Storming Area 51 Survivor’s Tales

Sue Marie St. Lee

Black Hare Press’ exciting new anthology “STORMING AREA 51” just launched today!!!

Are you game enough to join The Storm? Explore the unique, horrifying and entertaining exploits and tales of the survivors from the Storm on Area 51. Perhaps what lies hidden, should sometimes remain so…

When an unsuspecting young man from California instigates a comedic social media campaign to storm Area 51—the site of alien legend—little does he realize that this small action will bring about the end of the world as we know it.

Millions of people line up outside the gates of the military base in Rachel, Nevada, and when the Storming begins, it’s a bloodbath.

“The screaming…the blood…the bits of flesh… I’ll never forget it.”Emily Sparrow, 28

“I thought the Naruto run could outrun bullets. I was wrong. We were all wrong.”Sexy_Kikashi_69

“Took me nineteen years, but I can finally…

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Storming Area 51 Now available!

This is my fourth appearance in an anthology from Black Hare Press, it is also the longest story to date I’ve written for them. This book as well as my story in this book was an interesting ride.

Dean (head of BHP) was taking a few suggestions for drabbles and short story anthologies and several people kept bringing up the idea of writing for an Area 51 anthology with the FB posts gaining traction. At first Dean was hesitant because of how long it takes to publish a book (At this time ANGELS, the second drabbles book was either just released or about to be released) and he mentioned how little of time not only he and his team would have to get the book released on time but also how short of a window we writers would have to submit our stories. Given the short timeframe, I already began working on a story.

The next day, Dean opened submissions and came up with a cool idea about connecting the stories and having the anthology take place over the course of 500 years! I read the post and realized the story I was writing would not fit the idea Dean had and I began coming up with other ideas. I started reading posts from others to see what they were coming up with to make sure I could come up with an idea that’s different from everyone else but also fit the conceptual idea. I pitched my idea to Dean for my story, he said he liked it and I began writing my story.

I sent BHP my story, “A Storm is Coming” about a news anchor and her cameraman reporting at the Area 51 site and trying to get quotes from the military and those who swarmed the secret base.

I get a response from Dean telling me he liked the story but the story needs to be in first person (I wrote in third) and he also suggested I write the story from the POV of the cameraman instead of the news anchor. He also asked I give the cameraman a name and age (he’s just called the cameraman in the original story).

I went back and gave the cameraman a name, Allen Parker, and I gave him the age of 23. I wanted him to be fairly new to being a cameraman to give him some naivety when he sees an alien. I submitted the new version of my story, now titled “Allen Parker”. Shortly thereafter, I was given the contract to sign, informing me my story will be in the anthology, now titled Storming Area 51

Storming Area 51 wraps

Even though it’s a short story anthology, it’s conceptual. The first part involving stories from the POV of those at Area 51 the day of the raid. Part two takes place shortly after the raid, part three takes place 200 years in the future, and the final part takes place 500 years in the future with the humans trying to come back to Earth!

Every BHP post I’ve done I always give thanks to Dean and co. for their work but this one deserves it more than the others. They had a significantly shorter timeframe to put this book together and managed to get it out before the “Storming of Area 51”.

Storming Area 51 is now available on Amazon in kindle, paperback, and hardcover!

Be sure to check out Black Hare Press on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram

Also, be sure to check out their website where you can look up their submissions, read about the many contributing authors, and read the dark moments drabbles FREE on the website!

Mystery anthology revealed!

I mentioned in a previous post that I would be taking part in an untitled anthology. At the time of the post, I was told to not reveal it but only drop a few hints. You may have seen this post on my Facebook author page


Today, not only can I reveal this mystery anthology, you can also buy it because it is now available!

The untitled BTS anthology can now be revealed as Emoji Between the Sheets! It’s an anthology from Between the Sheets and the theme is, you guessed it, EMOJIS! The publishers gave each of us three emojis to use for our story. Here are the three emojis I had to use for my story:


I have to say, coming up with a story was quite interesting. I ended up writing a humorous story involving one of these three being kidnapped.

Today, the book was released!


This book is an EXTREMELY limited run (only available for one week!) It’s only 99 cents and the money goes to charity. Get it while you can! Here’s a better look at the cover!

Emoji Between the Sheets

Emoji Between the Sheets is only available for a limited time so get it while you can!

Emoji Between the Sheets on Amazon

Be sure to give Between the Sheets a like on Facebook



A change in schedule

I’ve made it a habit in November of every year to announce what I’m releasing the following year. This has been both a blessing and a curse. It’s good because each of you know what is coming. It’s bad because the last few years, something changes.

2016 – I announce novella number one and poetry book 8 for 2017, Three Crowns was released in March but The Paradox Complex was pushed back to January 2018

2017 – I announce five books for 2018, poetry book 8, novel number one, novella number two, a reissued book, and novel number two. The Paradox Complex was released in January, The Escape of Ernest Frost was released in April, Dream Awake was released in July, Aspects of Love 1.5 was released in October. Novel number two is still being worked on and novella number 3 The Next Step became the fifth book of the year

2018 – I announce an all-ages book, poetry book nine, novella number four for 2019. Novella number four, The Next Step: First Valentine’s was released in February. Poetry book nine, The Absolution is coming next month, my all ages book Novo: Away from Earth is being pushed back to 2020 for a few reasons:

  •  Novo: Away from Earth is the beginning of a planned trilogy and I need the necessary time for world-building
  •  I submitted a story for an anthology in 2018 and the rights reverted back to me sooner than expected and I plan to release it as a standalone and possibly convert it into a novella
  •  I recently became involved in a project that will be coming out VERY SOON

The first of my added releases; last year I was part of an anthology titled Summer Solstice. After the publisher failed to deliver on the print release, the rights reverted back to the authors. My story is a 10k word story titled “Lucifer’s Lost Love” and will be going up on the kindle store as a novelette this month or next month.
I’m currently working on turning the story into my fifth novella and the novella will be available in November.

NOW, the new project!

Last year, filmmaker Matthew Mark Hunter of MMH Productions turned my poem “Sad Crying Clown” into a video for his YouTube channel. Since then, I’ve been a credited producer on three of his films (Krampus 2, Apples 2, and Parade Candy) and he’s currently working on two new projects; Poe Stories and Bed Bugs.

Bed Bugs will be an anthology film (Think Stephen King’s Cat’s Eye, Creepshow, or Trick r Treat for those who like newer stuff).

Matthew asked me about using two of my short stories for Bed Bugs; “The Boogeyman” and “When the Cameras Stop Rolling”. I said yes and waited for him to finish working on his other projects before saying anything.

For those who don’t know, the rights for both “The Boogeyman” and “When the Cameras Stop Rolling” have reverted back to me. However, those two stories are in two different books. “The Boogeyman” is in Flash Fiction Addiction and “When the Cameras Stop Rolling” appears in After: Undead Wars. I thought it best to put both in one release.

I told Matthew I had an idea to be executed one of two ways; I release a short story collection to include the two stories and make sure Bed Bugs gets mentioned somewhere or release a full-on accompaniment book to the film. He chose number two.

Bed Bugs the film is currently being filmed while I’m currently compiling stories on my end for the book release. The book will include both stories as well as alternate version of both stories, a few “bonus stories” I have the rights to, the Bed Bugs script, and a few “bonus scripts” from previous MMH Productions films.

Author Interview with C.L. Williams

Dragon Soul Press

Dragon Soul Press sat down to interview Author C.L. Williams!

With a goal of 35 publications within one year, it seems nothing can stop him!

How many hours a day do you write?

I don’t normally go by hours. I set a daily goal of 2,000 words. If I feel I can do more than that, I keep going. If I need to stop then I stop.

Does writing energize or exhaust you?

Usually both. On days when I devote my entire day solely to writing, I am usually proud of how much I get done, but by the end of the day, my bed is calling me.

What is your writing Kryptonite?

The internet. Like many other authors, I’ll go online to look up something for a story or a clever word to use in a poem. Next thing I know I’m checking Facebook or watching stupid videos…

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35 Publications in a single calendar year!?!?!?

I’ve mentioned on social media that between my own books, anthology appearances, and magazine appearances my goal for 2019 is 35 publications! Before you question my sanity (SPOILER I have none), you may think that is a lot of material for a single year. In 2018, I released five books, appeared in six anthologies, two magazines, and created a character for a short story collection. That’s a total of 14 publications in 2018 and most of those releases were in the second half of the year (The Paradox ComplexThe Escape of Ernest Frost, and the two magazine appearances being the only material coming out in the first half of the year). Also, many of my 2019 acceptances happened in 2018, so I already had quite a bit coming before the year began. This is a list that will feature all releases thus far. After I get through the books already released, I’ll list the guaranteed releases, then the confirmed appearances that may or may not happen in 2019. This list is organized in chronological order.

  1.  Evil Lurks features my short story “Anzu Rediscovered”
    evil lurks
  2.  Vault of Terror Volume 2 features my short story “Stationville Ghost House”
  3. The Next Step: First Valentine’s/The Next Step Novella Collection My first release of the year is novella number four. The print release features both novellas as well as my three short stories from Shades of BWWM.
    The Next Step Novella Collection
  4. Starting Over a romance anthology featuring my short story “Saved by a Siren”
    Starting Over
  5. Demons of Solomon: Flash Fiction from Hell I wrote three stories in this collection on the demons “Caim”, “Stolas”, and “Gaap”
  6. Pandemic I wrote two short stories in this one; “Dr. Frank N. Steen” and “Spread the Infection”
  7. Poets are Heroes Issue IV this is my third magazine appearance. This magazine features my poem “Heroes Need Heroes”
  8. Mischief and Clovers I have two flash fiction pieces in this one; “The Clover” and “Catch that Leprachaun”
    Mischief and Clovers
  9.  Temoli this anthology/activity workbook features my short story “The Prodigal Chef”
  10.  Poets of Hydra Volume 1 this collection features six poems of mine
    Poets of Hydra
  11. After: Undead Wars this collection features two short stories of mine; “What Happened to Emily?” and “When the Cameras Stop Rolling”
    After Undead Wars
  12. Bleeding Hearts this collection features my short story “Cindy’s Wish”
    Bleeding Hearts
  13. Magic Medics Medicine this collection features my short story “The Blood Cure”
    Magic Medics Medicine
  14. Flash Fiction Addiction this collection features my flash fiction piece “The Boogeyman”
  15. Let’s Try Love this collection features my short story “Unexpected Love”
    Let's Try Love
  16.  Hop Along Tales this collection features two flash fiction pieces of mine; “The Bunny that Laid and Egg” and “The Egg Painting Contest”
    Hop Along
    I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I had 14 publications total in 2018. Hop Along Tales is publication number sixteen in 2019 and everything I’ve mentioned so far was released between January and April!
  17.  Technology Gone Mad! This collection features my short story “Ear-Jacked!”
    Tech Gone Mad
  18.  Planet Random Universe Comics Issue #5 I created the character EVO for this collection!
  19.  Authors Gone Bonkers This collection features two nonfiction pieces of mine; “We’ll Publish You, Now Pay Us!” and “The JMW Scam”
    Authors Gone Bonkers
  20. Universal Oneness this collection features a poem of mine!
    Front Universal
  21. WORLDS: Dark Drabbles #1 this collection features five drabbles of mine; “Unfamiliar”, “Daria”, “The Locked Room”, “The New Eve”, and “Skull Control”
    Dark Drabbles 1 WORLDS
  22. Organic Ink Volume 1 this poetry collection features five poems and ten haiku of mine!
    Organic Ink I
  23.  Rise Above this collection features my poem “Rise Above”
    Rise Above
  24.  ANGELS: Dark Drabbles #2 This collection features five drabbles of mine; “Angels of Destruction”, “Before Lucifer”, “Morality”, “Fallen”, “Final Battle”
    Dark Drabbles 2 ANGELS
  25.  Feathers and Fiends this collection features my short story “More than it Seems”
    Feathers and Fiends
  26.  Stop Bullying Now this is a special book for a fundraiser where I contributed a poem!
    Stop Bullying Now
  27.  MONSTERS: Dark Drabbles #3 this collection features five drabbles of mine; “The Shed”, “The Limping Man”, “Human Pizza”, “Killer Garden”, and “Takeover”
    Dark Drabbles 3 MONSTERS
  28.  Poetica is a poetry anthology from Clarendon Publishing House. This is my first time appearing in anything from them. This features my newest poem “Living Forever (By You)”
    At the time of this getting posted TWENTY-EIGHT publications and we still have four months left of the year! That means I am currently SEVEN publications away from reaching my goal! At this moment in time, it’s safe to say I WILL be reaching my goal! I have six confirmed anthology appearances coming in the next two months and I still have some books of my own to release!Here’s a few of the books coming that have release dates (or I know are coming SOON!)
  29.  BEYOND: Dark Drabbles #4 I have five drabbles in this collection; “Wendy”, “A New House”, “Exodus”, “Haunted” and “Journey to Death”.
    Dark Drabbles 4 BEYOND
    BEYOND: Dark Drabbles #4 is currently scheduled for release on September 17 and will be available in print, digital, and hardcover.
  30. We Know the Truth, Do You? this is the first of two Area 51 anthologies I am featured in. My story in this collection is titled “About those Brothers”
    Area 51 We Know the Truth
    We Know the Truth, Do You? is currently scheduled for release on September 20
  31. Storming Area 51 this is my second Area 51 anthology appearance. My story in here is about Allan Parker, a 23 year old cameraman who is at the secret military base just doing his job.
    Storming Area 51 wraps
    Storming Area 51 is currently scheduled for release on September 20 and will be available in paperback, hardcover, and digital.
  32.  UNRAVEL: Dark Drabbles #5 is a crime drabbles collection. I have five drabbles in this collection; “Scene of the Crime”, “Heist”, “Red Herrings”, “An Innocent Man” and “An Accident”
    Dark Drabbles 5 UNRAVEL
    UNRAVEL: Dark Drabbles #5 is currently scheduled for a release of October 22
  33. The Dark World of Avant Garde’s Secret Societies this is my first anthology appearance with Avant Garde. My story in this collection is titled “Children of the Circle”
    Secret Socities Anthology
    The Dark World of Avant Garde’s Secret Societies currently has a scheduled release of Halloween 
  34. Robots in Love this is the first anthology from Riot Act Books. My story in this collection is titled “Mechanical Dreams”
    robots in love
    Robots in Love is currently scheduled for a release date of November 19
  35. Apocalypse: Dark Drabbles #6 this is a dystopian/apocalyptic drabbles collection. I can confirm I’m in this collection but until it’s closed, that’s all I’m revealing at the moment
    APOCALYPSE teaser
    APOCALYPSE: Dark Drabbles #6 is currently scheduled for a release of November 19
    35 publications is happening! I can say there are SEVERAL anthologies I did not post on here (some don’t have covers, some don’t have final edits, contracts, etc.) the thing is, I am going to accomplish my goal!

I have to give major thanks to Dean Kershaw, SEVEN of my 35 publications are from Black Hare Press! He’s officially the compiler I’ve worked with the most! I also have to give Samie Sands a shoutout! There’s only 3 on this list but I can confirm two more anthology appearances from her this year (FIVE for 2019, SIX overall). I also need to give special thanks to Tanzeela Hassan of Thazbook, even though Temoli is a 2019 release, this was my FIRST ACCEPTANCE I’ve ever received! Here’s a few anthologies I can confirm I’m appearing in but currently have no release date or book cover

  •  Ghostly Writes Romance 2019
  •  Abhorrence
  •  Untitled BTS Anthology
  •  Untitled Cults Anthology
  •  Untitled Curses Anthology
  •  Mayhem on All Hallow’s Eve
  •  Never Too Far
  • Night of the Neck Romancer
  • Painted Memoirs

And here’s a few of my books coming this year as well!

  •  The Absolution (Poetry book nine)
  •  Lucifer’s Lost Love (novelette one)
  •  Untitled Supernatural Novella
  •  Bed Bugs (Accompanying book to MMH Productions film)

The list should be longer but there’s still that “can’t talk about it yet” thing. I also want to assure those who want a book specifically from me, I do have plans to release a new poetry book, novella number 5, and novelette 1 this year. I can also confirm I already have a few anthology acceptances for 2020. Thanks to those who have believed in me and have been able to keep up because I’ve had difficulties keeping up!

MONSTERS: Dark Drabbles #3 Now available!

As you may remember in my post on WORLDS and my post on ANGELS that I rushed my drabbles for these two books so I could begin writing for MONSTERS. Well, here is what happened.

While WORLDS was still open, Dean opened MONSTERS for submissions. My goal this year is to make as many appearances as I can and horror seems to be something from me (besides poetry) that has been getting positive responses. When MONSTERS first opened I wrote my first drabble “The Shed”. By this point, Black Hare Press was receiving more submissions, I think it was two or three days when I received my acceptance letter. I was happy because I was now in all three of their open submissions (BEYOND and UNRAVEL had yet to open).

I finished sending my drabbles for ANGELS and started working on my remaining four drabbles for MONSTERS. While trying to write my final ANGELS drabble I managed to write a second drabble for MONSTERS titled “The Limping Man”. After a few days, I received my acceptance letter!

While working on my drabbles for MONSTERS, I renewed my Amazon Prime membership and one of the many things I tend to forget that they offer is movies and shows. One night I saw a classic B-movie, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, was one of the movies I can watch. Watching this inspired my third drabble “Killer Garden”. I also decided to take a look at a few of my rejected stories and see what I can transform into drabbles. I have a story about a warlock that turns people into pizzas before eating them and a story about oversized vultures that kill people who enter their forest. My warlock pizza story became the drabble “Human Pizza” and my vulture story became the drabble “Beware the Vultures”. I sent “Killer Garden”, “Human Pizza”, and “Beware the Vultures” at the same time.

A few days later I received good news and bad news; the good news was that “Killer Garden” and “Human Pizza” were accepted. The bad news “Beware the Vultures” was rejected. This entire time of sending drabbles to BHP and the one collection I was desperately wanting to write for was also the first one to give me a rejection. There was another piece of good news though, in my rejection letter it was mentioned I could still send another drabble. I got the max submissions in WORLDS and ANGELS so I had to send a fifth drabble. I quickly wrote “Takeover” and sent it.

Even though the wait was shorter for “Takeover” compared to the other three I sent, it felt like it was a long wait, especially given submissions were close to closing. This wait was a day or two before receiving the email that “Takeover” was accepted and I still have five drabbles in each collection so far!

As for my rejected drabble, “Beware the Vultures”, I tried submitting it to one other publisher and once again, it was rejected. If enough people want to read it, I’ll post the drabble on here in the near future.

My other favorite thing about MONSTERS: Dark Drabbles #3 is the release date, this one has a release date of 8/20 and my birthday is 8/19. I know Dean already had release dates planned before I began submitting but this is easily one of the coolest belated birthday gifts ever! Thank you Dean!


Above is my teaser for MONSTERS

Dark Drabbles 3 MONSTERS

MONSTERS paperback and hardcover

As many of you know, Black Hare Press also release their anthologies in hardcover. I was asked about showing off the wrap/dust jacket. Here it is!

hardcover wrap

Once again, I have to give thanks to Dean and his team at Black Hare Press. They do an incredible job and to any writers reading this post, BHP has a TON of open submissions. You really should try sending something to them! Here’s the list of open submissions BHP Open Calls!

MONSTERS: Dark Drabbles #3 is now available in paperback, kindle, and hardcover! Get your copy TODAY!

MONSTERS on Amazon


An updated release schedule

It’s been a few months since I’ve done an updated schedule and quite a few reveals have happened this past week. I have a few anthology releases coming up over the next few months.

MONSTERS: Dark Drabbles #3

This is the third Dark Drabbles collection from Black Hare Press. Once this one is out I’ll have a blog post specifically for this release. I have five drabbles in this collection; “The Shed”, “The Limping Man”, “Human Pizza”, “Killer Garden”, and “The Takeover”. MONSTERS: Dark Drabbles #3 will be available in digital, paperback, and hardcover on August 20 (Day after my birthday!) You can preorder here.

Dark Drabbles 3 MONSTERS

And here is the teaser


BEYOND: Dark Drabbles #4

There’s a Dark Drabbles collection coming out each month until November, hence the reason the next book is also a drabbles collection from Black Hare Press. This collection is paranormal/supernatural collection. I have five drabbles in this collection; “Wendy”, “A New House”, “Exodus”, “Haunted”, and “Journey to Death”. This collection will be available on September 17 in digital, paperback, and hardcover. You can preorder the kindle version here.

Of the covers for the Dark Drabbles collections, I have to say BEYOND is my favorite so far.

Dark Drabbles 4 BEYOND

And here’s the teaser


We Know the Truth, Do You?

This is an Area 51 anthology with proceeds being donated to U.S. Veterans. I have a story in this one about two brothers that join the Area 51 raid and are lucky enough to escape. My story in this collection is titled “About those Brothers”.

Area 51 We Know the Truth

We Know the Truth, Do You? will be available on September 20. You can currently preorder the kindle version and you can go to the website to learn more about the anthology and the contributing authors!

Here’s a few teasers



Untitled Sci-fi anthology

This one has yet to be revealed publicly. I can tell you it’s a sci-fi anthology, I have a story in it, and it’ll be released on September 20. Once I can reveal stuff, I will!

Reveal coming soon

UNRAVEL: Dark Drabbles #5

This is the fifth book in the dark drabbles series. I have five drabbles in this collection; “Scene of the Crime”, “An Accident”, “An Innocent Man”, “Red Herrings” and “Heist”. This collection comes out October 22 and will be available in kindle, paperback, and hardcover.

Here’s the book cover

Dark Drabbles 5 UNRAVEL

Here’s the teaser


The Dark World of Avant Garde’s Secret Societies

This is my first anthology appearance with Avant Garde. My story is titled “Children of the Circle” and is a prequel to a few other stories that are out and will be out in the seeable future. You can preorder the kindle version here and the anthology will be available on Halloween!

Secret Socities Anthology

Robots in Love

This is the first anthology from Riot Act Books. The first anthology is all about Robots. My story in this collection is titled “Mechanical Dreams”. This anthology is scheduled for release November 19. Riot Act Books currently has three open calls for submissions (This one being one of the three) to any writers looking for submissions!
Riot Act Books Open Subs

robots in love

….AND FINALLY (For now at least!)

APOCALYPSE: Dark Drabbles #6

Between the success of the first two dark drabbles books and the desire from the authors to write more, Black Hare Press opened subs for a sixth dark drabbles book. This book is planned for release November 19. Once submissions close, I’ll mention the titles of my drabbles.


I had planned to reveal more but I have been informed some of my anthology appearances might get pushed back. There’s also publishers waiting to get contracts back from other contributors. I’m also waiting to hear back on a few myself.

I recently announced on my author page my goal is 35 publications in 2019! Next week, I’ll do a post mentioning all appearances (and future confirmed appearances) so everyone can see how close I am to my goal!




Feathers and Fiends now available!

Lately, it feels like I do a blog post for one book, then I’m posting a post for a different book with a rather similar premise. Last week, I’m doing a post for ANGELS: Dark Drabbles #2 and now I’m doing one for an Angels vs Demons anthology titled Feathers and Fiends.

Last year, I signed up for a TON of anthologies. As the header of this site says, 2019: A Loaded Year, and I knew I wanted to release more material in 2019 than I did in 2018. This ended up being a blessing and a curse. Like a different anthology I agreed to contribute for, this one was originally set to be published by a different publisher. The original publisher, let’s just say had the original publisher stayed on board, I would not have contributed. I had a bad experience with the original publisher and when I saw I had bitten off more than I could chew, I started dropping out of quite a few projects, this was planned to be something I was going to drop, then it changed publishers.

I had worked with Stained Glass twice prior to this changing hands; Sweet Candy Delights last year and Mischief and Clovers earlier this year. I have had solid experiences and decided to stay on board. However, I still had an issue, I had absolutely NOTHING in mind when it came to the idea for a story. Then, I made another contribution and acceptance.

Prior to working on my story, I had been accepted into Black Hare Press’s drabbles collection WORLDS: Dark Drabbles #1 and I had the max acceptances for the anthology with five! When I started working on a drabble for the second book ANGELS: Dark Drabbles #2 I felt I needed to keep the momentum going and get five drabbles into that collection as well. While writing drabbles for ANGELS, I had written a drabble titled “Morality” about how the angel and devil on your shoulders are more than just a moral compass, they determine where you go in the afterlife. While my 100 drabble “Morality” was something I could morph into a story.

I needed something for Feathers and Fiends and my 100 word drabble “Morality” eventually became my 5K story titled “More than it Seems”. There are a few changes, “Morality” is in a book with the title Dark Drabbles and I made the drabble dark, the short story is lighter in tone. I am not saying “More than it Seems” is a light-hearted story (it does deal with someone potentially going to Hell) but it is a lighter story than “Morality”. I also change the point of view, “Morality” is told in first-person while “More than it Seems” is told in third person.

“More than it Seems” is about a woman that has an angel on one shoulder and a demon on the other shoulder. What she doesn’t know is, her time on Earth is nearing its end and her life choices put her in  a place where she could end up in Heaven or Hell. The story follows her as she makes her choices that lead to where she ends up in the afterlife.

Feathers and Fiends

Above is the cover of Feathers and Fiends

First, I want to thank Angela Kay (head of Stained Glass Publishing) for including me in another anthology. I’ve been in several projects that almost always get pushed back and she’s managed to keep things released on time!

I also need to thank Dean Kershaw (head of Black Hare Press), I wanted to make sure me turning my drabble into a short story was not a breach of contract and he quickly gave me the ok to write my story.

Feathers and Fiends is now available on Amazon in kindle and Paperback

2019 Q2 Report!

As the header of this site reads: 2019: A Loaded Year and let me say one reason for this report being almost a month late is due to the amount of stuff that happened in the second quarter.

Roanoke Author Invasion I started the second quarter with an event! This was my second *author* event. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing comic cons but doing author events is always nice! I met a lot of people, some I met for the first time in person (I was already friends with several of the talented people on Facebook), and I’m returning in 2020!

After: Undead Wars was released! This is my fourth appearance in a Samie Sands anthology! This particular anthology is a zombie collection. I have two short stories in this collection; “What Happened to Emily?” and “When the Cameras Stop Rolling”

After: Undead Wars is Now available on Amazon!

After Undead Wars

Flash Fiction Addiction was released! This is an anthology from Zombie Pirate Publishing! This collection features my horror-comedy story “The Boogeyman” as well as 100 other incredible stories!

Flash Fiction Addiction on Amazon

Bleeding Hearts was released! This is a paranormal romance collection featuring my story “Cindy’s Wish”

Buy Bleeding Hearts here!

Bleeding Hearts

Let’s Try Love was released! This collection is now out of print. This is a romance collection of people trying online dating. My story is titled “Unexpected Love”. Given this collection is now OOP, I’ll likely put this in a short story collection next year!

Let's Try Love

Magic Medics Medicine ’19 was released! This is a magic themed anthology with stories taking place in the ER. The money from sales made for this anthology goes to Autism Speaks. My story in this anthology is titled “The Blood Cure”

Magic Medics Medicine on Amazon!
Learn more about Autism Speaks here!
Magic Medics Medicine

Hop Along Tales was released! This is my third appearance in a Stained Glass Publishing anthology. I have two flash fiction stories in this collection “The Egg Painting Contest” and “The Bunny that Laid an Egg”

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Hop Along

Wilmington Geek Expo this was my second event in April. I had been doing several two day conventions but this one was a one day event. Not my best event, not my worst event. I will likely return in 2020 should it occur once more!

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed yet but so far I’ve mentioned six anthology appearances and two events for second quarter. All of this was in April! That’s right; 2019: A Loaded Year 

Technology Gone Mad was released! I had been getting asked quite a bit about writing sci-fi! This book fulfills that request! My story in this collection is titled “Ear-Jacked!” and it’s about a phone/phone company trying to enslave humanity!

You can buy Technology Gone Mad here!

Tech Gone Mad

I created a comic book character! As I mentioned in a previous post I got to create a character for a comic book series! My character appears in issue #5. Currently I do not have many updates but once I do, I’ll share all that I can!

Planet Random issue 5

EVO pic

All-Star Comic Con this was my sole event of June. It was fun and there were parties a few of the nights the event took place! I got to see quite a few familiar faces and I didn’t have to work my table alone this time! Sadly, didn’t sell that many books. While it was fun, I am currently on the fence about returning in 2020

Authors Gone Bonkers was released! This book took some time to get published. It was planned for a December 2018 release. Things happened, publishers changed, some backed out, some were added. Fast forward to June 2018 and the book is finally released! I have two non-fiction pieces in this collection; “We’ll Publish you, Now pay us!” and “The JMW Scam”. This is my first time having non-fiction pieces published.

You can buy Authors Gone Bonkers here!

Authors Gone Bonkers

WORLDS: Dark Drabbles #1 was released! This is my first of many appearances in a Black Hare Press publishing! This is a sci-fi drabbles collection that features five drabbles of mine! “Unfamiliar”, “Daria”, “The Locked Room”, “The New Eve”, and “Skull Control”. This release is also a first for me as it became a best seller in multiple countries!


It’s also a first for me as it is the first time I am in a book available in hardback format!

WORLDS Hardcover

WORLDS: Dark Drabbles #1 is now available on Amazon in digital, paperback, and hardcover! Buy WORLDS on Amazon!

Rise Above was released! This is my first appearance in an anthology from Rock and Roll Saved My Soul. This is a collection focused on standing up to bullying and the proceeds from this book go to Stomp out Bullying!
My poem in this collection oddly enough is titled “Rise Above”
You can buy Rise Above on Amazon!
Learn more about Stomp Out Bullying here!

Rise Above


Organic Ink Volume 1 was released! This is a poetry collection from Dragon Soul Press. It’s also my first appearance in a Dragon Soul Press anthology. I submitted (and was sadly rejected) in a different DSP anthology and soon after, Jade (head of DSP) suggested opening a poetry anthology. Most of you probably know prior to 2017, all but one of my releases were poetry books. I knew I had to send something for this. However, towards the closing of submissions, I had yet to send anything. I went through my folder and found five solid poems “Homecoming”, “Be Myself Again”, “Eye of the Storm”, “Guilt”, and “Remission”. The next day I received an email informing me all five poems were accepted. In the FB group, Jade had told everyone who was already accepted we were welcome to send more submissions. I mentioned having some unpublished haiku and she encouraged me to send my haiku. I sent ten haiku and received my acceptance email later that day! The book was released June 30 and is easily the largest book I’m in! This book is OVER 600 PAGES!

You can buy Organic Ink Volume One on Amazon

Organic Ink I

That is my second quarter of 2019: three events, eleven anthology appearances, and one character created for a comic book series. Eleven short stories, five drabbles, and sixteen poems!