(Incomplete) Anthology schedule

As I said in my previous post, this one will cover some of the anthologies I’m featured in. I can’t mention all of them because; I’ve been told I’m not allowed to, some are still taking submissions, or some are without release dates.
Many have already been featured several times already. Any that have already been released will be briefly mentioned.

Now Available

Evil Lurks features my short story “Anzu Rediscovered”
Vault of Terror Volume 2 features my short story “The Stationville Ghost House”
Starting Over features my short story “Saved by a Siren”
Demons of Solomon I wrote stories for Caim, Stolas, and Gaap
Pandemic: Anthology of Affliction features my stories “Dr. Frank N. Steen” and “Spread the Infection”
Mischief and Clovers features my stories “The Clover” and “Catch that Leprechaun”
Temoli: Thazbook Anthology Journal features my short story “The Prodigal Chef”
Poets of Hydra features six new poems of mine
Magic Medics Medicine features my story “The Blood Cure”
After: Undead Wars features my stories “What Happened to Emily?” and “When the Cameras Stop”

Given Magic Medics Medicine and After: Undead Wars haven’t been officially posted here’s the cover to Magic Medics Medicine

Magic Medics Medicine

Here’s the link to Magic Medics Medicine and proceeds from the anthology go to Autism Speaks. To learn more about Autism Speaks follow the link

After: Undead Wars

After Undead Wars

This anthology is my fourth appearance in a Samie Sands Anthology. This one is a zombie anthology and I have two stories in this one, “What Happened to Emily?” and “When the Cameras Stop” is about a snobbish actor appearing in a zombie movie only to find out the zombies are not extras, they are actual zombies and now the movie is his real life.
“What Happened to Emily?” is somewhat inspired by The Walking Dead, in this story you don’t have to be bitten to become a zombie and now one family thinks the worst may have happened to Emily.
After: Undead Wars is now available on kindle

Bleeding Hearts
Bleeding Hearts

This is a paranormal romance collection. My story “Cindy’s Wish” is about a girl who discovers she is dying. She decides to make a deal with a vampire to become one of the undead in order to cheat death. But in the process, Cindy falls in love with the vampire who is going to convert her.
Bleeding Hearts comes out 4/15

Flash Fiction Addiction

This is a collection featuring 101 flash fiction stories. My story is “The Boogeyman” and it’s a horror-comedy about a kid who finds out The Boogeyman is real, but scaring kids isn’t exactly what he does
Flash Fiction Addiction comes out 4/15

Let’s Try Love
Let's Try Love

This is a collection of love stories of people who meet online (in the case of the characters in these stories the fictional online site Let’s Try Love). My story is titled “Unexpected Love” about two people who fall in love only to soon realize they’ve been within feet of each other for some time and how it takes Let’s Try Love for them to meet.
You can preorder Let’s Try Love here and it comes out 4/18!

Hop Along Tales
Hop Along

This is an Easter short story collection and I have two stories in this collection, “The Bunny that Laid an Egg” and “The Egg Painting Contest”
You can preorder Hop Along Tales on kindle and it comes out 4/19

Technology Gone Mad!
Tech Gone Mad

My story in this collection is titled “Ear-Jacked!” and it’s about a new phone company that is about to unveil their newest phone only for people to discover the phone might not be good for humanity.
You can preorder Technology Gone Mad! on kindle and it comes out 5/1

Worlds: Dark Drabbles #1
Dark Drabbles 1 WORLDS

This collection is a drabbles collection (each story is exactly 100 words). There are 100 authors in this collection and there are 250 drabbles in this collection. This particular drabbles collection is a sci-fi drabbles collection and I have five drabbles in this (I’m also featured in the second and third book too!) My five drabbles are; “Unfamiliar”, “Daria”,  “The Locked Room”, “The New Eve”, and “Skull Control”
Worlds: Dark Drabbles #1 is currently available for preorder on kindle and comes out 6/25
*I’m also featured in Dark Drabbles #2 and Dark Drabbles #3 but they are still taking submissions if you want to send something their way!

Organic Ink Volume 1
Organic Ink

To those asking if I have plans to release any poetry, look no further! This is a poetry collection from Dragon Soul Press and I have five poems and ten haiku in this collection! This collection has 50 authors.
Organic Ink Volume 1 is expected to come out late June/early July
*Dragon Soul Press is currently taking submissions for Organic Ink Volume 2 as well as a few short story anthologies. To submit go here to find out more!

Here’s the full list
Evil Lurks
Vault of Terror Volume 2
Starting Over
Demons of Solomon
Mischief and Clovers
Poets of Hydra
Magic Medics Medicine
After: Undead Wars
Bleeding Hearts
(coming 4/15)
Flash Fiction Addiction (coming 4/15)
Let’s Try Love (coming 4/18)
Hop Along Tales (coming 4/19)
Technology Gone Mad! (coming 5/1)
Worlds: Dark Drabbles #1 (coming 6/25)
Organic Ink Volume 1 (Coming June)

As the title of this post suggests, this is an INCOMPLETE list but this is quite a bit and there is more to come!

3 thoughts on “(Incomplete) Anthology schedule

    • A few of the anthologies I’m in were first come first serve and a few were originally meant to be released last year. But my main goal in 2018 and 2019 is to gain exposure and write more material besides poetry and anthology contributions have been helpful with those goals.


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