots in Love this is the first anthology from Riot Act Books. My story in this collection is titled “Mechanical Dreams”
    robots in love
    Robots in Love is currently scheduled for a release date of November 19
  35. Apocalypse: Dark Drabbles #6 this is a dystopian/apocalyptic drabbles collection. I can confirm I’m in this collection but until it’s closed, that’s all I’m revealing at the moment
    APOCALYPSE teaser
    APOCALYPSE: Dark Drabbles #6 is currently scheduled for a release of November 19
    35 publications is happening! I can say there are SEVERAL anthologies I did not post on here (some don’t have covers, some don’t have final edits, contracts, etc.) the thing is, I am going to accomplish my goal!

I have to give major thanks to Dean Kershaw, SEVEN of my 35 publications are from Black Hare Press! He’s officially the compiler I’ve worked with the most! I also have to give Samie Sands a shoutout! There’s only 3 on this list but I can confirm two more anthology appearances from her this year (FIVE for 2019, SIX overall). I also need to give special thanks to Tanzeela Hassan of Thazbook, even though Temoli is a 2019 release, this was my FIRST ACCEPTANCE I’ve ever received! Here’s a few anthologies I can confirm I’m appearing in but currently have no release date or book cover

  •  Ghostly Writes Romance 2019
  •  Abhorrence
  •  Untitled BTS Anthology
  •  Untitled Cults Anthology
  •  Untitled Curses Anthology
  •  Mayhem on All Hallow’s Eve
  •  Never Too Far
  • Night of the Neck Romancer
  • Painted Memoirs

And here’s a few of my books coming this year as well!

  •  The Absolution (Poetry book nine)
  •  Lucifer’s Lost Love (novelette one)
  •  Untitled Supernatural Novella
  •  Bed Bugs (Accompanying book to MMH Productions film)

The list should be longer but there’s still that “can’t talk about it yet” thing. I also want to assure those who want a book specifically from me, I do have plans to release a new poetry book, novella number 5, and novelette 1 this year. I can also confirm I already have a few anthology acceptances for 2020. Thanks to those who have believed in me and have been able to keep up because I’ve had difficulties keeping up!

MONSTERS: Dark Drabbles #3 Now available!

As you may remember in my post on WORLDS and my post on ANGELS that I rushed my drabbles for these two books so I could begin writing for MONSTERS. Well, here is what happened.

While WORLDS was still open, Dean opened MONSTERS for submissions. My goal this year is to make as many appearances as I can and horror seems to be something from me (besides poetry) that has been getting positive responses. When MONSTERS first opened I wrote my first drabble “The Shed”. By this point, Black Hare Press was receiving more submissions, I think it was two or three days when I received my acceptance letter. I was happy because I was now in all three of their open submissions (BEYOND and UNRAVEL had yet to open).

I finished sending my drabbles for ANGELS and started working on my remaining four drabbles for MONSTERS. While trying to write my final ANGELS drabble I managed to write a second drabble for MONSTERS titled “The Limping Man”. After a few days, I received my acceptance letter!

While working on my drabbles for MONSTERS, I renewed my Amazon Prime membership and one of the many things I tend to forget that they offer is movies and shows. One night I saw a classic B-movie, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, was one of the movies I can watch. Watching this inspired my third drabble “Killer Garden”. I also decided to take a look at a few of my rejected stories and see what I can transform into drabbles. I have a story about a warlock that turns people into pizzas before eating them and a story about oversized vultures that kill people who enter their forest. My warlock pizza story became the drabble “Human Pizza” and my vulture story became the drabble “Beware the Vultures”. I sent “Killer Garden”, “Human Pizza”, and “Beware the Vultures” at the same time.

A few days later I received good news and bad news; the good news was that “Killer Garden” and “Human Pizza” were accepted. The bad news “Beware the Vultures” was rejected. This entire time of sending drabbles to BHP and the one collection I was desperately wanting to write for was also the first one to give me a rejection. There was another piece of good news though, in my rejection letter it was mentioned I could still send another drabble. I got the max submissions in WORLDS and ANGELS so I had to send a fifth drabble. I quickly wrote “Takeover” and sent it.

Even though the wait was shorter for “Takeover” compared to the other three I sent, it felt like it was a long wait, especially given submissions were close to closing. This wait was a day or two before receiving the email that “Takeover” was accepted and I still have five drabbles in each collection so far!

As for my rejected drabble, “Beware the Vultures”, I tried submitting it to one other publisher and once again, it was rejected. If enough people want to read it, I’ll post the drabble on here in the near future.

My other favorite thing about MONSTERS: Dark Drabbles #3 is the release date, this one has a release date of 8/20 and my birthday is 8/19. I know Dean already had release dates planned before I began submitting but this is easily one of the coolest belated birthday gifts ever! Thank you Dean!


Above is my teaser for MONSTERS

Dark Drabbles 3 MONSTERS

MONSTERS paperback and hardcover

As many of you know, Black Hare Press also release their anthologies in hardcover. I was asked about showing off the wrap/dust jacket. Here it is!

hardcover wrap

Once again, I have to give thanks to Dean and his team at Black Hare Press. They do an incredible job and to any writers reading this post, BHP has a TON of open submissions. You really should try sending something to them! Here’s the list of open submissions BHP Open Calls!

MONSTERS: Dark Drabbles #3 is now available in paperback, kindle, and hardcover! Get your copy TODAY!

MONSTERS on Amazon


An updated release schedule

It’s been a few months since I’ve done an updated schedule and quite a few reveals have happened this past week. I have a few anthology releases coming up over the next few months.

MONSTERS: Dark Drabbles #3

This is the third Dark Drabbles collection from Black Hare Press. Once this one is out I’ll have a blog post specifically for this release. I have five drabbles in this collection; “The Shed”, “The Limping Man”, “Human Pizza”, “Killer Garden”, and “The Takeover”. MONSTERS: Dark Drabbles #3 will be available in digital, paperback, and hardcover on August 20 (Day after my birthday!) You can preorder here.

Dark Drabbles 3 MONSTERS

And here is the teaser


BEYOND: Dark Drabbles #4

There’s a Dark Drabbles collection coming out each month until November, hence the reason the next book is also a drabbles collection from Black Hare Press. This collection is paranormal/supernatural collection. I have five drabbles in this collection; “Wendy”, “A New House”, “Exodus”, “Haunted”, and “Journey to Death”. This collection will be available on September 17 in digital, paperback, and hardcover. You can preorder the kindle version here.

Of the covers for the Dark Drabbles collections, I have to say BEYOND is my favorite so far.

Dark Drabbles 4 BEYOND

And here’s the teaser


We Know the Truth, Do You?

This is an Area 51 anthology with proceeds being donated to U.S. Veterans. I have a story in this one about two brothers that join the Area 51 raid and are lucky enough to escape. My story in this collection is titled “About those Brothers”.

Area 51 We Know the Truth

We Know the Truth, Do You? will be available on September 20. You can currently preorder the kindle version and you can go to the website to learn more about the anthology and the contributing authors!

Here’s a few teasers



Untitled Sci-fi anthology

This one has yet to be revealed publicly. I can tell you it’s a sci-fi anthology, I have a story in it, and it’ll be released on September 20. Once I can reveal stuff, I will!

Reveal coming soon

UNRAVEL: Dark Drabbles #5

This is the fifth book in the dark drabbles series. I have five drabbles in this collection; “Scene of the Crime”, “An Accident”, “An Innocent Man”, “Red Herrings” and “Heist”. This collection comes out October 22 and will be available in kindle, paperback, and hardcover.

Here’s the book cover

Dark Drabbles 5 UNRAVEL

Here’s the teaser


The Dark World of Avant Garde’s Secret Societies

This is my first anthology appearance with Avant Garde. My story is titled “Children of the Circle” and is a prequel to a few other stories that are out and will be out in the seeable future. You can preorder the kindle version here and the anthology will be available on Halloween!

Secret Socities Anthology

Robots in Love

This is the first anthology from Riot Act Books. The first anthology is all about Robots. My story in this collection is titled “Mechanical Dreams”. This anthology is scheduled for release November 19. Riot Act Books currently has three open calls for submissions (This one being one of the three) to any writers looking for submissions!
Riot Act Books Open Subs

robots in love

….AND FINALLY (For now at least!)

APOCALYPSE: Dark Drabbles #6

Between the success of the first two dark drabbles books and the desire from the authors to write more, Black Hare Press opened subs for a sixth dark drabbles book. This book is planned for release November 19. Once submissions close, I’ll mention the titles of my drabbles.


I had planned to reveal more but I have been informed some of my anthology appearances might get pushed back. There’s also publishers waiting to get contracts back from other contributors. I’m also waiting to hear back on a few myself.

I recently announced on my author page my goal is 35 publications in 2019! Next week, I’ll do a post mentioning all appearances (and future confirmed appearances) so everyone can see how close I am to my goal!