More on that untitled novella

I recently did a post announcing my book releases for 2019 (my books, not the anthology appearances). I mentioned my final release of 2019 will be one of my short stories turned into a novella.

Last year I appeared in an anthology titled Summer Solstice: A Supernatural Anthology. Don’t bother looking it up, the anthology was recently removed from Amazon. This book was put on kindle last year with plans for a print release to shortly follow.

That print book was never released.

After months of silence and few updates on other projects, the publisher eventually gave releases to other publishers and rights to stories in Summer Solstice were reverted back to the authors. My story in the book was titled “Lucifer’s Lost Love” which is about a guy who starts dating a girl only to find out she’s a fallen angel and her previous lover is none other than Lucifer himself. Now Lucifer wants vengeance on the human for being with the woman he once called his queen. This is the story I plan to turn into my fifth novella (possibly under a different title).

As for republishing the story, my plan is to publish the short story as a standalone on kindle, and possibly include the short story in the print release of the novella.

I was given another offer.

Many of the authors in the Summer Solstice anthology (myself included) were upset about the print book never being released. Another publisher offered to do a reissue of sorts.

I’ll definitely share the anthology once it’s released but I’ve decided NOT to take part in the pseudo reissue. When the book was first announced, many were looking forward to reading my story but many who read my books prefer print over digital. While I do trust the people publishing the reissue, I feel it’s best to release this one myself. There was also the rights issue. This would have prevented me from releasing my planned fifth novella in 2019.

“Lucifer’s Lost Love” will be published on kindle as a standalone release this summer
Untitled Supernatural Novella will release this fall and the print release will include “Lucifer’s Lost Love”

Before this comes out Novo: Away from Earth is coming late May/early June and The Absolution will be available in August!


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