A much needed update!

Apologies for the radio silence on here. I assure you I am still here, still writing, and still releasing material.

Since my last post about Big Lick Comic Con I’ve

  • Attended NC Comicon
  • Starting Over was released
  • Demons of Solomon was released
  • Mischief and Clovers was released
  • Temoli was released
  • I released my first print book of 2019 The Next Step Novella Collection
  • Have been accepted to multiple anthologies and more events
  • Getting ready for my next event; Roanoke Author Invasion

I’ve also been working on my second release of 2019 Novo: Away from Earth which is taking longer to write than I had hoped.

Temoli and Next Step will get their own posts, everything else will be put in the 2019 Q1 post I’ll be doing later this week. I also have two anthologies coming in the next few days that I’ll be discussing (To those who enjoy my poetry, one of them is a poetry anthology).

Next post will be later this week and two posts will be coming next week!


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