Some 2018 updates!

Anyone following me on social media might know I’ve already begun discussing some things happening next year. I want to let you know there’s still A LOT left for 2018. I still have two more books coming this year, a few events, and some anthology appearances!

Summer Solstice: A Supernatural Anthology is now available on Amazon! I am one of nine authors in this anthology. My story is titled “Lucifer’s Lost Love” it’s about Adrian who starts dating Amy. Things get interesting when he discovers she’s a fallen angel and her previous lover is none other than the devil himself.

Here is the teaser for my story

Summer Solstice anthology teaser.png

Here is the cover of the book

SS Cover.jpg

The print release is TBA but the digital release is now available here

Aspects of Love 1.5 is coming VERY soon! I know I said this would be released this month but I had an opportunity come my way that I couldn’t turn down. I’ll be discussing that in a future post. As for Aspects of Love 1.5 this is a reissue of my book of love poems I released in 2012. This reissue was originally meant to just include my pen name (I released volume 1 as Luke Wood and volume 2 will be released as C.L. Williams). This reissue will include 14 poems previously not available in the original Aspects of Love as well as two BRAND NEW POEMS written specifically for this reissue.

The Next Step In August I wrote three stories for Shades of BWWM one of those stories being titled “The Next Step” this short story is currently being turned into my third novella and will be available in November. I will be including a teaser of The Next Step in the print release of Aspects of Love 1.5. You can read “The Next Step” in Shades of BWWM here

Hampton ComiCon 2018 this was originally my fourth (now third due to a previous event being rescheduled) is happening October 20 and 21. I will be a vendor at this event. If you live near Hampton or will be in the area at this time, stop by my booth, buy a book, or come by and say hi.

hampton comic con


West Virginia Book Festival to those who don’t know I’ve submitted applications to appear at book festivals for YEARS and I’ve had rejections every time for various reasons (I’m self-published, most of my work is poetry, I’m not local, etc.). Well, that changes October 26 and 27. I’ll be a vendor at the West Virginia Book Festival. I’ll have various books on my table (likely everything from Approaching Humanity to my current releases and possibly some other books).


I do want to say now there are some more things coming this year in addition to everything I posted. This is what I’m allowed to talk about at the moment. I can say there are a few short stories coming (some aimed for young audiences, some aimed for older audiences) and I might have some poetry coming (not a new book, not yet) and I’m working on a sci-fi title. Hope this covers everything at the moment and soon I’ll be able to share more!


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