3 anthology appearances, 2 events, and a book release!

I know I’m behind on my blog posts. October was a very busy month, hence the title of this piece. In a 31 day timespan I released my fourth book of a five book rollout, I had my final comic con of 2018, my first book festival, and I had four stories appear across three anthologies. Despite the title, I’ll be posting everything in order and soon I’ll give some of these their own posts.

Aspects of Love 1.5 came out early October. I had initially planned to release this in September but it got pushed back due to me signing up for various anthologies with deadlines I had to honor. I’m not going to talk on this one too much because I’ve already posted an article on this book. Aspects of Love 1.5 features all 34 poems from the original release, 14 poems (some unreleased, some that are simply new to this book), and two new poems written specifically for this book. You can buy the print release here and you can buy the digital release here.


My third comic con (and final 2018 comic con). From prior posts, you already know I attended two comic cons in August (Big Lick Comic Con and Fairfax Comic Con). Both were successful. Originally I was going to go to Greensboro in September but it was rescheduled to January. This leads to Hampton Comicon being my third comic con of the year. Also, I will say it is my final comic con of the year. This isn’t bad news, I already have events booked for 2019. However, while Big Lick and Fairfax were successful, Hampton was not. I did have a few people take me up on my fiction book offer. I had few sales and of my events, this is the one that saw the least amount of traffic on my social media pages. I am thankful for the opportunity to sell my work, but this was not a successful event for me.

hampton comic con

Sideshow was released. This is one of the reasons I pushed Aspects of Love 1.5 back. As I mentioned, I have joined various Facebook groups that do anthology releases. This one will be getting its own post soon so I’ll keep it short on here. I submitted a carnival themed horror story for this collection, I was accepted. My story is titled “Make My Escape” and the premise is similar to my novel The Escape of Ernest Frost. If you enjoy the novel, you’ll love my story. Here is the link for the digital release which you can buy for 99 cents and here is the link for the print release.

Sideshow cover

My first book festival! This past weekend I went to Charleston, WV for my first book festival. This will also be getting its own post later so I’ll be keeping this one short as well. This was a success in more ways than one! I was successful financially, I made several new friends, I was able to network, I joined a writing club, and I was asked to come back in 2019! I also got a lot of books (and a few were free!) To finally be able to attend a book festival and for it to be successful is something I will be forever grateful for and Terry Wooten (person running things) I will always be thankful and grateful to you for this opportunity.


Sweet Candy Delights was released! I signed up for this anthology due to discovering one of my biggest issues after attending numerous events; I need to write some material for younger audiences. This anthology gave me that opportunity. This collection is family friendly Halloween stories. In this collection I have two short stories “Lost Candy” and “The Expedition”
“Lost Candy” is about a kid who realizes he left his candy at someone’s house while trick or treating. When he decides to retrace his footsteps, he discovers someone is following him. Will he be able to reclaim his candy before the person following him gets to him.

“The Expedition” is my second story in this collection. When best friends Danny and Frank discover the woman who gives them their favorite candy, the discontinued choco-goo, is in the hospital and won’t be able to give out the rare candy, the best friends decide they will give out the candy this year. They soon find out their plan is easier said than done. Follow along as they go from a plan to reality of giving out the rare discontinued candy this Halloween.


Ghostly Writes Anthology 2018 was released! After submitting various short stories this year for possible publication I’ve noticed my horror stories were the most well received. I’ll be giving this one its own post as well (I have the teasers from the stories to share). My story is titled “The Wingreen Possession” it’s about three kids who go to a house the town claims is haunted and discover the deceased Wingreen family might still be in the now haunted house

ghostly writes teaser.png

Above is the teaser for my story and below is the cover for the anthology

GW18 cover

This is why I’m behind on my blog posts. I’ll hopefully have individual posts up for West Virginia Book Festival and one for each anthology. This was my month of October. November will be the release of my fifth book of the five book rollout and possibly an anthology appearance!



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