What is coming!

Now that the craziness of April is over, it’ll be a little quiet on my end. I only have one anthology appearance this month (Technology Gone Mad! which will be getting its own post soon), and I have no events this month.

Things will be picking back up in June, I have one event, All Star Comic Con, one book release with Novo: Away from Earth, and two anthology appearances; WORLDS: Dark Drabbles #1 and Organic Ink Volume One.

During the month of May, I will be putting the final touches on Novo: Away from Earth and make sure it’s ready for release, I am currently working on a few short stories for future anthologies, and I am formatting my short story “Lucifer’s Lost Love” for a standalone release on the kindle store.

While May will be a quiet month, things will be coming back full force in June

Dark Drabbles 1 WORLDS

WORLDS: Dark Drabbles #1 coming June 25

Organic Ink I

Organic Ink Volume One comes out June 30

2 thoughts on “What is coming!

    • Worlds is one of three books from one company and I’m in all three books, whoever did those covers did an amazing job!
      Organic Ink is being published by Dragon Soul Press and every book cover they have is incredible
      Thanks! I was hoping to have Novo out in April but it’s taking a bit longer to finish than I had hoped.


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