A few stories coming! WARNING: Spoilers Ahead

SPOILERS are posted towards the bottom of the post. The first half is about a few interconnected stories I’ve written


Last year I wrote a story called “Wingreen Possession” for Ghostly Writes Anthology 2018. You can get the book on kindle FOR FREE! Ghostly Writes Anthology 2018

GW18 cover

“Wingreen Possession” is about three kids that sneak into the Wingreen house to see if it’s haunted. Not only are the Wingreen family still haunting the house, they have ties to one of the three kids that broke into their house.

The response has been incredible! I’ve ultimately decided to expand on this story and I’ve had a few opportunities to expand on this story. My five club drabble for Black Hare Press is “Wingreen Reprise”. I also wrote a prequel story “Wingreen Uprising” that explains how the Wingreen family became ghosts and how the tales the kids in “Wingreen Possession” were told were nothing more than fabricated lies.

Unfortunately, the anthology that will feature “Wingreen Uprising” was pushed back.

This leads to the next story, Halloween, Avant Garde will release their anthology The Dark World of Avant Garde’s Secret Societies Anthology which features my story “Children of the Circle” which is the beginning of the Wingreen Saga. This explains how the Wingreen family become involved in the community.

Secret Socities Anthology

Here’s the link for The Dark World of Avant Garde’s Secret Societies Anthology On Amazon!

I know many of you prefer print over digital but from what I’ve been told, this one is likely a kindle exclusive.


In “Wingreen Possession” you find out the Wingreen family were members of a cult led by Billy’s dad (Billy is one of the three kids that breaks into the Wingreen house). Billy abandoned the cult once it was discovered he was about to become a father (Billy’s sister). He then returns to his Pastoral duties and eventually retires and becomes a community leader.

In “Wingreen Uprising” you find out that Mr. Wingreen was the righthand man to the Pastor. In “Wingreen Possession” the children were told the family died of carbon monoxide poisoning. In this story, it’s revealed the cult were close to making a suicide pact and a member of the Wingreen family was the test subject and the pact was canned once the Pastor revealed he would become a father. It’s mentioned that the Pastor was once a firm believer in the Bible but lost his ways and turned to the cult, Children of the Circle. That leads me to the story about to be released.

“Children of the Circle” shows the Pastor losing his religious ways and what ultimately leads him to forming Children of the Circle. It also shows how he meets the Wingreen family.

In “Wingreen Possession” and “Wingreen Uprising” it’s mentioned the Wingreen family is a family of four. In “Children of the Circle” it’s revealed the Wingreen family is actually a family of five. The story about the “missing Wingreen” has yet to be published.

My plan was to slowly reveal a few things and save some for later. Sadly, with the anthology featuring “Wingreen Uprising” being pushed back, I thought I’d post this in case there are elements of “Children of the Circle” that don’t make sense.

As for “Wingreen Reprise” it was part of a competition and there are plans for it to be in publication in 2020.

Ghostly Writes Anthology 2018 is now available and The Dark World of Avant Garde’s Secret Societies will be available on Halloween!

UNRAVEL: Dark Drabbles #5 now available!

With my previous posts, I have these out on the day of release. Between a few looming deadlines and a cold that is getting the better of me, I haven’t been able to write this post yet. But, the fifth book in the Dark Drabbles Series is finally available!

When I first found out about Black Hare Press, they had a page showing the five dark drabbles books. One, two, and three were open. Four and five had yet to open. Of the five books, this one was easily the most intimidating one for me to write.

I’ve had some experience writing in the other genres but crime fiction was something I hadn’t written for and honestly, I have never felt any desire to write crime fiction. With the massive amount of cop shows on television and the numerous authors writing crime fiction, I felt there was more than enough out there. Then I made the max amount of submissions in the previous books.

Dean set up “Five Club” a group for those who get the max amount of drabbles into each of the five anthologies. I had five in the other anthologies and now I needed to finish that up! While BHP had Beyond open, I  began writing five drabbles for Unravel.

During this time, I had one rejection for Monsters and one for Beyond I was asked to rewrite. While I should’ve had an extra drabble or two written, especially given this is a genre I’ve never written before, I wrote five and hoped for the best.

After Beyond closed, I waited for the announcement of Unravel opening. Good news; the wait was not that long. The bad news; I was not the only one prepared with five drabbles ready to go. Dean announced Unravel was officially open. Sadly, Black Hare Press is based in Australia and the announcement was made during one of those rare occasions that I was asleep. By the time I had the chance to send my drabbles, several had already submitted their drabbles. In previous posts, I mentioned I would submit a drabble before going to bed and waking up to an acceptance letter. This time was a bit different, it was a little over two weeks before I finally heard back.

After weeks of waiting and seeing the “% filled” spot on the website increasing by the day, my anxiety finally got to take a sigh of relief when I got my five emails.

  •  “Scene of the Crime” – ACCEPTED!
  •  “Red Herrings” – ACCEPTED!
  •  “An Accident” – ACCEPTED!
  •  “Heist” – ACCEPTED!
  •  “An Innocent Man?” – ACCEPTED!

Once again, I managed to have five drabbles accepted into a Black Hare Press anthology and becoming a member of five club!


Above is the teaser confirming my appearance in Unravel!

Below is the cover for Unravel!


Once again, I have to give thanks to Black Hare Press! Not only did my five acceptances get me into Five Club (One of my biggest 2019 achievements) but this one also required me to write outside of my comfort zone.

UNRAVEL is now available on Amazon

What’s Coming in October

Yesterday, I’m giving you my progress from the last three months and today I’m telling you about what to expect this month. I’m telling everyone now, this month is a busy month! I’m in SIX anthologies, I have an event towards the end of the month, and I’m likely releasing a book of my own this month as well. This post will be solely for the anthology releases.

Mayhem on All Hallows’ Eve this one is an anthology about….you guessed it! All Hallows’ Eve. Here’s the blurb from Amazon

Witches, magic, ghosts…all things dark and sinister are associated with All Hallows’ Eve.
Authors have come together with a love for the lore and all things paranormal and horror to bring readers a collection of haunting and magical stories you can’t put down.
Celebrate the season of pumpkins, ghouls, masquerades, and tricks with this collection of novellas meant to tingle and tantalize all of your senses. Fall in love with new authors in many related genres.
And be careful reading after dark…

My story in this one is titled “…And Along Came Stolas” it’s about three wiccans practicing their craft when they decide to summon a demon. Luckily for them, they summon Stolas. A demon that wants to help them improve their craft and uses All Hallows’ Eve, or Mischief Night as a way to teach them.

Mayhem on All Hallows Eve

Mayhem on All Hallows’ Eve will be available October 8 you can preorder on kindle or buy on paperback

Abhorrence: A Horror Anthology this one is a horror anthology with the theme of abhorrence. Here’s the blurb

Sometimes a story comes along that disgusts and frightens to the point of no return…
A fascination of horror has brought many a brave soul into worlds of chaos, blood, and destruction before, but never before have authors come together to bring you stories like these.
Inside you will find a collection of horror novellas with the most abhorrent characters and acts your twisted mind could conjure. From the paranormal to the psychologically traumatizing, these are not for the faint of heart.
Reader, beware when and where you partake in these suspenseful tales of terror.

My story is titled “Campfire of Abhorrence” and it’s about four demons sitting around a campfire, telling their tales of spreading havoc amongst the humans, and deciding which demon is the worst one since Satan himself.


Abhorrence: A Horror Anthology will be available on October 15 you can preorder here!

UNRAVEL: Dark Drabbles #5 is the fifth book in the dark drabbles collection from Black Hare Press! This one is a crime fiction collection. I have five drabbles in this collection; “Scene of the Crime”, “An Accident?”, “Red Herrings”, “An Innocent Man” and “Heist”

Dark Drabbles 5 UNRAVEL

UNRAVEL: Dark Drabbles #5 will be available October 22 in paperback, kindle, and hardcover! You can preorder the kindle version here

Samhain Secrets this is my first time working with Irish Horse Anthologies. This one is a Halloween anthology. Here’s the blurb

A cold wind. The whisper of voices when nobody’s there. The turning of the world from the light of summer toward the dark days of the Dying Time. These are the heralds of Samhain, the Witches’ New Year.


Within these pages you will find creeping chills and fears made real. Come inside… only if you dare.

My story in this one is titled “Ritual” and it’s about three guys leaving a Halloween party, one of them is drunk and doesn’t want to get caught by the cops. An attractive woman offers them a place to lay low, and coffee, to sober him up. Little do the guys know, they have just entered an area filled with witches that have plans of their own for the three.


Samhain Secrets is scheduled for release on October 27! You can preorder the kindle version here!

MicroHallowFiction is a flash fiction collection of Halloween stories. I have a few interesting pieces in this one!


MicroHallowFiction is currently scheduled for release on October 31 you can preorder here!

The Dark World of Avant Garde’s Secret Societies is a book on…you guessed it, secret societies. My story is titled “Children of the Circle” and is an origin story of the Wingreen Saga!

Secret Socities Anthology

This one will be available on October 31 you can preorder the anthology here!


October features SIX anthology releases!

  • Mayhem on All Hallows’ Eve
  •  Abhorrence
  •  UNRAVEL: Dark Drabbles 5
  •  Samhain Secrets
  •  MicroHallowFiction
  •  The Dark World of Avant Garde’s Secret Societies 



2019 Q3 Report!

It is now October and that means the beginning of a new quarter! Which means it’s time to recap what has happened the last three months!

Fredericksburg Comic and Toy Show just like the beginning of the second quarter, I started off my third quarter with an event! This event went well, I sold some books and saw some familiar faces. This event has had some issues over the years (it was canceled at the last minute one year) but should it return in 2020 I will be there!

ANGELS: Dark Drabbles #2  I mentioned in my previous post about the success this book was having. I have five drabbles in this collection, “Angels of Destruction”, “Morality”, “Before Lucifer”, “Fallen”, and “Final Battle”

While the first book managed success in several countries, it did not get that beautiful #1 orange ribbon on Amazon (stateside). THIS ONE DID!

ANGELS hot new release

Dark Drabbles 2 ANGELS

ANGELS: Dark Drabbles #2 is currently available on Amazon in paperback, digital, and hardcover!

Feathers and Fiends was released! While I’ve appeared in anthologies from Stained Glass Publishing before, this was my first appearance that was not a holiday based book. My story is titled “More than it Seems”

While I have to give thanks to Angela for another great anthology appearance I also have to give a shoutout to head of Black Hare Press Dean Kershaw on this one too! My story in this one was based off a drabble I had written for him and he gave me the ok to turn my drabble into a short story for another publisher!

Feathers and Fiends

BIG LICK COMIC CON this is my third time appearing at Big Lick Comic Con (this event runs twice a year)! Like the two previous times I had success and got to see a lot of familiar faces! I’ll be returning February 2020!

MONSTERS: Dark Drabbles #3 was released! One of my favorite things about this book was the release date being the day after my birthday (b-day is 8/19 and the release date 8/20). I have five drabbles in this collection “The Limping Man”, “The Shed”, “Takeover”, “Human Pizza”, and Killer Garden”

Dark Drabbles 3 MONSTERS

Poetica was released! This is my first appearance in an anthology from Inner Circle Writers’ Group! This collection features myself and 71 other poets! My poem in this collection is titled “Living Forever (By You)”


Universal Oneness paperback edition released! This was released privately for writers and a few groups in June. The wide release with the paperback was August 31! This book is MASSIVE! There are 360 poets in this book and it’s over 500 pages in length! This is also my first appearance in an anthology from Authors Press India!

Front Universal

Ghostly Romance Anthology – Volume One was released! This is my second appearance in an anthology from Plaisted Publishing House (Ghostly Writes 2018 being my first). My story in this collection is titled “Reunited at Last”

Ghostly Romance Volume 1

Emoji Between the Sheets was released! This was my first time working with Between the Sheets. This anthology was a charity anthology with proceeds going to Project Semicolon. I have a humorous story in this anthology featuring these emojis


Emoji Between the Sheets

Storming Area 51 was released! This is the first of two Area 51 books I appear in and my fourth appearance in a Black Hare Press anthology! My story is titled “Allen Parker, 23” and is about a cameraman for REAA51 News and his experience at the Area 51 raid.

This book has been a number one new release on SEVERAL OCCASIONS

number one five star

It is still averaging a 5 STAR review score!

Storming Area 51 wraps

BEYOND: Dark Drabbles #4 was released! We go from one Black Hare Press release to another! This is the fourth book in the Dark Drabbles series and my fifth appearance in a BHP book! I have five drabbles in this collection: “Wendy”, “Haunted”, “Exodus”, “A New House”, and “Journey to Death”

Dark Drabbles 4 BEYOND

We Know the Truth, Do You? was released! This is my second Area 51 book! My story, “About those Brothers” was originally written for inclusion in Storming Area 51 but I felt the story was not a good fit. I found out one of my Facebook friends was compiling an Area 51 anthology and sent my stroy to her!

This anthology has also managed to get the #1 New release ribbon on Amazon!

new number one

At one point, We Know the Truth, Do You? and Storming Area 51 were number one at THE SAME TIME (WKTT,DY being #1 in Humorous Science Fiction and SA51 being #1 in Social Media)

We Know the Truth

Gleam was released! This is my second appearance in an Inner Circle Writers’ Group anthology! This one is a flash fiction anthology and features my microfiction story “It Started with a Scratch”


2019 GOAL ACHIEVED! I made my goal earlier this year to be a part of 35 PUBLICATIONS and Gleam is publication 35 of 2019! I owe the achievement of this goal to quite a few people! Just because my goal has been achieved, don’t think I’m slowing down. October sees the release of one of my books as well as five anthologies!

Shout outs for Q3:

  •  Black Hare Press
  •  Stained Glass Publishings
  •  Big Lick Entertainment
  •  Inner Circle Writers Group
  •  Plaisted Publishing House
  •  Between the Sheets
  •  Terri A. Wilson

Thank you for an incredible third quarter and here’s to the final quarter of the loaded year!


35 Publications in a single Calendar Year PART TWO!

I mentioned in a previous post that my goal for 2019 is to appear in 35 PUBLICATIONS! This is a follow-up on that post. Yesterday I was informed Mayhem on All Hallows’ Eve was officially on Amazon. This anthology is publication 35 for me this year and we still have three months left this year. Since my last post, a few more publications have been revealed, two are likely not coming out, and I think one is being moved to 2020.

Here’s the 35 publications that have come out thus far in 2019!

  1.  Evil Lurks (features my short story “Anzu Rediscovered”)
  2.  Vault of Terror Volume 2 (features my short story “Stationville Ghost House”)
  3.  The Next Step: First Valentine’s (my fourth novella)
  4.  Starting Over (features my short story “Saved by a Siren”)
  5.  Demons of Solomon: Flash Fiction from Hell (I wrote stories for Caim, Stolas, and Gaap)
  6.  Pandemic (features my stories “Dr. Frank N. Steen” and “Spread the Infection”)
  7.  Poets are Heroes Issue IV (magazine that features my poem “Heroes Need Heroes”)
  8.  Mischief and Clovers (features my stories “Catch that Leprechaun” and “The Clover”)
  9.  Temoli (features my story “The Prodigal Chef”)
  10.  Poets of Hydra Volume One (features my poems “Fake Happy Face”, “Meant for Me”, “Stop While You’re Ahead”, “Let my Actions Speak”, and “In My Head”)
  11.  After: Undead Wars (features my stories “What Happened to Emily?” and “When the Cameras Stop Rolling”)
  12.  Bleeding Hearts (features my story “Cindy’s Wish”)
  13.  Magic Medics Medicine 2019 (features my story “The Blood Cure”)
  14.  Flash Fiction Addiction (features my story “The Boogeyman”)
  15.  Let’s Try Love (features my story “Unexpected Love”)
  16.  Hop Along Tales (features my stories “The Bunny that Laid an Egg” and “The Egg Decorating Contest”)
  17.  Technology Gone Mad (features my story “Ear-Jacked!”)
  18.  Planet Random Universe Issue V (I created the character EVO for the Planet Random Universe)
  19.  Authors Gone Bonkers (features my nonfiction pieces “We’ll Publish You, Now Pay Us!” and “The JMW Scam”)
  20.  Universal Oneness (features my magnum opus poem)
  21.  WORLDS: Dark Drabbles #1 (features my drabbles “Unfamiliar”, “Daria”, “The New Eve”, “The Locked Room”, and “Skull Control”)
  22.  Organic Ink Volume One (features FIFTEEN poems of mine!)
  23.  Rise Above (features my poem “Rise Above”)
  24.  ANGELS: Dark Drabbles #2 (features my drabbles “Angels of Destruction”, “Before Lucifer”, “Fallen”, “Morality”, and “Final Battle”)
  25.  Feathers and Fiends (features my story “More than it Seems”)
  26.  Stop Bullying Now (features my poem “Rise Above”)
  27.  MONSTERS: Dark Drabbles #3 (features my drabbles “The Shed”, “Takeover”, “The Limping Man”, “Killer Garden”, and “Human Pizza”)
  28.  Poetica (features my poem “Living Forever (By You)”)
  29.  Ghostly Romance Anthology Volume One (features my story “Reunited at Last”)
  30.  Emoji Between the Sheets (features my Emoji story)
  31.  Storming Area 51 (features my story “Allen Parker, 23”)
  32.  BEYOND: Dark Drabbles #4 (features my drabbles “A New House”, “Exodus”, “Journey to Death”, “Wendy” and “Haunted”)
  33.  We Know the Truth, Do You? (features my story “About those Brothers”)
  34.  Gleam (features my microshort “It Started with a Scratch”)
  35. Mayhem on All Hallows’ Eve (features my story “…And Along Came Stolas”)

GOAL ACHIEVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, just because I have achieved my goal it does not mean I am done with this year. Here are a few more confirmed publications coming in 2019!

  • Abhorrence
  • Samhain Secrets
  • Tales of All Hallows Eve
  • UNRAVEL: Dark Drabbles #5
  • The Dark World of Avant Garde’s Secret Societies
  • APOCALYPSE: Dark Drabbles #6
  • Eerie Christmas

There are a few others coming out that I can’t discuss just yet and I have plans to release two books of my own before the year wraps up!

Special thanks to everyone that helped make this goal happen!

Poetica and Gleam now available!

In most cases each book would have their own “now available” post on here. However, Grant (editor of both these publications) works at a faster rate than I do. Before I could write a post for Poetica, I was receiving my acceptance letter for Gleam.

I’ve been a member of the Inner Circle Writer’s Group for almost a year and I could never keep up with the deadlines. I think one is approaching when in reality, it had already passed. I remember wanting to submit to something, only to find out the book was already out. This time, I managed to get my submission ready, on time, and with a few days near the deadline.

I’m in a few anthology submission groups on Facebook and someone mentioned the deadline was near for ICWG (Inner Circle Writer’s Group) newest anthology Poetica. The deadline was that Friday. The day I read that post was a Monday. I decided to look through my unreleased poems and decide which would be best to send. On Tuesday, I made the decision to send my poem “Living Forever (By You)”. On Wednesday, I received an email from Grant (head of ICWG) that he had received the email. Friday was the last day to submit. Saturday, I received another email from Grant that my poem was accepted and would be in Poetica with plans to release the book later that month.

The deadline was middle of August and Grant said his plans were to release the book before the end of the month. I thought I was misreading the email….and then Monday happened. I received my acceptance email on a Saturday and two days later, Grant said he had ordered a proof of the book. He also reminded us the deadline for Gleam was coming up. This one is a flash fiction anthology with categories being 50 words, 500 words, and 1,000 words. I had a 50 word zombie story and a 500 word sci-fi story I could send. While my sci-fi story was near done, it was an extension of a drabble and I’ve already asked once about turning one of my drabbles into a short story. While I have plans to eventually release my sci-fi story, I chose to submit my zombie story to Gleam.

I sent “It Started with a Scratch” the day of the deadline. I had spent too much time trying to figure out which story to pick that the deadline crept up on me. Also during this time, I received my copy of Poetica.


Poetica features 72 poems and many of the authors in this book I’ve already read because they’re in other anthologies that I’m in! It’s also cool that I’m getting to read more from the same people.

I soon heard back from Grant that my microshort “It Started with a Scratch” had been accepted! This was big news for me for a couple of reasons. For starters, there are FIVE THOUSAND people in the ICWG on Facebook and my 50 word story being accepted was a big deal for me. This was also a story I had tried submitting elsewhere on two different occasions, rejected both times. The feeling of this story finally finding a home was a big deal for me.

Here’s the cover for Gleam 


I have received my digital copy for this one but just like the majority of my readers, I prefer print over digital (I say this while writing an article for an online blog). Right now, I’m waiting for my print copy to arrive while I finish up a submission for a future anthology for ICWG.

I want to say thanks to Grant Hudson for not only accepting my work but for accepting me for two books back to back in a year where I’m trying to make as many appearances as possible!

I also want to give a shoutout to Ximena Escobar, she was the one that reminded me about the approaching deadline for Poetica. Had she not reminded me, I would not only be absent from Poetica but I also would have likely missed the deadline for Gleam as well.

Here is the Clarendon website where you can keep up with the latest submissions, subscribe to the magazine, buy anthologies and books from select authors, and there’s a few freebies on there too!

Here’s the link for the Inner Circle Writers’ Group on Facebook. If you are on Facebook and you’re a writer you really should join!

And a reminder to buy Poetica and Gleam

Poetica Paperback
Poetica Kindle

Gleam Paperback
Gleam Kindle


Storming Area 51

Zoey Xolton

As I’m sure everyone’s heard by now… all the hype over viral Social Media sensation that was the ‘Storm of Area 51’ died in the mouth when almost no one showed up at the event; despite slews of civilians and celebrities promising that they would attend! This was to be expected of course. No celebrity would risk arrest over something so ludicrous, let alone anyone else. Despite this, the Social Media phenomenon spawned by the ‘event’ certainly made waves, and was fun to watch!

View original post 371 more words

How one event resulted into two anthology appearances

Many of you have seen me promoting my two most recent anthology appearances, Storming Area 51 and We Know the Truth, Do You? I’ve mentioned how both stories came to be through their respective posts. This one will explain everything in one post. Not quite a supercut of posts, just a more cohesive story.

The head of Black Hare Press (Publisher of Storming Area 51) was taking suggestions on future anthologies given how much he like one of the ideas. Several people were suggesting doing an Area 51 raid given how much traction the Facebook movement was receiving. At first, BHP were hesitant given the amount of time it takes to make the book and how little time they have doing so but also how little time we would have writing our stories.  That night I started writing a short about two brothers making their escape from Area 51 after making it inside the secret military base. The next day, Dean announced the Area 51 anthology with a conceptual idea. After reading what he was expecting from our stories, I realized my near complete story was not going to fit the anthology.

While on Facebook, I noticed one of my friends, Terri Wilson, announced she was going to put together an anthology for Area 51 with the proceeds going to charity. I messaged her, told her I have a near complete story I could send the next day. As promised, the next day, I sent my now finished Area 51 story titled “About those Brothers”.

This leads me back to my Black Hare Press story. I saw a few people mentioning what they wanted to write about and I wanted to make sure I would have something submitted and accepted on time. Dean suggested sending him ideas for stories to make sure they’d fit so I did just that. I told him my idea, something I thought would fit the book but also be different from other stories. He told me he liked the idea and I went with it.

I wrote a story titled “A storm is coming” about a news anchor and her cameraman trying to get quotes from anyone at Area 51. I submitted the story and while Dean told me he liked the story, he wanted stories in first person (mine was in third) and he suggested I tell the story from the viewpoint of the cameraman. I rewrote my story now titled “Allen Parker, 23”

Although both were coming out around the same time, Terri already had a cover ready, some teasers, and a website. Here’s a few teasers

There was also a cover to use for promo purposes too!

Area 51 We Know the Truth

With the Black Hare Press anthology, Dean told us to wait on the reveal. When discussing the book in our WIPs (work in progress), many of us, myself included, just called it the “secret alien book”. Eventually we were given a few sample covers to look at with this being the final decision

Storming Area 51 wraps

Both books were planned for release on September 20, day of the raid. While excited for both projects, I was also preparing myself for possible confusion. I’m in two Area 51 books coming out on the same day! I knew a few of my readers would possibly get confused by this. Then it changed.

Dean saw the number of Area 51 books being released and moved up the release of Storming Area 51 by one week! This was a relief on my end because now it’ll be easier to distinguish between the releases. While telling my readers about this one, Terri closed submissions for We Know the Truth, Do You? and unveiled the final cover with the names of 25 authors on the cover!

We Know the Truth

Both are now available with both getting solid reviews on Amazon. Both have also received number one ribbons too!

number one five star

Storming Area 51 was number one in new releases for the social media genre

new number one

We Know the Truth, Do You? was a number one new release in humorous sci-fi

Buy Storming Area 51 here
Buy We Know the Truth, Do You? here

Storming Area 51 *FREE* on Amazon!

Last week, Storming Area 51 from Black Hare Press was released. It came out a week early to ward off the other Area 51 books coming out (one of which I’m also featured in!)

The response has been incredible!

number one five star

Here’s a few trailers made in promotion of Storming Area 51 the first trailer is done by JB Wocoski and the second trailer is made by Raven Corinn Carluk


Tomorrow is THE DAY the raid on Area 51 and here’s how BHP plans to celebrate, giving all of you that have yet to obtain Storming Area 51 the opportunity to get it….FOR FREE!

That’s right, from today and through Sunday, you will be able to get the anthology for free.

Free on Amazon


Get your copy of Storming Area 51 on kindle this weekend FOR FREE 

Get your copy today!