Sweet Candy Delights now available!

I’m going to be honest with you, I should’ve given this book its own post earlier than I currently am. Reason being, this is a Halloween book and I’m doing a blog post in November. If you have read my previous posts I think you’ll understand. If you haven’t read my previous posts, in the past month I released a book, made three anthology appearances, I did two events, and I’m working on my next release that is coming out later this month.

I think I was told about this anthology some time in September. The theme was for every author to write two family friendly Halloween stories. Given Halloween is my favorite holiday and writing material for younger audiences is something I have noticed I need to do, I knew I had to write something for this collection.

The first of the two stories I wrote was “Lost Candy” I had to rewrite this story more than once. I had never written with a younger audience in mind and I kept turning this story into a horror story, something NOT family friendly. I eventually wrote the story to make it something fun but I kept some of the suspense (I had to!)

“Lost Candy” is about Petey and his friends trick or treating. Before going home, Petey realizes he left his trick or treat elsewhere. As he retraces his footsteps, the houselights are slowly going dark and he now notices someone is following him. Will Petey be able to get to his candy before his follower gets to him?

My second of the two stories I wrote is “The Expedition”. I spent so much time writing “Lost Candy”, I forgot my requirement was two stories and I still had another story to write. Given my first story still had suspense in it, I knew some of the readers this book would be targeted for might skip it, so I wrote something more “family fun” I came up with an idea involving two kids sacrificing their trick or treating for a greater cause. In this case, the cause was making sure their community got a rare candy.

“The Expedition” is about best friends Danny and Frank discovering Ginger Grainger, the woman who gives out the rare choco-goo, is in the hospital and will be unable to give out the rare candy this Halloween. The boys decide they will give out the candy this year since Ginger is not able to. However, the boys soon find out it is easier said than done to give out a candy that is no longer available to the public. Follow these two best friends as they go on an expedition to make sure they are able to give the rare candy to their community on Halloween.

I want to thank Angela Kay (compiler of the anthology) and Chandra Trulove Fry (she’s been making sure I get my work in various anthologies over the next few years) for letting me appear in this book! It was a challenge to write something that was aimed at a different audience.


Above is the cover of Sweet Candy Delights and below are the links to buy the book

Sweet Candy Delights Paperback
Sweet Candy Delights e-book

Stained Glass Publishing Facebook
Stained Glass Publishing is the publisher of the anthology. I ask you give the Facebook page a like.

I know I’m telling you about a Halloween themed anthology in November but as I said, this past month was rather packed. I’m just proud of myself for remembering to put up a post about the anthology!

Sweet Candy Delights is now available on Amazon!


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