2019 (tentative) book schedule *UPDATE 4/18*

With the anthologies coming out, events I’m attending, etc. I thought this would be the best time to mention I’m still releasing books this year. I’ve already released one book. Last year I released five books, this year I’m scaling it down to four (I have a lot of anthology appearances and I also need to not overlap book releases).

The Next Step: First Valentine’s this is my fourth novella and a sequel to my 2018 novella The Next Step. The digital release came out on Valentine’s Day and I put both novellas together for the print release The Next Step Novella Collection which features both novellas and the three short stories I wrote for Shades of BWWM.

The Next Step Novella Collection

Buy The Next Step: First Valentine’s on kindle
Buy The Next Step Novella Collection on paperback

Novo: Away from Earth
This book is my first sci-fi book, my first all-ages book, and if things go according to plan, the first book of the planned Away from Earth Trilogy. This book is about friends Dave and Kurt. They believe they have discovered the location of the mysterious “Mystic Cave”, a cavern believed to have more myths than anywhere else. When they discover its existence and swim in the waters, they come up for air and notice not only are they no longer in the cave, they are no longer on Earth. They are on the planet Novo and now they need to find their way home.

The plan is to release this book late May/early June.

The Absolution
This is poetry book nine. This book will be a conceptual piece on how one person can become corrupt. Follow the journey of one person who thinks they are doing what is best only to become corrupt. This book will be darker than The Paradox Complex and will be similar to Approaching Humanity with it being a conceptual book.

The plan is to release this book late August/early September

Untitled Supernatural Novella
There’s not much I can say on this one at the moment due to the rights being elsewhere. I can say this, I was part of an anthology last year that is “supposedly” going to unpublish during the summer. When the book unpublishes, I regain the rights to my story. I plan to turn my story into my fifth novella. Right now I will confirm it will be a supernatural novella and it’ll likely be larger book than Dream Awake but smaller than Three Crowns.

Untitled Supernatural Novella will release early October

I do want to apologize for anyone wanting five books this year. I’ve noticed myself being unable to promote everything coming out all at once. If you didn’t read my Q1 2019 report then I should tell you I was a contributor to nine anthologies the first three months of the year. While the writing part is easy, the promotion part needs my attention. I can also assure you, I will be releasing quite a bit of material (I appear in three anthologies all coming out in the next ten days).

I might post an anthology appearance piece tomorrow, keep in mind there are some I can’t quite announce yet so it’ll be an incomplete list

UPDATE 4/18/2019!

I’m doing a slight update since I wrote this one. I have been informed I will be receiving the rights to my short story that is my planned Untitled Supernatural Novella I still plan to make this the fourth book of the year given how much has already been done for Novo: Away from Earth and The Absolution. The story is about a guy who starts dating a girl only to find out she is a fallen angel and her previous lover is none other than Lucifer himself. Once Lucifer finds out his once queen is now with someone else he is willing to do anything to get rid of the mortal and reclaim his once queen.

Untitled Supernatural Novella is planned for an October release


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