2019 Q1 Report!

Last year I posted quarterly reports, letting everyone know who may have missed out on anything about what has happened in the last three months. Given this year is more hectic than last year, I’ll be doing the same thing.

Evil Lurks was released
I started off 2019 with an anthology appearance (Literally! It’s release was January 1st!). Evil Lurks was my second appearance in a Samie Sands anthology. This is a supernatural anthology and my story in this collection is titled “Anzu Rediscovered”. The book currently has a 4 of 5 star rating on Amazon!
evil lurks

You can buy Evil Lurks digital or print

Vault of Terror Volume 2 was released
January 23rd Raven’s Inn Press released the second volume of their Vault of Terror series. I submitted my story last summer and received the email a few months later that my story had been accepted. My story is a ghost story titled “The Stationville Ghost House”  I highly recommend buying both this one as well as volume 1!


You can follow Raven’s Inn Press here and buy Vault of Terror Volume 2 on kindle and on paperback

My First NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!!
Prior to 2019 I had few books rank on Amazon (META- peaked at number 7 in hot new releases (Poetry), Three Crowns peaked at number 34 in Kindle short reads, Shades of BWWM peaked at number 10 in romance, Ghostly Writes Anthology peaked at number 10 in free e-books). This year Sideshow peaked at number one in horror/occult e-books, making this my first time having a book be at number one! This is something that means a lot to me and whether or not you like my story or the other stories in the book, to anyone who bought or downloaded this book I cannot say Thank You enough! Special thanks to Samie Sands for including me in Sideshow!

First Comic Con of 2019!
This was initially meant to be my second event of the year but weather forced me to cancel my first event of the year. August 2018, I went to my local comic con, Big Lick Comic Con, as a vendor. This con runs twice a year and I was asked to come back in February (and I’m going back this August!). This was also their first time being a two day convention. I had a lot of people buying META-, Three Crowns, and Sideshow. I also saw a lot of familiar faces from vendors I’ve met at previous cons!

The Next Step: First Valentine’s was released!
This is my first book of 2019 and my first sequel! After working on the first Next Step novella, I had already began writing the sequel and it taking place on Valentine’s Day. In this one; Joey and Keisha have spent very little time together since becoming a couple. They decide they will spend time together on Valentine’s Day. But when a snowstorm threatens their plans, will they be able to have their first Valentine’s Day together. 
In March I released the print version The Next Step Novella Collection that features both novellas and the three short stories from Shades of BWWM (The stories that inspired me to write the novella).

TNS Cover2

You can buy The Next Step: First Valentine’s on kindle and buy The Next Step Novella Collection on paperback

Starting Over was released!
This is a romance anthology with funds going to the American Kidney Fund. I am one of five authors in this collection. My story is titled “Saved by a Siren” and while the review posted on Amazon is a three star review, my story was mentioned as the favorite in the book (another first for me!)

Starting Over

To learn more about American Kidney Fund, visit their website and buy Starting Over on paperback or on kindle

Demons of Solomon: Flash Fiction from Hell was released!
This collection came out the same day as Starting Over and is quite the opposite in content. Several authors came together and each wrote stories on the 72 Demons of Solomon. I wrote on three of the demons; Caim, Stolas, and Gaap. To those who read my work, you know most of my books are small in size. This collection is almost 400 pages


You can buy the book on paperback and on kindle

Pandemic: Anthology of Affliction was released!
This is my third appearance in a Samie Sands anthology, my first time writing multiple stories for one of her anthologies, and I also managed to get a friend of mine in here as well. I have two stories in this collection, “Dr. Frank N. Steen” which is my own take on the Bride of Frankenstein and “Spread the Infection” which is about someone using a hospital waiting room as a test subject for a more nefarious plan. My friend, writing under the name Xander Price has a story in this collection titled “The Patient”


You can buy Pandemic on kindle and on paperback

NC Comicon!
My second event of the year was NC Comicon: Oak City. This was my first three day comic con I attended as a vendor. I got to meet Jim Wynorski (Director of Chopping Mall and Return of Swamp Thing), he autographed my Return of Swamp thing poster. Sadly this event was not successful for me. I did sell a good amount of books on Saturday but Friday I barely handed out any of my cards and not many people were interested in the vendors on Sunday.

Poets are Heroes Volume IV Magazine was released!
My first magazine appearance of 2019 and my return to a Realistic Poetry release. This magazine features my poem “Heroes Need Heroes” (originally appeared in The Paradox Complex)


Mischief and Clovers was released!
Last year I appeared in a family friendly Halloween collection titled Sweet Candy Delights from Stained Glass Publishing. This collection is crazy St. Patrick’s Day stories and I have two stories in this collection “The Clover” and “Catch that Leprechaun”. As many of you know, I write more serious material. I want to say anyone wanting to know how I am with absurd, silly stories then you get your wish with my story “Catch that Leprechaun”

Mischief and Clovers

You can buy Mischief and Clovers on paperback and kindle

Temoli: Thazbook Anthology Journal was released!
This is the last book release of the first quarter and this one has a lot of sentimental value to me! Even though this book has only been out a few weeks, this was my FIRST short story to be accepted for publication! (This collection will be getting its own post VERY SOON!)
Temoli is an anthology and an activity workbook for pre-teens and teens. My story is titled “The Prodigal Chef”
Special thanks to Tanzeela Hassan for not only giving me the opportunity to be in this collection but for also being the first to accept one of my short stories for publication!


You can order Temoli here!

That covers everything for the first quarter of 2019! I released one book, made one magazine appearance, and had 11 short stories appear across 7 anthologies! I also had my first NUMBER ONE! Not bad for the first three months of the year!

Second quarter already sees six anthology appearances in April alone! I also have two confirmed events next month and if all goes according to plan I’ll be releasing my second book of 2019!

Like the banner of the site says 2019: A Loaded Year and I thank each of you for being here for the ride!

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