A VERY crazy week

I’m a bit behind (AGAIN) on blog posts. But last week was a rather hectic week. Between April 14 and April 20 FOUR anthology appearances were released and I had Wilmington Geek Expo.

I mentioned in a previous post about the four anthologies that came out;

  • Flash Fiction Addiction
  • Bleeding Hearts
  • Let’s Try Love
  • Hop Along Tales

I have a horror-comedy in Flash Fiction Addiction, a paranormal romance in Bleeding Hearts, a contemporary-romance in Let’s Try Love, and two stories in Hop Along Tales. I’ll have links below for each book. At the time of this post Let’s Try Love and Hop Along Tales are only available on Kindle.

April 20 I had another event, Wilmington Geek Expo. The people that run this event also ran two events I was a part of in 2018 (Fairfax Comic Con and Hampton Comicon). Unlike the others, this was a one day event.

This event went well. I sold quite a few copies of META- and The Paradox Complex the event is also confirmed to be coming back next year. I did enjoy it but it was on Easter weekend and I think more people would’ve been there had it been a different weekend.

This was an insane week and now that May is here I must say I’m looking forward to having no events and no releases this month. This month will be devoted to getting previous books in new hands and working on my current WIPs.


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